The V-Rock Recording Studio appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and is the recording studio, as well as the presumed headquarters building, for the heavy metal and rock radio station V-Rock in 1986. Since V-Rock broadcasts out of Reddick, Florida in 1984, it is not used by the station at this point.


The building is situated on Hoarmont Avenue in Downtown, Vice City Mainland, Vice City. It is rectangular shaped. There are three satellite dishes on the roof, as well as the logo of V-Rock. The entrance door is located on the right corner of the building and has a V-Rock logo sign hanging above it. Three garages are located behind the building, one of which is used as an 8-Ball Autos garage in 1984. An unlocked limo belonging to Love Fist appears in front of the building after the completion of Publicity Tour.

The only part of the interior seen across both games is the studio used by Love Fist during their visit to Vice City in 1986. Lots of music instruments are seen in the studio, as well as some gold records hanging on a wall. Tommy Vercetti is first introduced to Love Fist in this room by Kent Paul and it later serves as the place where Tommy meets Love Fist to receive missions from them.




Prominent Appearances in Missions


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