"The home of rock and roll, V-Rock has opened a hotel and casino. It's a very rock and roll way to lose your money. At least they got rid of that dick head who used to be on the radio."
―GTA San Andreas Website

The V-Rock Hotel is a hotel based on the V-Rock music station featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The hotel is located on the eastern side of the Roca Escalante district of Las Venturas. The facility is divided on two levels (ground and an upper level), and an oyster and a horseshoe can be found in the guitar shaped swimming pool at the back of the hotel. It is an inaccessible building and it cannot be purchased as a safehouse by CJ. A basketball court can be found in the back of the hotel. The V-Rock Hotel is a parody of the real-life Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The hotel features a giant Gibson Flying V (version of Michael Schenker).



  • The terrace apartment textures on the outside of the hotel is also featured on numerous hotels in Vice City.
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