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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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If anyone calls asking for a handsome Chinese man named Ushi, you haven't seen him.
— Ushi in The Diamond Casino & Resort.

Ushi is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Ushi is a young (self-described handsome) Chinese man found in The Diamond Casino & Resort. He was added in The Diamond Casino & Resort update along with eleven other unique pedestrians each with their own set appearance and several lines of dialogue. [1]

He is Chinese and specifically mentions the casinos in Macau and previously visiting Las Venturas. He is young and wears a dark grey suit with a Chinese collar, a white shirt and loose black tie. He wears black-framed glasses. He claims to have learned all his English from watching Vinewood movies despite having a tutor. He is a property investor as is his father who is also an old associate of a Mr. Cheng.

He is usually found at the high roller tables playing roulette or poker.

He owns a yellow Tempesta with a custom plate "USH1"[2] which can usually be found parked in the casino parking garage.

His character model is unique and named in the game files. [3]



  1. Ushi's Quotes:
    At high roller roulette:
    • "They told you I was VIP right? No big deal, just checking, you know."
    • "No photos, I was never here, okay?"
    • "Okay I have a threeway with Paris and Shanghai in 15. You'll like them, they're nice girls."
    • "This is in my calendar as 'Marketing presentation'."
    • "You should see the casinos in Macau, sick bro."
    • "If they let me put a million on red, I swear I'll do it."
    • "Yeah DJ, spin that shit."
    • "I am so pumped."
    • "All right, let's make this interesting."
    • "C'mon people, I thought this was for the high rollers."
    At high roller 3-card poker:
    • "I was in Las Venturas last year. Man, that was a bad expense report."
    • "I learned all my English from the movies bro, for real. And I had a tutor."
    • "You can smell the money in here. I mean for real, those dollar bills get stinky yo."
    • "My dad wants to buy half of Los Santos, so I might be your landlord next year."
    • "The property developers out here are so annoying. I bought a hotel just to shut one up yesterday."
    • "I lost 10K yesterday. I wasn't even at the casino, just dropped it somewhere haha."
    • "I think I saw one of the contestants from Fame or Shame in here. I love that show!"
    • "I love this city Yo. Vinewood, I've seen every movie."
    • "I just want to say, big respect to the table."
    • "I know the owner, Mr Cheng, he and my father go way back."
    • "If anyone calls asking for a handsome Chinese man named Ushi, you haven't seen him."
    At Inside Track:
    • "Gambling really is the best thing about America."
    • "I forgot which one I bet on."
    • "There's a saying in China, a little gambling is good for the health but too much can drive you mad. So, guess I must be crazy! Haha!"
    • "I'm over here buying property for my father, sooo boring."
    • "Who needs fresh air when you've got a TV."
    • "It's okay, you're only about fifty years behind in technology."
    • "There's a horse called 'Creepy Dennis'. I should buy that for my brother-in-law."
    • "I used to have a racehorse called 'Billionaire Dropout'. My father didn't find it funny."
    • "I think I own some of these."
    • "I hit this place up every time I'm in town."

  2. Script Data:
    							else if (iVar4 == joaat("TEMPESTA"))
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