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BF Injection

Dude, when i deleted the information that you have written in the trivia, i knew that it was incorrect, because every car in the HD universe is referred in the police chatter by manufacturer AND THEN the name, for an example, if you gain a wanted level while driving a 9F, police chatter will say "suspect seen in a... uh... White Obey 9F", or if you drive a Bodhi they'll say "suspect seen in a red Canis Bodhi", that's it

Yeah, no doubt, but my point is, there's a police chatter file which refers to it as "BF Injection" ENTIRELY in the file, meaning that the BF part was originally part of the vehicle's name itself rather than the manufacturer. Manufacturers are otherwise separate sound files. There's also the fact that its internal name is "bfinjection". If goddamn speculation and unfounded rumors can get on vehicles' trivia pages, then so can things from the actual game files. MaciekOst (talk) 20:28, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

So you are Ostoya.

Hello there,i finally meet you.

And,are you ever going to finish King Dinnerem?

I mean it's been nearly five years since you did King Dinnerem Forever:Dinner Force,when are you going to finish it?

And,i am Sergeant22303

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