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Talk Page

Hello, @Kiwismurf can my talk page be deleted? Thanks. White44Tree (talk) 01:50, October 8, 2020 (UTC)


incredible, only you the only admin one who reverses harmless edits and erases media, very good. congratulations —Preceding unsigned comment added by YellowFrogger (talkcontribs) 2020-10-29T04:49:19‎ 2020-10-29T04:47:10‎ Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~. (Ignored)

Liberty City Hardcore

Hey, Kiwismurf. You there? I'm new here. I wanted to ask you something about the above radio station... 𝔼𝕄𝕀ℕ𝔼ℕℂ𝔼 𝔹𝔸ℂ𝕂 22:56, 29 October 2020 (UTC)

Valley of the Pagans music video

Hey! I'm the bureaucrat for the Gorillaz wiki and I wanted to check with you if I could make a page for The Valley of the Pagans music video which premiered today. Its filmed almost entirely in GTA V. I used to edit here regularly back in the early days of GTA V but, dropped off the radar cause life happens but, if you would prefer that there isn't a page just for a music video, I would understand (: RadicalEdward2 (talk) 19:34, 5 November 2020 (UTC)

Re: Gorillaz video

True but, there's always the possibility that this track might be added the game since it wouldn't make sense for Rockstar to let Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett publish a music video filmed almost entirely in GTA V for no reason. At the end of the day, I never expected a music video like this to ever happen. Its a wild time to be alive lol On our end, we already put together a whole page with all the locations featured in the video in the order they appeared. RadicalEdward2 (talk) 22:33, 5 November 2020 (UTC)

Re: Gorillaz video

Cool! Thanks again! RadicalEdward2 (talk) 04:40, 9 November 2020 (UTC)

Faggio sport.

Hello Mr. I have noticed that the Faggio Sport is slightly wrong on wheelies. It can preform wheelies but they are only teeny tiny. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Thank you Arkansalter (talk) 02:30, 7 November 2020 (UTC)Arkansalter

errr... OK? I suspect that was really important for me to know, for some reason. Smurfy: illuminate - communicate - spectate 03:03, 7 November 2020 (UTC)

Sorry. I should have specified. I was talking about in Grand Theft Auto V. Arkansalter (talk) 03:49, 7 November 2020 (UTC)Arkansalter

About the Details of the Pagan Car

There's some wrong in the sentence in Vigero#Trivia: "A modified grille badge also reading "Pagan" replaces the standard badge, repositioned centrally, but the Vigero badging remains on the rear." I saw a scene (about at 1:50), the car featured the Vigero's grille, which explained the grille haven't changed at all. And also, the interior is from the Camaro's. This should indicate that the Vigero is not the same as the Pagan Car, but appears as a "replacement" in some driving scenes. I think it will be more accurate if you can change the discricptions. S-424 (talk) 08:34, 7 November 2020 (UTC)

Insights page


Was the Special:Insights page removed? NalexandruN (talk) 12:14, 23 November 2020 (UTC)

Carcer City

could possibly be this city in real life,city%20in%20America%2C%20context%20matters.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Yung C Breezy 101 (talkcontribs) 2020-11-29 20:04:24 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

I believe that you should use some of the information for Cottonmouth & Carcer City, from this....

Carcer City | Wikihunt | › wiki › Carcer_City Cottonmouth | Wikihunt | › wiki › Cottonmouth

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Yung C Breezy 101 (talkcontribs) 2020-11-29 20:06:06 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

Vehicles in GTAV/O Image Table

Just tried to change the image of the Air Ambulance to this one for standardisation, but I don't know why more bytes were created... S-424 (talk) 08:49, 30 November 2020 (UTC)

Tried just now, but the issue occurred again when I was reviewing my changes. S-424 (talk) 09:07, 30 November 2020 (UTC)

The candidate

Have you've watched the elections or researched on Wikipedia? They are literally the same! They were both Democrats They were both make things right They were both candidates in Califonia! —Preceding unsigned comment added by YouTuberFan0453 (talkcontribs) 2020-12-02T22:51:01 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~. - ignored


Hey Smurf - over here obsessing about 7-year-old articles regarding heists and crew members, likely in need of an admins blessing, and figured I'd take the opportunity to say hi (again, though it's been several years)! I swing by the wiki every year or so, during subsequent playthroughs of GTAV's Story (on PC), and usually spend some time hyper-focused on a particular heist and/or the stock market - this time, it's the big one.

The problem? During the Obvious approach of the Big Score, in regards to the potential Driver1 deaths that kept all three on the 'Determinant' list up until the GTA:O release of the Casino Heist - these might be moot; once Driver1 is past the point of no return, it would appear that the mission is guaranteed to fail, as opposed to completable-with-a-casualty ...though it's a bit of a grey area, because 1) the heist doesn't fail immediately and 2) there's a very small chance that I missed something during my troubleshooting.

Backstory; during the escape from the UD vault, two helicopters fly out of the city, the first piloted by Driver1 and the second by Trevor, accompanied by Lester. Three Buzzards swarm Driver1, who flees through the nearby wind-turbine farm towards a train waiting on the other side, and it's up to the player (controlling Trevor) to give Lester opportunities to shoot down the Buzzards before reaching the train. Destroying all three Buzzards is effectively saving Driver1's helicopter, unless the pilot is 'poor' (an inexperienced Karim), in which case he's guaranteed to crash his helicopter despite the player's efforts ...but, if a single Buzzard survives, Driver1's helicopter will crash no matter the chosen pilot, and the heist will then fail soon after - "Merryweather followed the crew to the drop-off point".

My point; once Driver1's helicopter 'starts to crash', the final Buzzard cannot be destroyed, inevitably guaranteeing the heist's failure, despite technically being unrelated to Driver1's death. Assuming this is definitive, I would argue that - due to the mission's failure - it should mean that Eddie and Taliana were not determinant characters previously, and their Bios (along with Karim's) should be updated accordingly, as well as the Heist Crew article.

TLDR; it would appear that the player can not successfully kill-off Driver1 via Merryweather Buzzards during the Obvious approach of the Big Score. Note; an exception remains for an inexperienced Karim, who crashes after the Buzzards are dealt with, and remains a previously determinant character. Do I have your (or another admins) consent to make the necessary changes? Dsurian (talk) 07:19, 8 December 2020 (UTC)

"If it is confirmed on all versions of the game (original and enhanced)..." - I was worried you were going to say something like that. While I can't help but agree that the original should probably be tested, I personally can't test it ...despite having access to a PS3, I don't own the game on that platform, nor do I have any desire to play it on that platform. I do have the original strat guide, which serves as decent source material in most respects, but it fails to mention the various subtleties of crew members during heists.
"...but I thought losing one of the choppers just halved the returns..." - exactly, and that's kinda my point; everyone thought that, including myself, as that's what this wiki represents. And it is technically accurate, not only in regards to an inexperienced Karim (crashing after the player destroys all three Buzzards), but as I said, if a Buzzard survives to the end of the wind-farm, the heli-crash will trigger (no matter the quality of Driver1) and the mission will proceed 'normally' for 5-10 seconds (Driver1's obvious death, the take being diminished by 50%, Trevor's line of dialogue, etc.) ...until the surviving Buzzard - which can't be destroyed at this point - 'spots the train', which in-turn triggers the mission failure.
Other than posting my findings on the related Talk Page (as I've done with the other GTAV Heists that involve crew), I'm now unsure how to proceed. Any ideas (other than buying a PS3 copy of GTAV)? Dsurian (talk) 22:49, 8 December 2020 (UTC)

Michael De Santa edit

hello Kiwismurf,

I am confused why this has been reversed. I corrected a few spelling and grammar errors, i may have adjusted a few things wrong but most of the adjustments are correct, so i don't know why you reversed everything?

King regards, OxictOxict (talk) 23:20, 15 December 2020 (UTC)

Editing User Page with Fanon

I would have appreciated you advising me to post elsewhere before deleting and subsequently forcing me off my own user page. Highly probable you are just exercising some bad will on otherwise non-bothersome users. Phenomenal administration, that. Beawolf32 (talk) 09:04, 18 December 2020 (UTC)


You're an actual child. Edits were removed for less, and the only "evidence" shown would only convince a youtube clickbaiter. "Look where this gets you" is an obvious joke about incest in the O'Neil family. His only lines about his uncle are extremely vague, as opposed to when Rockstar wanted to clearly reference Niko. If Rockstar wanted to make it clear that these two were related, they would make it clear. They wouldn't throw in a line describing the uncle "Vlad" as a fishmonger, even though the one from IV is in no way related to fish. It's a special kind of reach to not think of the line as anything else as an incest joke. You're using the exact same logic as the people who still think Claude from GTA 2 and Claude from GTA 3 are the same person. Please keep your fan theories out of this wiki unless you want to spit on its' image some more. RandomStunt (talk) 22:01, 25 December 2020 (UTC)

Wiki/Legal advice

Since you blocked/sentenced me to one month (in prison) back in June last year, I have a criminal record (block log). Will my block log (criminal record) affect my ability to get promotions or rank up or do certain things on the wiki? Can I get my crimes sealed or expunged from my record? Thanks for answering. I am using legal terms because I like legal topics. Criminal record in question: SovietFriends91 (talk) 10:03, 4 January 2021 (UTC)


Listen to me. Louise Cassidy William's death is very similar to Dimitri Rascalov's death from Grand Theft Auto IV mission, A Revenger's Tragedy. They both die from their gun shots. Can you please edit Louise Cassidy William page and add "Louise's death is very similar to Dimitri Rascalov's death from Grand Theft Auto IV. They are the only GTA character to die from their gunshots." —Preceding unsigned comment added by ItsOnline 2.0 (talkcontribs) 2021-01-19T02:12:41 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

Blocked user IMF2018 sockpuppet Blocked and ignored. Kiwismurf (talk) 02:26, 19 January 2021 (UTC)

Officer 1214/Joey edits

May I ask why you reverted my edits? I cleaned up the pages and added content true to the game. TheCrown13 (talk) 04:51, 19 January 2021 (UTC)TheCrown13

"Fan Fiction" seems like a heavy-handed designation. The information outlined is from the quotes said by the officers. By this logic, I suggest you delete the pre-existing "Personality" segment on Officer 1214's page. TheCrown13 (talk) 06:14, 19 January 2021 (UTC)TheCrown13

Deletion of pedestrian pics

Why did you delete screenshots of GTA III pedestrians I've been uploading? - Lnobse (talk) 09:17, 19 January 2021 (UTC)

You obviously haven't been reading your talk page. Kiwismurf (talk) 09:20, 19 January 2021 (UTC)
Sorry, for some reason I didn't get any notifications. Anyway, will the images not be deleted if I reupload them and add a proper license template? - Lnobse (talk) 11:47, 19 January 2021 (UTC)

RE: Radio Station Genre Lists

That's a stupid rule, and I know I don't have the authority to say it is, but it is. Take Radio X. Mostly dominated by grunge, heavy metal. Maybe 2 or 3 songs are classified as "alternative dance", yet there it is, the first genre I see when I look. They should be sorted by relevance from top down. Sorting them alphabetically just looks silly. - My name is irrelevant, officer. (talk) 03:40, 20 January 2021 (UTC)

Fine. No need to be an ass about it. My name is irrelevant, officer. (talk) 03:44, 20 January 2021 (UTC)

My Apologies

Hi, Kiwi, I want to apologize for uploaded these modified badge files.

My original purpose was just to make them more viewable on GTAWiki through adjusting the layout on the files, as some texture files have these problems: placed the logo horizontally/vertically, irregular layouts, and some extra/unnecessary spaces, etc. So I tried to make a way to improve the viewing on the Current Design Gallery section, and of course, without removing or changing the badges itself. But I forgot it would go against one of the most important rule: Original, and yes, it became a good thing that makes bad now.

I'm sorry that the incident makes our trust broken. I will follow the upload rules, and upload the original and correct badge files next time. Again, my sincere apologies. TheS424 (talk) 05:42, 20 January 2021 (UTC)

I went to GTA Wiki:Manual of Style/Vehicles/Design Galleries to see the requirements again, and the Detail says:
"Preferably badges, or anything else that is unique on the vehicle; detail."

I think you should add "(original badge files only)" to this requirement. TheS424 (talk) 06:38, 20 January 2021 (UTC)
That was a misunderstanding to undo the edit before, hope you don't mind :) and now I know what you mean. Thanks for your reply, I will continue to try my best to help make GTAWiki better. TheS424 (talk) 11:09, 20 January 2021 (UTC)

Why did you revert me?

The questions I asked on Talk:Auntie Poulet were intended to be taken seriously. I am frankly offended that my post was seemingly brushed off as vandalism due to the Rollback you performed. Could you please explain why you did this? As I have a decent amount of history on this wiki, I feel I deserve some credibility for my actions, which I strongly assert are good faith. Black Vulpine of the Furry Nation. Furries make the Internets go! :3 10:04, 22 January 2021 (UTC)

So pointless.

Seriously, what was the point in reverting my edits, they were all factual. And had evidence to prove it. XIURDEADIX —Preceding unsigned comment added by IXURDEADIX (talkcontribs) 021-01-23T01:12:16 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

Reason for blocking

Hello! I want to ask. Why the Jimmy Hernandez character can't have James written in the "full name" line. After all, Michael's son from GTA 5 Jimmy is called James De Santa —Preceding unsigned comment added by MAXIMADZE (talkcontribs) 2021-01-24T06:17:33 Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

Vehicle brand infobox

Is there a reason for keeping the smaller and less informative infobox on Maxwell and Vysser? Is it because of the lower quality logo images? SuperAusten64 (talk) 01:34, 26 January 2021 (UTC)

RE: Warning

Yes, mas'r. I'm sho sorry for violatin' da rules, I'm jus a po virgin wit an opinion, mas'r. It won happ'n agin, I swears it, mas'r! My name is irrelevant, officer. (talk) 19:19, 31 January 2021 (UTC)

So Pointless Pt. II

What was the point in reverting my edit? The dude literally put the caption as "CAF members on Carson Avenue" when it was clearly Forum Drive, not Carson Ave. You can even see the "Welcome back, we missed you last time" Mural behind the CAF members. To be honest, I don't know why I even bother messaging you, you hardly reply to anyone. I don't think its an overstatement and I speak for all editors when I say you and Kamikatsu are the worst mods on this site. IXURDEADIX (talk) 21:23, 31 January 2021 (UTC)IXURDEADIX

Thank You

Thank you for understanding and reverting it back to my edit, I take by what I said, only Kamikatsu is the worst mod. IXURDEADIX (talk) 16:06, 1 February 2021 (UTC)IXURDEADIX

GTA 4 TBoGt Schafter

Fuck you mean, "Policy: What didn't happen"?!

Thank you, and have a good night! ―AoD (talk)  15:13, 9 February 2021 (UTC)

"irrelevant to .en version of the wiki"

Hello, I have seen that you reverted my modification that added an information for people who play GTA III from France and Germany. I don't really understand the point that you made by saying it is an English wiki, because English wikis are used all around the world, even in countries like France or Germany where English isn't the main language, simply because they often are the only language in which a wiki have complete information. Deleting this kind of information, I think, makes the wiki less complete and erases information that is important for people in those countries and also might be interesting for people from other places. Meylody (talk) 16:00, 9 February 2021 (UTC)

Deleted page

Hello, Kiwi. I would like an explanation as to why you keep reverting my edit. The page is a dead link, having been deleted, and so there's no point in having it. Best wishes, Chris6d (talk) 01:52, 10 February 2021 (UTC)


About the GIF I uploaded: I was editing Hassan Johnson's page and I wanted to add that he is very well known for the GIF of him on The Wire but you deleted it. I don't know if my edit is sufficient enough but I feel like this would make him a lot more known to people who browse the wiki and it does add something to his page. If this helped you change your mind, could you restore it? Thanks. TheGIF1200 (talk) 03:45, 14 February 2021 (UTC)

Blocked (sockpuppet using) user inserting irrelevant crap to GTA wiki, ignored. Smurfy: illuminate - communicate - spectate 12:04, 14 February 2021 (UTC)

RE: Walkthroughs Vs Tips & Tricks

Hello. I just wanted to ask what you think of the edits I made to the mission pages that involved restoring the walkthroughs and tweaking them. Andy A. (Talk · Edits) 04:36, 18 February 2021 (UTC)

Listen to me

You need to replay the game, or games, and pay attention this time. Actually listen to what the characters say, take visual cues, and do your research. Play the game and understand the story properly so you don't make dumb assumptions with nonsense reasoning. Can you do that for me?

Ondatti's Nightmare (talk) 07:26, 21 February 2021 (UTC)

Vercetti Gang

Do you think you can unlock the Vercetti Gang page or at least remove the bit about it being mentioned in GTA 5? Not only it's an incredibly wide stretch to make (like how you thought Vlad was Pavel's cousin or somethin) but also there's a lot of good evidence in the article's talk page that points to your revisions just being wild stretches with no sources other than inane speculation. - Universetwisters (talk) 17:09, 21 February 2021 (UTC)

Geomodelrailroader's talk page

So I'm not allowed to leave comments on a user's talk page asking where they got their sources from? - Universetwisters (talk) 23:31, 22 February 2021 (UTC)

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