So everyone is talking about the features they would like to see in GTA V: new weapons, new clothes, new cars, new maps, etc. I have an idea regarding the Busted and Wasted systems - or what happens after you are Busted/Wasted. You just respawn outside of the police station or hospital. My idea would delve into this a bit more. It's a little complicated, but I think it would be cool: if you are busted, you respawn inside prison (wearing a prisoner's uniform) without your weapons. You can go to the gates and pay to get out and get your weapons and clothes back (you pay slightly more depending on how many stars you had when you were busted) and then the gates are opened and you can walk free. Alternatively, you can pay to simply get out with your clothes, but without your weapons. However, you can also find someone within the prison and buy a weapon from them - a pistol or a knife - and kill someone with it. This would trigger a prison riot and a wanted level, but the gates to the prison would open for reinforcements, providing an opportunity for escape. If you are wasted, you respawn in a hospital room (wearing a hospital gown), again without your weapons. You can go to the front desk, and pay to get out and get your clothes and weapons back, or just your clothes. You pay slightly more if you die in a more extreme way (getting shot, falling out of a helicopter, caught in an exploding car, etc.) than if you are, say, beaten to death or if you get run over. Now, unlike prison, you can steal your weapons back, triggering a wanted level, and then run out without paying your bills. Like I said, this is just an idea, but it seemed cool to me. Leave your opinions if you want to.

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