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  • Tony 1998

    Let's face it: Nobody believes in satire and/or parodies anymore, and apparently class-action lawsuits over idiotic things, especially video games, are just too frequent these days...

    Welcome to the third and not the final edition of the GTA V Controversy series. Please, crack open an ice cold Pisswasser (Uh, oh, Bud Light pun! Might get sued for this!!!) and enjoy reading these wonderful controversies ranging from October 2013, to the day this blog post was created.

    Ah, Lindsay Lohan. I remember your glory days as an actor. Now you are just a drugged-up mess that can't even think straight. She tweeted back in December 2013 that she was going to sue GTA V because the artwork of the hot bikini babe was used on the cover of the game and on the d…

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  • Tony 1998

    My fellow Wikians/Wikiers on GTA Wiki. So, as you know Rockstar announced a while back about possible Story Mode updates for 2014. The question I want to ask you guys: what do you want included in the Story Mode updates? Me, personally, I wouldn't mind a couple more heists, missions spanning to North Yankton, more missions involving the backstory of M, F, and T-revor, and alot more stuff implemented (ADD RESTAURANTS!!!). So, restating thesis question: what do you want added in GTA V's Story mode update?

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  • Tony 1998

    After many long delays, the GTA Wikia Crew will finally have its launch on Saturday, Nov. 9th. The PSN division will start at 12:00 P.M. PST and the XBL Division will start at 4:00 P.M. PST

    You must have a social club account to join

    • GTA Wikia Crew

    1. There shall be no bullying, slandering, harrasment, or foul language when playing with your allies or against the other crews
    2. If you have been given more than three blocks, you will not be able to join the crew. If you have been given three or more blocks during your membership in the crew, you will be removed from the crew. No exceptions, non-negotiable.
    3.  We all play fair, with and against each other. Defy this rule and you are removed from the crew.

    To join, you must have acquired these criteria:

    • Have co…

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  • Tony 1998

    It's not really shocking that when every GTA title is released, there is little or a LOT of controversy.

    Welcome to the second edition of the GTA V Controversy series. Please enjoy the list of controversies.

    That one mission where you have to rescue that FIB fugitive, right? Then the next mission after that, huh, where you torture the shit out of him out of your own will? Well, my GTA fans, there was an considerable amount of controversy gained because of that mission giving you an opprotunity to be a torture giver. The devices used for the torture ranged from ripping out his teeth to injecting him with adrenaline if he dies. Many examiners claimed that Rockstar Games had "crossed the line, letting people take the role of the torturer and perfo…

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  • Tony 1998

    We all knew that GTA V will be the next big game, but who knew it would cost so much?

    According to the Scottish media outlet, The Scotsmen, some of the creative heads of GTA V stated that Rockstar had spent roughly 170 million pounds ($265 million USD) to develop, produce and market Grand Theft Auto V with a staff of over 300 designers, artists, programmers, mappers and modelers. "That's about equivalent to a moderately budgeted Hollywood blockbuster", claims Gaming Blend author, William Usher.

    Despite having the most bloated budget in video game history, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are confident that it will sell like crazy. GTA V has been poised by analysts that it will  surpass sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and according to the …

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