Good day to all users of this wiki, I am extending an open invitation to form a team to perform Heists on Grand Theft Auto Online on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

This invitation is open to anyone, and I am not particularly worried of your skill level, as long as you have at least some experience with Heists. I only have three preferences for my team. These are:

  1. I would much prefer it if all members of my team have a headset or Kinect sensor to enable easy and accurate communication. If you do not have a headset or Kinect sensor, you must be prepared to follow the instructions of the team member(s) who do.
  2. Please be polite and refrain from swearing while playing with me. My in-game performance is greatly affected by bad language, as I greatly dislike it, and it distracts me.
  3. Please be prepared to let one person (not necessarily me) take the lead (or two in the case of split teams) whenever team effort is needed, as people running off doing their own thing without any leadership is a sure path to failure.

Please leave a message below if you are interested, along with your preferred console and playing time, and I will get back to you via your Talk pages. The time that I will play is flexible, and I will adjust it to best suit all participants. If possible, please state your preferred playing time in GMT/UTC to avoid time zone confusion. Also, by posting your interest here, I will call on you via your Talk pages whenever I am interested in doing Heists in the future.

Thank you, and have a good day.

Konan T-A Lim.

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