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    Concerning the Police Cruiser split vote, I re-designed the page. To see it, go to User:RainingPain17/Sandbox/Police Cruiser (page still under construction). The Interceptor page will be deleted and the Police Buffalo will be TBoGT-info only.

    14:57, December 7, 2014 (UTC): Issue resolved.

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  • RainingPain17

    Okay, now I'll work on GTA top 10 lists, and my first one is about useless or terrible features in the GTA Series. As a GTA gamer, I like many GTA features, but there are also features that piss me off because they are either useless, terrible, or even both.


    • This is not a top 10, which means the following list is not listed so the less annoying features are at the top and the most annoying at the bottom.
    • There are many features that I could have added here, but I included the most notable features I don't like. Also, before you ask me, I indeed did my best not to include too many GTA V features in the list, but it was pretty hard.
    • This list is also humor. I don't like these features but don't worry, I'm not up to screaming at my own TV bec…
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  • RainingPain17

    Editing on the GTA Wiki

    November 22, 2014 by RainingPain17

    Hello to the community!

    Today, I have decided to take a look at the edits counts of the entire community, and I made a top 10 for four categories : Global Editing, Article Editing, File Editing and User talk Editing. All the stats were obtained using Special:ListUsers and Special:Editcount. Enjoy!


    • Inactive and blocked users are not included in this list
    • The amount of edits per day was calculated with the following formula : Number of global edits / (Number of months x 30). I selected as model 30-days months. As such, stats may turn out to be a bit incorrect.
    • Certain stats might turn out to be incorrect. If this happens, please notify me and I'll fix it.

    1. Cloudkit01 : 40,986 edits since March 2012 (~42 edits/day)
    2. Smashbro8 : 13,634 edits since …

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