MESSAGE TO GTA V FANS: I don't do this blog because I hate GTA V, I PROMISE I'll do the same blog for GTA IV and San Andreas.

10 reasons to hate GTA V (I don't mean GTA V must be hated, it's 10 annoying features of GTA V, it has some good points too).

As usual, not a top 10.

Warning There is some language here that might offend some persons. Read at your own risk.

Wanted Level


First one that comes to me (ask Jamal why). Killing cops is fun yeah but, in GTA V...

  • For two Police officers, one will ALWAYS have some goddamned shotgun to kill you easily. Fuck yeah.
  • Police will always react to a crime no matter where you are. You could be in the middle of Pripyat, doesn't matter, one second after firing a pistol you already have two cars around you.
  • The AI predicts all of your moves. When escaping by car, you have 50% of chances that a car appears out of nowhere on the same road as you, and eventually they will spawn with precise spots so you are cornered. Same applies to helicopters. You can also hide in the perfect spot, they will have 99% of chances to find you.
  • Wanted Level appears really for nothing. You can punch some random guy on the street, they're already there to shoot you.

Tracey De Santa


I had a discussion once with 558050 about Michael being the cause of his family's attitude. Even if this turns out to be true, I can't stand some bitch called Tracey who has horrible voice acting and acts like a whore in the entire storyline. "I want that, fuck you dad you saved my life but i don't like it". Seriously, SHUT UP!!



Either I am too sensible or the health in GTA V is horribly too small. Small falls can leave you with 5%, you die too easily in firefights (which are among the BASIC features in the Series, now you need to be extremely careful in gunfights not to die in a matter of seconds when enemies have AKs).


Michael's House-GTAV

The lack of safehouses is a major problem as well. Each protag has only one safehouse except for Trev who has two. But the problem is that when you need to rest at your safehouse it is always too far. The Quick Save option is there, but it does not allow you to replenish your health nor get rid of wanted stars.

100% Completion in GTA V

The Last One-GTAV

I already nominated this one in my 10 pointless/terrible features of GTA V list, but it is among these 10. This one is hard to complete (two sets of 50 collectibles that don't bring ANY reward except the Space Docker), and the rewards you have are terrible: a side-mission, an awful t-shirt, UFOs and an achievement. Hmmm...WHERE IS INFINITE AMMO? Where are the P-996 Lazer and the Rhino in my hangar? 100% in GTA:SA offered a free Hydra and Rhino, and that's all you've got??



GTA V made the same mistake as its big brother GTA IV, i.e. not include any fun cheat code. The few "funny cheats" you have are Moon Gravity, Skyfall, Explosive Bullets and Flaming Bullets, although I recommend not using at all the two Bullets cheats as you cannot use these without attracting Police attention. We are still waiting for a "Lock Wanted Level" cheat.

Driving Physics


In GTAs, I loved driving at 200mph on the highway and demolish anything on my way, although this has been made impossible here. Driving at 300mph and crashing into a small Mini Cooper and your car will immediately stop and the Cooper will barely move and take damage. Trucks are even stopped by light cars. Not to mention you have many cars that are fragile and a single crash will make it good to be abandonned.



That's another ridiculous point. You enjoyed fist fights with random guys on the streets in GTA IV? With GTA V all you can do is hit a guy two times and POW, already dead. Pointless.



I'll be short on this, does this "storyline" make any sense?

Los Santos

LOS santos

In GTA San Andreas, we had 3 large cities. In GTA IV we had a huge city. In GTA V Los Santos is as big as its 3D Universe counterpart, and this (map as large as RDR + GTA SA + GTA IV combinated) is just a pathetic excuse to say "yeah map is large but there's no shit to do in this, but it's large, you heard me, LARGE". I like the city and the rural area, but seriously, what can we do in this 90% of the map? Nothing!

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