What Do I Like About GTA V?

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Tricky, many features in GTA V are really cool, not just about the cars, missions and storyline, but the tiny details, additions and features that are hidden are really cool. Here are a few I noticed and loved.

  • When in large shootouts, police officers will pull wounded officers to safety/cover, and wait for paramedics to arrive.
  • Planes engaged will divert their courses.
  • NOOSE will hang on the side of FIB Grangers.
  • Tree leaves will blow around faster when Helicopter Propellors are near them (spinning).
  • When an NPC says they're going to call the police, they actually do, stars are given immediately after the statement/phone call.
  • There are hundreds of websites, some interactive, some not. 
  • Buying cars, planes, boats, motorcycles and bikes is an amazing feature.
  • The variety of animals found in the game, not to mention the hundreds of breeds of them.
  • Some animals are hostile, while others are not, so glad to see not every animal is a whimp! :p
  • Fire trucks use fire extinguishers to put out smaller fires, and use the main water cannon on their truck for the larger fires.
  • A unique bleeping sound can be heard in larger, industrial vehicles when they are damaged, like planes, tanks and helicopters... It's good to know when your going to die.
  • Not every NPC is the same, there are thousands and thousands of types and variations, not to mention the gender equalisation, races and figures. They all have unique phrases, voices, walking actions and idle actions.
  • Leaving your character results in many unique scenarios. They sometimes pick their nose (yum...), they dance to music if in a car, they start looking around in abliss, and sometimes (online character) take their glasses off, and then put them on. These tiny actions aren't much, but they make the game seem alive, and not just 'the same'.
    • Also, the character will dance to the beat of the song, not just dance randomly
  • Adverts. The adverts on Radios and TVs are really well structured, not only do they function like real adverts (music, flashy text, bright colours, etc), but they also mock other real life adverts, and they seem to be all refering to a real life company. Also, they all seem to be crude in some way.
  • The addition of Daily Objectives is a great feature, as the player can earn tonnes of cash, for doing short 5 - 10 minute tasks.
    • Let's do the maths. So you get rewarded $25,000 for completing all 3 tasks for a day. So in a week, you earn $175,000 for completing all of the tasks for a week (25,000 x 7), then you recieve a $100,000 bonus for the weekly completion. That brings us up to $275,000 (175,000 + 100,000). Complete a month of this and you will get $1,100,000 (275,000 x 4). Then, add the $500,000 bonus for monthly completion, and the total rises to $1,600,000!!! (1,100,000 + 500,000)
    • Each task takes around 5 - 10 minutes. The easy ones like collect bounties, complete a race and kill a player take around 5 minutes, whereas some like kill 20 players, complete a Simeon export mission and complete a Capture:GTA can take up to 20 minutes. Overall, you can earn easy money and spend little time, rather than wasting time on Heists and Missions. A win-win for me!
  • Selling cars in online is brilliant, as you can pick a car off the street, and then sell it. Sell a good car every GTA Day and you can earn extra cash.

While I add to the list, comment what you like about GTA V!