Hello, and welcome to GTA Wiki Weekly News - 13th September 2019.

Another steady week has passed on the GTA Wiki. Edits were moderate throughout the week, but have picked up towards the end so far. This week has seen a mixed focus on content, the majority of edits this week were specifically made on content regarding older GTA games compared to previous weeks.

Feedback for the GTA Wiki Weekly News series is welcomed - please let us know what you would like to see in each issue, or how existing features could be expanded - we would be interested to know what you think so far. We are already experimenting with possible ideas so stay tuned for upcoming issues.


This week, Bureaucrat Monkeypolice188 (me) joined the FANDOM Community Council. I will be able to provide feedback and provide feedback for some of the latest features and utilities FANDOM provides us.

Another week has gone by and Patroller spots are still available. Remember, you may apply at GTA Wiki:Requests for Promotion if you think you may qualify for the role.


This week, the GTA Wiki Staff team would like to personally thank the following users for the extra-special commitments this past week!

...and our top contributors this week:

Date Edits Uploads Biggest & best contributions
08/09/19 211 41
09/09/19 170 14
10/09/19 122 4 Article edits: Beta Releases in GTA III‎‎ (by JCC the Alternate Historian)
11/09/19 132 78
12/09/19 104 12

In the Games category, GTA Wiki currently sits at*:

  • Rank 8 (0 from last week)
  • Score 99.24 (0.00 from last week)
* as of September 12th, 2019, retrieved from


"Cast some shade as you roll by in the all new Krieger, Benefactor’s visionary cross between a catwalk-ready supermodel and a bloodthirsty military dictator. Some will stop, others will stare, but all you’ll give them is a cold dose of side eye. Forget humility. This road is yours.
The Benefactor Krieger supercar -- available now from Legendary Motorsport.
Main article: Krieger Week

This week in GTA Online, it is Krieger Week, running from September 12 - September 18, 2019

  • A new vehicle, the Krieger, is now available to purchase at Legendary Motorsport for $2,875,000.
  • New Casino Store items, including clothing and decorations are available.
  • Two new Race Series land races.

This week's bonuses:

This week's discounts:


To keep your mind busy this weekend, here are some GTA series facts you may or may not be able to answer!

Which of the following songs has appeared in more than one Grand Theft Auto title?

Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out

Queen - One Vision

Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter

Which hand-gun is infamously capable of beheading pedestrians?
I am on the LTA Subway Train in Grand Theft Auto IV. I am on the J Train (Algonquin Outer Line). I pass three stations, transfer at the following station to the C Train, pass two more stations and end up at Frankfort High. What was the second station I passed before transferring?
Which protagonist made appearance in two games before becoming a playable character in the third?
Which recurring Grand Theft Auto character is born 11 years before their real-life figure?

Think you know the answers? Make sure to check back same-time next week!

Thank you to everyone for continually helping the GTA Wiki become the number one source for information on the Grand Theft Auto series. Be sure to tune in same time next week for next week's issue.

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