Mikey Klebbitz

aka Myth Killah

  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Websurfing, playing GTA, rolling with my friends, wikiing, etc.
  • I am Super Top o' the food chain Male
  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey, readers.

    The other day I witnessed Niko Bellic's reckless driving; he was driving a Perennial and drove it off of the El-Train station in Guantanamo Ave, landing with the roof on the floor.

    I took some pics:

    He really sucks at driving, doesn't he? Tell me your thoughts about his driving below, in the comments.

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey, all!

    I'm quite sure each and every one of you gets hungry during the day, right? What about GTA characters?

    Johnny Klebitz gets hungry too, at least. I can tell that he likes Candy Box chocolate bars:

    While wandering around FIA, he randomly found a chocolate bar and ate it. Bikers need chocolate bars, too.

    That was my most clever line ever. Yeah!

    So, tell me if you've ever seen a hungry protag, in the comments, below.

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Trevor Crane

    June 3, 2013 by Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey people, how are you? Fine? Good.

    Now listen up, I was on Facebook, watching one of the GTA V groups I'm in and I found this:

    Great, right?

    Have fun with it.

    See you later, folks.

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey people.

    I'm studying but I wanted to share something with you: Huang Lee's new haircut.

    You're probably thinking:

    "Yeah, so what, he got a new haircut, big deal..."

    Well, big deal indeed.

    Try not to laugh at this:

    Really gangster-like, huh?

    Tell me what you think about Huang's new haircut in the comments.

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey people.

    So, my blog is really popular right now, eh?...

    Haha, anyway to anyone reading this, Dodo and I are trying to improve this page.

    Can you help us out?

    Comment so we can know what we can do to improve the page, be it adding categories, writing an overview...just let us know if you can help.

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