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aka Myth Killah

  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Websurfing, playing GTA, rolling with my friends, wikiing, etc.
  • I am Super Top o' the food chain Male
  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hello, ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Klebbitz Show, live from the headquarters of the Liberty City Society of High and Independent Television!

    Hello, hello, sit back and enjoy the news, folks.

    So, I've seen this GTA Forums post, where a fellow GTA fan went to Google Translator and (poorly) translated some information from the brazilian edition of Playstation Magazine (at least, that's what he said).

    Some of the info reveals that Michael won't start the game in his mansion, he will start the game in the Von Crastenburg Hotel.

    The intel also seems to point out that Franklin has no family and few (if any) chips in his pocket. But of course, there's also a lot of things we already knew a long time ago in there.

    Read it, and tell me if you bel…

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    What's up, people?

    Do you know Gamer Poop videos, like LA Noire's Gamer Poop?

    • LA Noire Gamer Poop Ep. 1:
    • LA Noire Gamer Poop Ep. 2:

    Well, here are some of GTA IV's Gamer Poop vids:

    Yes, they ARE about as funny as they look. F1Nkiller created them.

    Leave your opinions below in the comments box.

    I'll see you later!

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey people.

    I'm pretty sure this one'll make your day:

    Go ahead and dance too, haha. Leave your opinions below, a'ight?

    See you later!

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey, fellas. What's up?

    Remember that blog post about the hungry side of Johnny Klebitz? Well, Niko Bellic gets hungry too:

    Nice "Yummy" face, right? Now I see why Niko could only have three in-game girlfriends...

    Let's move on to the next topic: Guys with Wigs. Did you know that some guys wear wigs, in GTA IV? I took pics. Here's all of the proof you need:

    As the last topic, I've got my GTA Chinatown Wars tragedy. Yes, tragedy.

    See, I bought GTA Chinatown Wars in February 2010, and I thought "This is gonna be a great game, you can trade drugs and make a lot of money, and the graphics should be the same too, no big change" (no I hadn't watched the trailers yet...but c'mon, it was a GTA!). I turned my PSP on after inserting the game. After a cou…

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey readers! Today I've got two things for you.

    So, in my cruising throughout Hove Beach, I've found an ad, made by the Hove Beach Tourism Syndicate, which is a sub-section of the Liberty City Board of Tourism. Check the ad out:

    As you can see (I hope you can), Niko and Brucie are featured here, riding a Hellfury, which is just...genetically different, baby.

    Now, I've also got a new GTA V artwork I found ten minutes ago and uploaded right away to the Wiki after checking if it was a true artwork:

    As you can see by the *B tattoo on his neck and the purple clothing, this guy is a Balla. Now, I don't think Franklin will be best friends with him...what do you think?

    Alright, that's it for today, leave your opinions on the ad and the shiny, new GTA V…

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