Niko Bellic didn't not get Takeing out Date of birth: 1978 Last appearance: Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009)Or that was were Rockstar w First appearance: Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) Look at the Photo at he bar where People think Niko Bellic Bar is Roman Had Bar together if people Put Deal Where Roman Dies at his Own Wedding the other one is Revenge That Kate get Kill by people in a black car Niko Bellic is Still alive But!!!He is not Gta 5 On His tweet Niko Bellic Is Serbian His last Name is Russian When there a Homeless Peraon Was Help me Some Serbian Man Takes my money Niko Bellic Disnt mot die some Video i saw Niko Bellic Ghost and Car Niko Bellic Didn't not Owned the bar he would put his Cots But He Could left it there and left But last appeared In 2009 That was only tell Niko Bellic Was there His Cousin Roman Bellic He got married Niko Bellic Was there The Second one was when you can choose Kate Who Die At the age at 28 Roman Bellic Wife Was Pregnant With his Son You can Niko Bellic Voice Actor went Quite because Him and Rockstar Games are on Bad time When Gta 4 Come out It Sale out a lot he was apid 15000 and tweet as well that prive that Niko Bellic is still Alive and well In libby City

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