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Welcome to my very first blog, ladies and gentlemen. :)

Well, we all GTA fans sometimes we daydream which real-life car would look cool inside the GTA universe, especially when these parodies are sometimes even more special than the real cars). Yeah, I know there's dime a dozen blog entries about dream cars and whatnot, and probably this blog entry won't be too different from them, but hey, I do have my fantasy GTA cars as well, right? So, why not sharing them?

I actually have some spoof designs already established and I'd love to share them with you, I have the ability to draw not so bad so maybe I'll be uploading on this blog entry the draws of this concept cars. Maybe that might be a bit of difference from other blog entries.

Needless to say, please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions about my list. Mind you, some concept cars from other blogs were already mentioned, so I might borrow their names or ideas, I'm not stealing them and if I didn't credit you is because I forgot your user name (but please, tell me the idea is yours so I can remember).

It also has tons of returning cars from old GTA's, some will be redesigned while others might remain the same. Some cars are worth returning and in the list will be the ones I think would be indispensable and why.

So, without further ado, here we go.


Dewbauche is my favorite brand and needs my favorite car. Period.

Super GTSX

The Dewbauchee Super GTSX is the convertible version of the HD Universe Super GT, basically having it paired with the Aston Martin DB9 Volante. As a personal fan of the Dewbaucheee babies (especially the Super GT and the Massacro) I think the game needs the convertible versions of these two. I'd still added few changes from the old Super GT, which would be a spoiler lip designed closely from the original DB9, part of the badges the beta had (not the Asstone, but the SuperGT one) and the ability to use license plates in the back.

The rear fascia lights would be more similar to the Aston Martin Vantage V600 than the Ferrari ones.

And of course it will have the original rim designs, which never made it into GTA V. (Uploading picture soon)

Super GT

Basically, the same as GTA IV, just with better badging and able to have license plates in the rear. This car is definitely one of my all-time favorite GTA vehicles and I'd want it back.

Massacro SX *new vehicle*

Just as the Super GTSX, this is the convertible version of the Dewbauchee Massacro. Design-wise is like the Massacro but convertible. Maybe few tweaks in and there in performance or... why not, cues from the first generation Aston Martin Vanquish instead.


Schyster needs both classic and modern cars with their retro-style design. Here's some examples.


Another personal favorite, the PMP 600 this time would have a bit of redesign based on the Chrysler 300c (2nd gen), new front lights and some styling cues slightly rounder. It's a bit hard to describe the changes so I'll upload the artwork soon.

Getaway *new vehicle*

The Schyster Getaway is a new retro-styled vehicle based heavily on the [PT Cruiser], with some designs based on the classic [Prowler] in the rear. The name is taken from the original concept design of the PT as the classic gangster getaway vehicle. Uploading image soon.

Christina *new vehicle*

The 'Schyster Christina is a classic car based in the [Plymouth Fury]. The name is definitely based in Stephen King's novel [[1]], which is a demonic Fury that kills people. Desin-wise won't be changed too much, just have few changes based inother Plymouth cars. Uploading image soon.

Battler *new vehicle*

The Schyster Battler is inspired in the '76 [Valiant]. I'm still not sure which things I could add to the car, but definitely I'm thinking in either a mint version and two beater versions.


Rockstar Games put many BF cars in GTA V but mostly are offroad/beater cars and no recent models of Volkswagen.


Re-introducing a car from GTA San Andreas, this new BF Club would be based in the 2015 [Golf GTI]. In GTA SA, the Club was a cute, little car that needed to be back. The design I have in mind is pretty cool, I must say. Uploading images soon.

Boccio *new vehicle*

The BF Boccio (pronounced "bocho") is a car based in the [Beetle]. The name in Italian means "bud", but in reality, the name is chosen because the pronunciation of the word sounds like "bocho", which is the common nickname the car got in Mexico, where it was incredibly popular. I plan to have both mint and beater variations.


Deimos SP *redesign*

The Annis Deimos SP is a comeback from a car featured in GTA Liberty City Stories. It is based primarly in the 2nd generation [300ZX], with cues from its first generation in design. A personal favorite car, I chose the Deimos over the Euros because, frankly speaking, the Deimos is lot cooler and there's no many comeback vehicles from the 3D "Stories". Uploading image soon.


Obey needs more cool cars, especially a returning one.

Argento *redesign*

The Obey Argento is another car reintroduced from GTA LCS. It is a civilian version of the Sindacco Argento, which is now a 2007 [RS4 Avant Quattro]. In GTA LCS, this gang cra was definitely one of the best and it needed a civilian version that didn't appear (not tomention, the car itself was rather anachronistic in design), so yes, deserves to be back in the HD Universe. Illustration soon.


Mitsubishi needed more love after they took out several cars from GTA V and the Penumbra didn't give too much justice to the brand (not to mention, Rockstar Games stole the Kuruma from them and badged the car as a Karin), so bringing back some good cars from GTA IV would be fine.

Vincent *redesign*

The Maibatsu Vincent is back from GTA IV/Episodes. But this time, based in a more modern 2012 [Galant (9th gen)].

Manuela *new vehicle*

The Maibatsu Manuela is an SUV parodying the Mitsubishi Pajero. Manuela is a common Spanish name, but also is Mexican slang for a handjob, in reference that pajero also means "wanker" in Spanish slang.

Kuruma *rebranded*

To be honest, I still don't feel comfortable that a Lancer Evo car is under Karin (Toyota) badge if there's a Mitsubishi brand already in (this further enforced that the front fascia is pretty similar to the one of the Penumbra), so, yeah, I'd definitely re-brand the Kuruma as Maibatsu!

Others soon:

Grotti Turismo Widow - Ferrari 360 Spyder. Dundreary Hellenbach GT - '70 Mercury Cougar Truffade Ghost Turbo - Lotus Turbo Esprit Übermacht Brosnan - BMW Z4) Bollokan Symphony - Hyundai Sonata Dinka Chavos/GT9 - Honda Accord Dinka Perennial - Honda Stream   Maibatsu Kuruma - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (rebrand) Shura Orochi V8 - Mazda MX-5 Miata Shura Oni - Mazda Premacy Shura Tengu KT - Mazda 6  Pfister Cyclone XLR8 - Porsche Carrera Enus Super Drop Diamond - Rolls Royce  Emmet Deluxo - DMC DeLorean Übermacht Rebla - BMW X5 Shitzu Kusanagi - Suzuki Katana Willard Elegant - 2011 Buick Lucerne Albany Cavalcade FXT - Cadillac Escalade EXT

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