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  • Dodo8

    It's the best Christmas gift I've got (YET!). Let's analyze them!

    Yup, a shark, a big one.

    Amazing graphics. I love the dog! BTW, that's snow?

    Not much to say about this one, but it confirms again how the big the explorable area will be.

    Passenger Aircraft!

    The protagonists. 

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  • Dodo8

    So, Dan Houser confirmed 2 times that this is not a new Era. He said that there won't be returns as big as Niko or even Packie, but we will see some as Easter Eggs.

    I saw that Wikipedia already changed the template, but some "smart" guy reverted it. BTW, you can check the article here:

    IGN: GTA V: Burning Questions Answered

    Scroll down to

    Will we see characters from GTA IV show up in GTA V?

    Packie's not in it. There may be the odd... They tend to be very small. The problem is that... You touched on this earlier. Because of a lot of the choices... We've never had a game where we've annihilated so much of the cast. I loved Roman, but he may or may not be dead depending on what choices you made. It would be difficult to bring him back.

    So many of t…

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  • Dodo8

    Hi again! Short news for ya:

    • IGN started releasing their Special GTA V week articles: [1]
    • keeps us updated with the news and NEW SCREENS from foreign countries: [2]
    • Official Countdown for the 2nd trailer on R's site: [3]

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  • Dodo8

    GameInformer Cover released!

    November 8, 2012 by Dodo8

    Take a look:

    So, it is possible that we will have 3 protagonists: the guy from the trailer, the guy who was hunted by the police in the trailer nd which also appeared in the dog artwork, and a guy specialized in weapons (as in every artwork he has a weapon!). I'm not really fitting with the ideea, but we'll see...

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  • Dodo8

    Leaked Poster and release!

    October 28, 2012 by Dodo8

    SPRING 2013

    This are 2 images from a polish site. The images must be real, the artwork is very well realised and Rockstar took down the site who posted it. Also on GTA V Pest Control post an Admin said that any leaked content commented there would lead to user's ban.

    So here are some stats:

    Release Date: Spring (March-May) 2013
    Released For: XBOX360, PS3, PC possibly released later as it is not listed
    Rated: 18

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