Dodo8 Dodo8 27 January 2013

New GTA V Artwork

...Nice find, but I must say I'm not really impressed, everybody waits for the Cover Art, Trailer 3, and the release date...

More info:

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Dodo8 Dodo8 12 January 2013

Bahama Mamas' Secret Map!

Thanks Massionet51 for discovering this. 

It's in the Bahama Mamas office where Manzano's killed. It doesn't looks like any other map in GTA world. I managed to get a picture, but it has low quality and can't be readed:

We know that GTA V development started sometime after GTA IV was released. Considering it passed 1-2 year(s) until TBoGT was released, could this be the map of GTA V? Share your thoughts!

EDIT: I searched the web, it seems that is not Los Santos - but Massachussets, Salem more exactly.

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Dodo8 Dodo8 5 January 2013

X360 vs. PS3, or waiting for Next-Gen Consoles/PC

Hello! There's a rumour that the Xbox720 will appear at E3 this year, as some guy from Microsoft posted a countdown. Also, Rockstar is hiring programmers for next-gen consoles. Some think that GTA V will also appear on PS4 and Xbox720.


Until then I'm  thinking of asking for a console as my Birthday and/or Easter gift (Orthodox Easter is on May 5, my birthday is on May 10).

But I'm not sure what one is better:

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

I heard that PS3 has better graphics, and it's quite "popular" for that. While the Xbox's multiplayer and in general looks funnier and better to me, I also supporting Microsoft since it created the Windows. I actually have a broken Xbox in my dad…

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Dodo8 Dodo8 26 December 2012

Problems with PC EFLC disk


Hi all. I have a problem with my newly bought game. Everytime I launch the game it says that I have to insert the original disk to launch the game. And now  I have to keep the CD in my disk reader. Is that normal? Dad says I probably installed it wrong. But I don't think so, there was no "do that or that" option. It told me to insert the Key, and I did.

So it's this normal or I'll have to contact Rockstar support?

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Dodo8 Dodo8 25 December 2012

What gifts you received on Christmas?

Hi and Merry Christmas! I've just got Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City and I can't be more happier! What about you guys?

BTW, I managed to enter multiplayer but I can't see any players!

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