Well, as I was talking to Smashbro, we were talking about the lack of fun activities in the GTA V and the funniest activities in the series, well, let's talk about them here, let's say our opinion and our favorite activities in the series, feel free to say your favorite one and talk about it, here's my favorite ones:


Pool is probably my favorite one in the entire series, I just loved to play it on GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, I always called friends to go play pool in GTA IV, I really miss this activity in GTA V, it should be available at the Yellow Jack Inn.


"Niko, it's your cousin! Let's go bowling?" you may call me crazy, but I always liked bowling in GTA IV, as soon as Roman called me to go bowling, I accepted, I enjoy playing bowling and I also wish it was present in GTA V.


Darts are not as fun as Pool and Bowling, but it's still fun when you know how to play, the problem is that you get tired after a few rounds.

Arm Wrestling

This activity is simple and cool, however, it just appeared in The Lost and Damned and GTA Online, I played it only once in GTA Online, nobody actually wants to play it.

In-game video games

It's just cool to play a video game in a video game, isn't it? In GTA San Andreas, there was three cool games, Go Go Space MonkeyBee Bee Gone!  and They Crawled from Uranus, in GTA IV there was QUB3D, in GTA V, there are no games, sadly :(.


Okay, I don't dance in real life, I don't even know how to dance, but in GTA San Andreas and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the player could go to nightclubs and dance, it should be available in GTA Vice City, GTA IV and GTA V too! It's cool!

Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball

Unique to GTA Vice City! The most useless minigame in the series! And it's actually fun! xD this was fun back in the day, I knew it did exist accidentally, I kicked the ball and the ball just touched Tommy's head with a number "1", when I knew the game, I started doing this everytime I played GTA Vice City!

Now it's your turn guys, tell everyone your favorite GTA activities.

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