AndreEagle17 AndreEagle17 4 February 2015

Breaking News, GTA VI is confirmed!

On previous weeks, I was talking to my favorite editors, Smashbro8 and Monkeypolice188 about how GTA VI should be, and now, I just got news from the Facebook page Grand Theft Auto FC-BR, and they published that Rockstar's president confirmed GTA VI! According to the page, the president said: "We don't know what we can put in GTA VI, first, we'll need to think about the city and then the story", so that's a huge hint that GTA VI will be made.

Another font: here (can be translated)

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AndreEagle17 AndreEagle17 20 December 2014

Funny activities in the GTA Series

Well, as I was talking to Smashbro, we were talking about the lack of fun activities in the GTA V and the funniest activities in the series, well, let's talk about them here, let's say our opinion and our favorite activities in the series, feel free to say your favorite one and talk about it, here's my favorite ones:

Pool is probably my favorite one in the entire series, I just loved to play it on GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, I always called friends to go play pool in GTA IV, I really miss this activity in GTA V, it should be available at the Yellow Jack Inn.

Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball== Unique to GTA Vice City! The most useless minigame in the series! And it's actually fun! xD this was fun back in the day, I knew it did exist accidentally, I kic…

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AndreEagle17 AndreEagle17 16 December 2014


Today I don't wanna talk to much, if you wanna know, see in this video:

Did you see the additional content?? YES! The Hunter, the Hydra and a new unidentified APC!

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AndreEagle17 AndreEagle17 9 December 2014

Top 10 protagonists

Hey, another blog post here, now I wanted to ask your 10 favorite protagonists here, fell free to select whoever you want, if you want to talk about them, tell us.

Note: You can choose less than 10 protagonists if you want, since there aren't too many of them in the series.

Here I go:

  • 1 - Tommy Vercetti
  • 2 - Carl Johnson / Niko Bellic (Yes, they're tied)
  • 3 - Victor Vance
  • 4 - Johnny K.
  • 5 - Trevor Philips
  • 6 - Michael De Santa
  • 7 - Franklin Clinton
  • 8 - Toni Cipriani
  • 9 - Claude

I don't have a 10th favorite protagonists, so it ends up here, your turn, guys...

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AndreEagle17 AndreEagle17 4 December 2014

Least favorite vehicles...

I created two blogs, one asking which were our favorite cars and the other asking which were our favorite bikes, now i'll ask your least favorite vehicles in the GTA Series, here's mines:

3D Universe - Esperanto, Idaho and specially the Perennial - the most sluggish and nasty cars in the game, i'd rather go on foot than driving these sh*ts, the Idaho at least scraps on the ground when braking, but it's highly undesirable!

HD Universe:

  • Habanero - plastic car, weak engine and unattractive looks.
  • Regina (GTA V) - Attractive, cool roof rack, but undesirable performance, its performance don't compensate its appearence.
  • Besra - It's a training jet, it's fast as hell, it's highly maneuverable, so why do I hate it? BECAUSE IT HAS NO WEAPONRY, if I wanted…
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