Sidney Dragovic
Full name: Sidney Dragovic
Also known as: Zedyer Venyar


Date of birth: 11th Jan 1996
Place of birth: Miokovci, Serbia
Home: Devon, England
Nationality: 20x20px Serbian
Family: Bradley Dragovic(Brother)

Things I like about GTA Wikia

  •  I like reading Trivia parts of pages at it has cool info that you normally didn't know.
  • It has info from the older games not just new ones.
  • I can make pages about characters that are not very well known (AKA Tarnell,Troy (GTA SA) and Fam3)

About me

  •  I was born in Miokovci in Serbia in 1996.
  • My first game was GTA: Vice City. I played it with my dad in 2003. Then I had GTA: San Andreas in 2005 and GTA IV in 2008. I then got the Lost and Damned DLC in 2009 and The ballad of Gay Tony DLC in 2010. And then GTA V in 2013.
  • I have a accent of 3 languages. Serbian, German and English. As I was born in Serbia but went to Primary school in Erfurt, Germany. And the Secondary school in Bideford, England.
  • I have been on the internet since 2005, and my first website I went on was a online game called ROBLOX, in  August 2005.
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