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My favorite pages

23 This user is 23 years old
Revenge-GTAIV-RadarIcon.png This user chose Revenge
TheJewelStoreJobSmart-GTAV.jpg This user chose the Smart approach of the The Jewel Store Job
TheMerryweatherHeistOffshore-GTAV.png This user chose the Offfshore approach of The Merryweather Heist
LSfibraid.jpg This user chose the Roof approach of The Bureau Raid
TheBigScoreObvious-GTAV-SS22.png This user chose the Obvious approach of The Big Score
The-third-way.jpg This user chose Deathwish

GrandTheftAuto-Logo.svg This user loves all Grand Theft Auto games, and cannot decide which is their favourite.
Xbox360.png This user is a proud owner of an Xbox 360
Xbox.png This user is a proud owner of an "original" Xbox
Radio-mirror-park-official.png This user thinks that Radio Mirror Park is the best radio station in GTA V.
Psp.JPG This user is a proud owner of a PSP
Ludendorffsign.jpg This user is a fan of North Yankton and wants to go there.
Liberty Rock Radio.png This user thinks Liberty Rock Radio is the most epic radio station in the whole GTA series.
Flag of Russia.svg This user is proud to be Russian
SF-UR.jpg This user thinks SF-UR is the best radio station in GTA San Andreas.
This user thinks that Los Santos Rock Radio is the best radio station in GTA V.
Non-stop-pop.png This user thinks 100.7 Non-Stop-Pop FM is the best radio station in GTA V.
Template-Userbox-Windows10.jpg This user uses Windows 10.
Page Artwork-Trevor-GTAV.png This user thinks Trevor is the best protagonist
San andreas tennpenny.png This user thinks Tenpenny is the best antagonist in the GTA Series.
Ruiner-GTA4-front.jpg This user thinks the Ruiner is the best vehicle in the GTA series.
DoubleClefFM-Logo-Alternate.gif This user thinks Double Clef FM is the best radio station.
Artwork-GTAVC-TommyVercetti.jpg This user thinks Tommy Vercetti is the best protagonist
RNGTA3CLAUDE.png This user thinks Claude is the best protagonist
Icon pc.png This user thinks that PC is the best platform for GTA
CarlJohnson-Artwork.jpg This user thinks Carl Johnson is the best protagonist
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