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{{Infobox character||image =
|games = Unknown
|name =
|aka =
|status = Alive
|gender = M
|dob = September 12 , 1993 (21)
|home = Angelholm, Sweden
|nationality = [[wp:English|English]]
|family =
|affiliations = Koenigsegg Headquarters, Pagani Automobiles
|vehicles = Black and Red [ Zentorno]
|businesses = Unknown
|voice = Himself}}
Hi, I am a huge fan of Grand Thefto Auto games. I also wanted to help to edit this wonderful wikia. You can message me anytime you want :)) Thanks for visiting my page. 
==GTA Favourites==
Favourite Protagonists
*[ Carl Johnson]
*[ Niko Bellic]
*[ Trevor Philips]
*[ Franklin Clinton]
*[ Michael De Santa]
Favourite Vehicles
*[ Zentorno]
*[ Turismo R]
*[ Jester]
*[ P-996 Lazer]
*[ Titan]
*[ Infernus](My favourite car since GTA 3)
*[ Entity XF]
*[ Buzzard]
*[ Adder]
*[ Cheetah]
*[ Rhino]
*[ Banshee]
*[ Bati 800]
*[ Thrust (motorcycle)]
*[ Bagger]
*[ Stinger GT]
*[ Elegy]
*[ Buffalo]
*[ Coquette]
*[ Penumbra]
*[ Massacro]
*[ Roosevelt]
*[ Vapid Interceptor]
*[ Surano]
*[ Voltic]
*[ JB_700]
*[ Buccaneer]
*[ Manana]
*[ Dominator]
*The Liberator
==Favourite Weapons==
[[File:CombatMG-GTAV.png|thumb|400px|GTA 5 Combat MG]]
*[ Minigun]
*[ Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher]
*[ M249]
*[ Special Carbine]
*[ Python]
*[ Sticky Bombs]
*[ Satchel Charges]
*[ Automatic Shotgun]
*[ Assault Shotgun]
*[ Pump Shotgun]
*[ Knife]
*[ Heavy Sniper]
*[ Bullpup Rifle]
==Favourite Lines==
{{Under Construction}}
*This is bulletproof glass , so you can't just fuck off bitch or i call the sheriff - Tanker Commander
**Franklin: I can't stay my ass in Los Santos
**Lester: Hi Franklin 
**Franklin : Whassup? - Paleto Score
*Busta!! - Ryder
*Leaving without liscene?! - CJ's anger when someone bumped his car
*I can be myself out here , Bullying , reckless , and totally selfish Do the things that make me, me - Trevor Philips, Minor Turbulence
*Bring me my coffee, or I'll cut your arm off - Trevor Philips in his own trailer
*Look homie, I don't mind dying, you feel me? ,But i just wanna die with something that matters - Franklin
*I hope you got insurance! - Niko Bellic
*Hey cousin Let's go bowling - Roman Bellic
*Life is complicated. Iv'e killed people smuggled people, sold people, Perhaps here things will be differenet - Niko Bellic
*Nigga - Lamar
*You want me? Come get me - CJ's message to the cops
*I may look good but i am a MANIAC! -CJ
*Crazy Bitch! - CJ , Farewell my Love
*I mean far out man . You know I mean you beat the system! I tried for 30 years for crossover but manage it man - Truth to Carl - End of the Line
*I'm too intelligent for this shit man Im a real deal fool Oh yeah im a genius - Ryder
*'''Ryder''': "''Hey, CJ, tell me why I didn't finish high school.''"
*'''CJ''': "''Because you been dealing drugs, man, since the age of ten! (pauses, then laughs) Because you went and put hands on that teacher for wearing [ Ballas] colors!''"
**―CJ recalling why Ryder was kicked out of school.
*Who let you drive? - CJ
*This is a rack so Im gonna torture your sorry ass!!- Catalina about to torture CJ , First Base
==Favourite Places==
{{Under Construction}}
*[ San Andreas (HD_Universe)]
*[ San Andreas (3D_Universe)]
*[ Los Santos (HD_Universe)]
*[ Los Santos International Airport (HD_Universe)]
*[ Richman (HD_Universe) ]
*[ Rockford Hills]
*[ Downtown Los Santos]
*[ Sandy Shores]
*[ Area 69]
*[ Easter Bay International Airport]
*[ Vice City (3D_Universe)]
*[ Liberty City]
*[ Mount Chiliad]
Top 5 Favourite Missions
#[ The Paleto Score]
#[ Sexy Time]
#[ Vertical Bird]
#[ Minor Turbulence]
#[ Three Leaf Clover]
Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 9/10
Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 9/10
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Grand Theft Auto V - 10/10
Grand Theft Auto V - 10/10
==<gallery type="slideshow" widths="415" position="center" crop="true">
==<gallery type="slideshow" widths="415" position="center" crop="true">
10973_10203550887110839_8262753047825329102_n.jpg|I tried my best to draw this one.
10973_10203550887110839_8262753047825329102_n.jpg|I tried my best to draw this one.
<gallery orientation="none">
<gallery orientation="none">
Zentorno-RedandBlackCar-GTAV (.jpg
Zentorno-RedandBlackCar-GTAV (.jpg
car.png|my Red and White Zentorno :)

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 9/10

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - 10/10

Grand Theft Auto IV - 7/10

Grand Theft Auto V - 10/10

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