aka A planespotter

  • I live in In an urban area
  • I was born on May 15
  • I am Male

Just some stranger who played GTA III (10 year anniversary version), GTA San Andreas and GTA EFLC and keeps the following vehicles:

Sentinel, Banshee, Infernus, Manana (in all games I play, with the former vehicle being my Personal Vehicle)

Kuruma, Cartel Cruiser, Cheetah (in GTA III)

Schafter, Stretch E, Buffalo, Cavalcade, Sultan RS, Peyote, Sabre, Turismo, F620 (in GTA EFLC)

Tampa, Stratum, Elegant, Merit, Feltzer (in GTA SA)

And lastly.... Sultan (in GTA EFLC and GTA SA), as well as Esperanto (in GTA III and GTA SA).

I currently plan to get GTA V enhanced version, but no definite date to get the game is set. I plan to have the following vehicles:

Adder, Nero Custom, Bestia GTS, T20, Furore GT, Comet, Penetrator, FMJ, Dukes, Schafter, Kuruma (including armoured one), Patriot, Dominator, Panto, Vigero, Banshee, Stinger, Swinger, Burrito, Interceptor, Stromberg, Entity XF, Entity XXR, Faction, Hexer, Sanchez, Oppressor, Infernus, Fugitive, Rapid GT, Primo, Phoenix, Gauntlet, Admiral, Warrener, Cognoscenti (55), Roosevelt, Felon, F620, Ruffian, Shotaro, X80 Proto, PCJ-600, Baller, Cavalcade, Dubsta 6x6, Deluxo, all civilian jet-powered aircraft, all military choppers.

I spend most of my time on a 2006 flight sim, but that does not mean I quit the game totally. I still play EFLC periodically. Plus, I prefer roaming around Liberty City after completing all storyline missions. I usually don't bother much about 100% completion, simply because I don't have enough skills (and patience) to go for all the requirements. Joined here in circa 2016.

Update: I recently got GTA: CW, but I need to remember what cars have I stashed in my garages first. I am also hunting for the MK GT9.

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