aka Tom, Tommy

  • I live in Somewhere in the Ardennes
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Old-school rap listener, GTA-freak and football player.
  • I am male

Me, Tommy
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Hi. I'm Thomas0802 (call me Tommy or Thomas) Promoted to Patroller on March 16 2013, promoted to administrator on January 17 2014 and resigned on January 21 2015.

About me


I'm 18 years old and I live in Belgium. I play football/soccer as a centre forward and it is of course my favourite sport. I proudly support Borussia Dortmund. I'm also a big fan of the English Premier League. What I also enjoy a lot is classic hip hop, mainly from the early 90's.

Grand Theft Auto series

I started playing GTA at the age of 6 with GTA San Andreas. With this game, I developed the English language and the interest of classic hip hop music (Radio Los Santos). I played every game of the series. I rather not go detailed on the ratings of each game but I see Grand Theft Auto III as the most revolutionary, GTA Vice City with the best soundtrack, GTA San Andreas as the most diverse and cultural (early 90's gangster rap culture in South LA, hippies in SF and so on), Grand Theft Auto IV with the best plot and of course GTA V, hard to describe in few words but the game with the best features and quality, plus GTA Online. Probably the best multiplayer game ever created, with the possibilities to participate in different types of jobs including races and deathmatches with friends and the whole map to discover.

GTA Online


I'm currently above rank 200 and played the game on the Xbox One. My gamertag is Tommy0802. I'm a member of the GTA Wikia Crew and my active crew is 420 Castrol Racing.

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