aka Brandan

  • I live in United States soon to be living in London England
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Soon to be Firefighter and Volunteer police officer
  • I am Male

Favorite GTA characters Niko Bellic, Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

Favorite radio stations: Rebel Radio and West Coast Classics.

Favorite songs Can't Hardly Stand it by Charlie Feathers, Convoy, Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg still dre, Ambitionz az a Ridah by Tupac, Snoop Dogg feat. Dr Dre the next episode.

Favorite cars Banshee, Dukes, Gauntlet, Dominator,

a little bit about me im about 15-20% british im about 15-20% German about 5% french Canadian about 15% dutch and about 50% American

any comment on my talk page from other uses that i find is unnecessary will be crossed out

*This account is no way afflicted with Jeremy Clarkson I am only a fan*

Good users

  • Smashbro8  - The best editor
  • Leon Davis  - Another ally, excellent admin, very friendly.
  • Monkeypolice188 - Friendly guy, good editor.
  • LS11sVaultBoy - Good Bureaucrat he listens to others and gets things done.
  • SJWalker - He Cleans up a lot of grammar mistakes and helps people out the best that he can he never lets anyone down always has a good attitude towards other users(one of my favorite Administrators on here)
  • AndreEagle17- good guy and editor he helps out the best that he can really friendly towards other users (including me).
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