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Hi, I am Smashbro8! I am a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto games especially, Grand Theft Auto:Vice CityGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, and The Ballad Of Gay Tony. I also enjoy Grand Theft Auto V to a certain extent. I am also looking forward to helping out this wiki. If you need to ask me anything concerning GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA V, or The Ballad of Gay Tony, please message me on my talk page! Good luck and enjoy Grand Theft Auto!


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  • Watch the road motherfucker! The road!- Ryder
  • OG Loc laugh*. Ay ay ay ay, It's OG Loc homie and I'ma kick a little something like this! Ay yo when I come through up in the base, you don't me to come with a gun in your face! 
  • I'm GANGSTA!!!- OG Loc
  • Yo that shit sucks!! Damn!- Bogman
  • The entire dialogue of Gone Courting
  • The entire first cutscene of Caught With Your Pants Down
  • Shit! I give you one simple job! Idiota!- Catalina during Small Town Bank
  • Damn man his lyrics is horrible! That dude need some work. Hell yea!- Ryder and CJ (second sentence only)
  • Ay babe want company? MOTHERFUCKERS!!! CJ (first sentence) and Big Smoke (last sentence)
  • What's up with Jizzy? Dead! What's the plan? - Cesar Vialpando and CJ
  • All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ! -Big Smoke
  • Can't stop me!- Ryder
  • We're jacking a train holmes?!- Cesar Vialpando when riding the Kincaid Bridge during Highjack
  • You're Dead!- Trevor, after being provoked by a civilian to fight. 
  • You're really making my skin crawl!- Michael after feeling provoked
  • Fuck all you fucking fucks!- Michael, during a firefight
  • You know what? You should go see a doctor for that shit.-Michael after feeling provoked
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GTA Reviews

GTA Vice City

Graphics: 7/10

Location: 10/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Storyline: 6/10

Music 9/10

GTA San Andreas

Graphics: 7/10

Location: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Storyline: 9/10

Music: 9/10


Graphics: 9/10

Location: 9/10

Gameplay: 3/10

Storyline: 3/10

Music: 7/10


Graphics: 9/10

Location: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Storyline: 10/10

Music: 9/10


Graphics: 10/10

Location: 6/10 (too much country)

Gameplay: 6/10 (long list of complaints on this one, however, after the Independence Day Special I enjoy it more, possibly because of having The Liberator to cause chaos with. Despite that, I still believe that GTA V needs a permanent Invincibility cheat and a Lock Wanted Level cheat.)

Storyline: 8/10 (I enjoyed it unlike some other people, but in a lot of areas it lacks sense and is still not quite understandable. The betrayals of antagonists are also rather weak, as compared to how you can seriously hate Frank Tenpenny and Dimitri Rascalov in other games. However, it makes up for a weak storyline with enjoyable missions.)

Music: 9/10 

Best GTAs (my opinion)

Location: GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA IV/TBOGT, GTA V

Gameplay: GTA San Andreas, GTA V, GTA Vice City, TBoGT, GTA IV

Storyline: GTA San Andreas, TBoGT, GTA V, GTA Vice City, GTA IV

Total: GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA V, TBoGT, GTA IV

Full Reviews

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City was an incredible game too, however, I haven't gotten too far in it to really write much about it. Vice City is an impressive city and hopefully it returns to the HD Universe soon. I loved how the missions, despite having no checkpoints, gave you a decent amount of money from the start of the game to much higher as compared to GTA V where you mostly got money from Heists. The Landstalker was by far my most favorite car in this game, and I usually went out my way to find one. Tommy was a decent protagonist. The only thing I can really say I hate in the game is the lack of mission checkpoints (though this exceeded all the way to GTA IV) and the fact that I mostly couldn't detect when an on foot officer was chasing me, only to be knocked down by them and instantly Busted. I also hated how Tommy could not swim, when in Vice City all I wanted to do is dive in the beach water and go swimming, like one would really at Miami Beach. 

GTA San Andreas

Five words: The best GTA game ever. San Andreas has among the funniest and most interesting storylines I've ever played in a sandbox game. It could even be a movie and be a success. San Andreas had amazing characters, great voice actors/actresses, three interesting cities, and lots of detail to locations. If it was replicated into GTA V, with the Gyms and everything, GTA V would be a bigger hit too. The gyms were a favorite to me and there were lots of interesting weapons and ways to make a profit in the game. CJ was an amazing protagonist. He was funny, tough, and more. He beats Franklin to me, even though Franklin was a good protagonist too. All cities had a beautiful skyline and had something unique and interesting about them. The Gambling feature made it easier to gain money and San Andreas features almost all minigames that made the GTA series popular (excluding Most Wanted). San Andreas also features a vast amount of vehicles that are all amazing, such as tuners like the Jester and Flash, and lowriders like the Blade and Savanna. Sadly, I have not unlocked an easy way to obtain the Hydra or Hunter, the two aircraft that made GTA popular. I feel, much like how Saints Row fans who played Saints Row 1 and 2 (though I only played 2) got disappointed with Saints Row 3 and 4 (with Saints Row 3 being awful and Saints Row 4 being a fun game but not fitting the true definition of Saints Row shown in Saints Row 1 and 2) , those who played San Andreas would more be disappointed with GTA IV and GTA V than those who only played GTA IV and GTA V.


GTA IV was an okay game to me. However, I did not like the lack of checkpoints in missions (much like in Vice City and San Andreas), and though I did not get far, some missions such as Russian RevolutionHostile Negotiation, and Three Leaf Clover weren't that easy. I also hated the improved police system though I now praise it compared to GTA V's police system, and some vehicles such as the Enforcer were too hard to obtain to test drive. Don't laugh, but I never got my hands on the Annihilator yet in both GTA IV, its episodes or GTA Online. There also needed to be much better activities but I loved the Most Wanted and Vigilante in this game. I loved to spawn an FIB Buffalo using cheats and hunt down criminals until I died. I also hated how friends called too often and if you say no, you lose their liking for you. It made exploring harder in the game, which is another reason why I prefer The Ballad of Gay Tony. I also hate the two-car parking spaces to store cars in at safehouses (also featured in TBoGT), therefore forcing players like me who like a lot of cars to pick our favorite ones wisely and store them. It also made storing vehicles more difficult, as if the car is not parked correctly, it will disappear. The parking spaces are way too small; a big car such as a Cavalcade or Enforcer took up more than half of a space. Also, like in GTA V, driving a car out of your parking spaces (or garages) and losing it either by running away from it, destroying it, or getting killed can cause you to lose the car entirely. This can be incredibly annoying especially if the car is rare, customized or hard to obtain (which is another reason I wish GTA had Saint Row's styled Garage where the loss or destruction of a stored vehicle still reappears in the garage). Finally, though, somewhat mentioned above, I hate the instant three star wanted level you get for shooting or killing a cop, when some of them deserve to be shot at because they are always getting in the way (this feature I also hate in GTA V). However, I love how Rockstar made Liberty City look so similar to New York City, my birthplace (Brooklyn). It makes you feel like you'd look for your family member's houses in that game. I only feel the cities' sunlight needs to be brighter as during the daytime, Liberty City looks very dark, gray and ugly. I love the subway and taxi system, as it makes traveling much easier, but the city would be more alive if the Buses ran in the city like in the real New York (as well as GTA V's rendition of Los Santos). I also love the new girlfriend system; I wish TBoGT or GTA V had them as well. I didn't really like Michelle, and my current girlfriend for Niko is Carmen Ortiz lmfaooo. Yes, I know she can be really ratchet at times. Despite this, GTA IV still isn't the best sandbox game and is the worst GTA game in my opinion, though Saints Row 3 is the worst sandbox game I've ever played hands down. 


This was an amazing DLC, though I never decided to play The Lost & Damned yet. I love Luis as much as I love CJ. He has amazing dancing skills and I love the ability to meet various women, dance with them and then get their phone number to call to meet up for some body time XD! Armando and Henrique are such cool Hispanic friends to Luis; they somewhat make me wish I had Hispanic male friends to chill with in reality. Yusuf makes a tie in the whole GTA series (along with Ryder) as the funniest GTA character in my opinion. He's such an idiot XD. GTA would be incredibly funny and fun to me if Yusuf became a protagonist in one of the next games or DLCs. TBoGT also brought in some impressive weapons, which should've been in GTA V: the Automatic ShotgunAssault SMGGold SMG, Advanced MG and Assault Sniper. Most importantly, The Ballad of Gay Tony has introduced one of the best vehicles I have ever driven in a sandbox game, the APC. With such speed and strong power, I have never had so much fun speeding, flipping over people's vehicles, and shooting several rockets at people, vendors, and of course, other cars. The APC wins my award as the best GTA series vehicle and it hurts my heart that it failed to make it in GTA V, though GTA V would make it less fun causing chaos with it due to the improved police system. The APC also by far beats Saints Row's Bear. An APC will easily destroy a Bear with its rockets at a one on one battle. In some cases, as much as I like the Rhino, I prefer the APC over it. Also, the addition of the Bullet GTSuper Drop DiamondBuzzardSwift and Serrano made The Ballad of Gay Tony an awesome DLC. 


To put it short and simple, I enjoy GTA V but not as much as most fans do. GTA V to me is improving, however, there are several things I hate about it.

  • Health - When I first played GTA V, I had no idea where the health bar was. When I finally found it, I was surprised to see how small the bar was. I was even more unimpressed by how easy it is to die. Some people claim that the police in GTA V are too strong. I agree, but I also think that in GTA V you die way too fast and feel like a weakling compared to the surroundings. Unlike other games, in GTA V most protagonists cause survive at least two shotgun shots before dying. Pedestrians can also kill the protagonist in 4 to 5 punches which is ridiculous. Due to the health system, it makes some things such as shooting the Ballas or going on a killing spree more difficult and less enjoyable. I also hate how the protagonists instantly die with a cougar bite, as compared to other games such as Far Cry 3 where you can fight a bear, shark, crocodile or even a tiger and survive. Cougars are also very difficult to detect and take down before they kill you as well. 
  • Cops- The police are my among my biggest complaints in GTA V. I hate how they respond to every single crime you commit, making the game not so enjoyable. Sometimes, we all have plans such as to go kill everybody in the strip club (it's possible) or shoot at a group of gang members, only for that to be ruined by the police. The police to me are way too smart and powerful in this game that it makes the game almost impossible to enjoy without being killed by them. I also don't understand how some say the best way to lose the police is to hide. I've hid in alleys several times only to have either a police helicopter, police officer or a police cruiser come find me and start the whole chase over again. I also think it takes way too long to lose the police. Who wants to wait in an alley for five minutes to just lose the cops? Another thing I hate about the police is that it is nearly impossible to evade them if you are on a bike. If you don't get your tires popped by the officers or Spike Strips, or ram yourself into a roadblock, you are rammed by the rear of your bike off the bike by officers, instantly killing you. The final thing I hate about the police is their new tactic of driving in front of you and copying your every move to slow you down and trap you. During this, it's hard to shoot and kill the officer driving in front of you and if two police cars trap you in front and behind you, chances are you are going to die. 
  • Clumsiness of protagonists and expensive Hospital Bills - In GTA V, the protagonists are incredibly clumsy to me. You can fall off a bike way too easily like if it's nothing. Also, the protagonists take way too long to get up after a fall. If you are being chased by the police and happen to fall off your bike or be Windshield Ejected, 99% of the time you are going to be killed instantly by the police. Also, to me, due to the lack of many ways to get money after The Big Score and the many ways of being able to easily be killed, we should not lose $5000 for every death. We are losing more money than gaining, which isn't fair to me. 
  • Lack of fun activites and ways to make money - To me some of the activities in GTA V are fun for a short period of time then incredibly ridiculous. I still wonder where did Rockstar think Yoga and Tennis would be fun. Some of the activities that made GTA famous aren't in GTA V. Vigilante, Firefighter, Paramedic, FreightBurglarGamblingDancingMost WantedCourierHotring/8-TrackBlood BowlExports and ImportsGirlfriends and vehicle delivery missions didn't show up though I wouldn't expect all of them to show up, but it would be better if we had those instead of useless Tennis, Yoga, Golf and Darts. I can only imagine robbing someone's house in the HD Universe. Also, after GTA V is completed, there are very few ways to get money excluding Strangers and Freaks and Random Events. It takes a purchased property a whole in-game week to make a profit, and if you are a player like me, you are just gaining back the money you just spent dying several times. I prefer how GTA San Andreas' assets make money. You play for like an hour or two and come back for a $1000 or more dollars, instead of playing for like 5 days in GTA V to only get a few thousand dollars. I'm still wondering how does Rockstar expect us to buy the golf club
  • Car Spawn system - Most players don't see this or don't really care and use the excuse "it's in there to make the game realistic", but Rockstar's car spawning system in GTA V is screwed up. Most vehicles don't have a particular spawn point and just spawn to me and others such as Ballers (though I love both Ballers) and Beejays spawn too much. Some modern cars spawn in Blaine County, which is quite unrealistic for the country. To me, Rockstar also made the spawning of motorcycles quite rare, along with the sports and few supercars that actually spawn in the game world. I also am annoyed that we have to now purchase the luxurious and super type cars for them to spawn in the game world. Unlike GTA IV and episodes, where every fast and super car had a specific spawn point or will eventually spawn in the game world after playing the game for a while, we have to purchase them for them to spawn. That is utterly ridiculous as some of us would like to test drive the car and not buy it. Also, using the new bought car and losing it after a death (if the impound garage is already packed with some other cars) is just a waste of money. 
  • Too much Country - I always felt that we needed more cities than countryside in GTA V, much like how GTA San Andreas did it, but they actually did it backwards. We have one major city which can get old pretty quick and several towns. San Andreas had every location unique from farms, mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus, picnic areas, forests, creeks, rivers, lakes, ghost towns, etc to the big bustling cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Also, Los Santos and Blaine County lack many enterable buildings to check out or go kamikaze (insane rage) in. What also isn't impressive is how Liberty City in GTA IV and episodes has two strip clubs, three nightclubs (only two are accessible though regularly in TBoGT), a comedy club, enterable restaurants to replenish health and several bars while GTA V has one strip club, no nightclubs (excluding Bahama Mamas West which cannot be entered and can only be used on friend activities), no comedy clubs, no enterable restaurants to replenish health, a few bars and no gyms. That's quite bad in my opinion for a game with a map so big. I also hate how GTA V lacks the ability to control Trains
  • Difficulty of getting into Fort Zancudo and Bolingbroke Penitentiary - I don't know if I'm a horrible player or what but I have never successfully invaded neither Bolingbroke Penitentiary or Fort Zancudo without dying, making the TitanP-996 LAZER, and Prison Bus (along with the Unmarked CruiserSheriff SUVStinger, Mower etc) one of the few vehicles I never drove for the whole year and two months I've had GTA V. I think Rockstar made Fort Zancudo and Bolingbroke Penitentiary way too difficult to invade, even though some players are incredibly skilled in invading both places. Regardless of what method I used, I always end up being killed by Rhinos, making the fact that they now shoot at invaders one of the worst new features in GTA V. 
  • My only complaints for GTA Online is those idiotic players who feel the need to kill you or steal your vehicle for no reason but I do not play GTA Online much (embarrassed that I decided to play as a female; I can be idiotic at times). 

Despite all I have written above, you may think I hate GTA V more than any other game. That's not true but I don't believe it is the best GTA game nor is it the best sandbox game in general. GTA V lacks to me what I found impressive in GTA Vice City/San Andreas, The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA IV, and Saints Row 2 (even though Saints Row 2 is a different series sandbox game). It, along with GTA IV and episodes, tends to be too realistic, decreasing the amount of fun in the game. I am a person who likes a game not too realistic, but not too stupid and cartoonish like Saints Row 3 and 4. In GTA San Andreas and Saints Row 2, it was possible to shoot up places and cause chaos without the police ruining it all the time and responding right away. However, in GTA IV and GTA V one cannot go crazy on a killing spree without being shot to death soon. Due to both games' realism, cops are smarter and use more difficult to evade ways to pull you over, cars' wheels will mess up after a few crashes (GTA V), you die a lot faster, etc, making both games more difficult and less fun. Realism does not make a game to me and too much of it is an issue. We don't want games where we get arrested for speeding, must pay for gas, and die in one shot or stab. Also, to me, based on the Beta ReleasesBeta Vehicles and Beta Weapons pages, Rockstar's plans for GTA V would've made the game more fun if they had just released them into the final version. I would love if they added all the beta vehicles (especially the APC, Hunter, Lokus, and Military Patriot) to the game and the beta releases page says that Gyms and working out were to be featured in the game but were removed. I feel the Hunter and APC could have been added to the game, despite having similar vehicles already as Saints Row 3 had three attack helicopters: The Tornado, Vulture and Eagle, along with a military Bulldog that could rapidly shoot bullets, a VTOL, tanks and the Bear APC tank. I also wanted Las Venturas and San Fierro to return to GTA V, but I somewhat doubt Rockstar is planning on doing so unless it is for the enhanced version of the game. I also think Rockstar should've added more ways to make money and more interesting activities in GTA V instead of lame Yoga, Tennis, etc and having to search for missing scuba or space parts. However, when it comes to the police, I blame Rockstar fans (similar to how I blame the fans of rappers and singers for making their new songs become hits when to me they are some of the worst music I ever heard and I'm a serious rap fan) as they wanted a tough cop system, and now the cop system is way too tough and annoying to deal with to me. I honestly feel GTA V also needs a Lock Wanted Level and permanent Invincibility Cheat so I can enjoy doing some of the fun things in GTA V such as going on killing sprees and shooting a Sawn-off shotgun while on a motorcycle without being killed by annoying police. However, on the good side, GTA V is improving and sadly I cannot afford the new version of GTA V. Only God knows what is more to come in GTA V before we have GTA VI (GTA six). PS: GTA V also wins my award for the finest strippers (beating the African-American strippers in GTA IV and episodes), with Juliet and Cheetah both winning the top award <3. 

GTA Gallery!!

Wishes for the next GTAs

GTA vs. Saints Row

Smashbro8 Saints Row 2 Wallpaper
Saints row wallpaper 3-HD

I am also a humongous Saints Row 2 fan, which was obviously GTA IV's rival. However, there are things in both games that i didn't like. Again, these are my opinions, you do not have to agree with them. 

GTA San Andreas

This is a tough one as some people believe Saints Row 2 is a complete copy of San Andreas. I love both games and am very upset that so many criticize Saints Row so bad for copying GTA that they've gotten to making their games so foolish and cartoony. Anyway, both CJ in San Andreas and the male African American protagonist in Saints Row 2 (using male voice 2) are hands down amazing protagonists and none beat one another (even though I currently play as a badass female in SR2 that's tough to kill ;) ) Stilwater vs San Andreas' cities is also a tough choice because Stilwater is very well designed. Stilwater is unique in its own way, as every district has something interesting about it. For example, Stilwater has a district for pimps, prostitutes, and strip clubs, a district for downtown, a district for factories, a university district, a suburbs district, a hotels and beach district, a high end shopping district etc. However, though San Andreas' cities cannot beat how well planned Stilwater was (as compared to lame and ugly Steelport in the following SR games), the features of these cities and the activities within them can beat Stilwater too. 

  • Accessible Gyms. Players can work out. 
  • A better and more powerful minigun. 
  • More interesting activities though Saints Row 2 also had excellent activites. 
  • Gang Wars are more fun in this game as compared to just getting a Wanted Level in Saints Row 2. 
  • The ability to have several girlfriends as compared to Saints Row 2 where it is impossible to date someone. 
  • Some characters such as Cesar and Catalina are more interesting than some of Saints Row 2's characters. 
  • The ability to dance, play basketball and rob houses, both which would have been awesome to do randomly in Saints Row 2. 
  • Weapons spawn around the world, much like in any other GTA. Weapons must be bought in Saints Row 2. 
  • Bicycles are featured in this game, unlike Saints Row 2. 


  • GTA beats Saints Row 2 obviously in the collisions with the cars. 
  • GTA IV wins with the better radio system. 
  • The cars are more realistic looking. 
  • You can access the Police Computer and take out Street Criminals or violent gangs, as well as Most Wanted criminals, while in Saints Row 2 you cannot. 
  • Strippers actually give you lap dances :D! 
  • Finer strippers (love African American strippers in this game).
  • Taxi Rides are more entertaining. 
  • Cruising with cars in this game are more fun!
  • The Cover System is a fun and stealthy way to attack random people or enemies. 
  • You can travel on Subways while in Saints Row 2, you cannot.
  • Highways are more realistic.
  • Rare vehicles either have a specific spawning point or just spawn much more often than Saints Row 2's rare vehicles. 
  • More realistic looking nights and weather, as compared to Saints Row 2, where it is quite difficult to even notice it is night time (due to the orange left in the sky during night hours)
  • TBoGT's APC beats Saint Row's Bear by far.
  • Some of TBoGT's weapons such as the Automatic Shotgun with its explosive rounds beat Saints Row's weapons. 


Despite being the newest, GTA game, GTA V still can't top Saints Row 2, however it does have some things better than it.

  • Better looking strippers, both GTA IV and GTA V beat Saints Row 2's what they call "strippers" XD. 
  • Players can now fly commercial airliners and fighter jets, both of which aren't in Saints Row 2 (excluding the AB Destroyer that appears in a DLC of the game). 
  • Cruising is better in this game (and GTA IV/TBoGT) than in Saints Row 2. 
  • Players can shoot a Sawn Off Shotgun on a motorcycle or Bus while in Saints Row 2 it is not possible to shoot a shotgun on any bike period. 
  • Bicycles are featured in this game, where they are not present in any Saints Row game. 

Saints Row 2

  • More weapons
  • More melee weapons
  • Different fist fights depending on how your player is made. 
  • More explosives
  • GTA IV did lack the amount of fun activities that existed in the previous GTA games and Saints Row 2 such as Firefighter, Ambulance, Taxi, etc. Other old vehicle missions i wish existed in both games such as Burglar and Trashmaster missions. 
  • Custom made protagonists!!! 
  • Saints Row 2 police are less harsh and scary. In GTA IV and its DLC i like to commit crimes but I am afraid of the cops since they are too smart. I can easily cause lots of mayhem and survive a five star wanted level in Saints Row 2, but I will even die at three stars with ease in GTA IV.
  • In Saints Row 2, you cannot get three stars for shooting/killing a cop, unlike GTA IV. 
  • I cannot get busted in this game unless I am knocked down within an officer's reach. 
  • I keep all weapons if busted. 
  • There are more enterable buildings and places to explore in Saints Row 2 than GTA IV. I can access the airport's interior (and even take planes away from there), the police headquarters, a few hotels, an underground cave, a prison island, a Nuclear Power Plant, a mountain, the university area, suburbs,random building rooftops (good areas to snipe), malls, lighthouse, court, beach various casinos, nightclubs and strip clubs, etc.
  • No four star wanted level for accessing the runway of the game's airport. 
  • Cops are less likely to get pissed off and come after the player in this game than in GTA IV where the slightest thing you do attracts police attention.
  • There is more to do such as assassinate a list of pedestrians, go bananas in the Mayhem activity, finding secret areas, spraying people with a Septic Tank cannon, destroying a bum's territory, mission strongholds, defeating all cops in the police headquarters, vehicle derby, etc.
  • More hidden objects to find such as CDs, spray tagging spots, and secret areas. 
  • Heat Seeking Rocket Launchers! So awesome! 
  • It is more fun to snipe people with in this game. 
  • I do not need Body Armor in the game, for my health regenerates after not being harmed for a few seconds. 
  • It is easier to escape police because wanted levels vanish automatically if refusing to commit any more crimes, instead of escaping a search radius in GTA IV. 
  • More stuff to destroy in this game than in Saints Row 2. I can destroy vending machines, explosive trailers, trees, you name it. 
  • The player can pick up many objects and use them to attack people or enemies. 
  • You can hire ally gang members to help you fight during missions or random gameplay. 
  • No friends call the player constantly, unlike in GTA IV. 
  • It is much easier to collect or earn money in Saints Row 2 than in GTA IV. 
  • You can make your own playlist in the game so that all your favorite songs in the game play on one custom made radio station. 
  • More gangster-like feeling in the game, due to amount of weapons and their abilities, the ability to use drugs, and also building up a gang empire. 
  • Robbing Stores and mugging pedestrians exist. 
  • Car and gang customization!
  • Pedestrians do slightly more activities in this game than in GTA IV. 
  • Stilwater of Saints Row 2 is prettier than Liberty City of GTA IV (day and night cycle). 
  • The player sprints faster in this game than in GTA IV. 
  • Many different unlockables exist in this game such as infinite ammo, infinite sprint, random rare vehicles, etc. 
  • More safehouses
  • Lots of cars in the game can be stored in the game's garage at various safehouses instead of the few two-car residential parking for GTA IV (therefore forcing characters to pick cars to store wisely). 
  • I am also more threating and difficult to defeat (my opinion) in Saints Row 2 than GTA IV. 

As you can see, the list only concerns Saints Row 2. I am not a fan of Saints Row 3 at all, as it is an absolute disappointment and failure. Saints Row IV is fun but is still a disgrace to what Saints Row 1 and 2 were originally based upon. Steelport in those games is the absolute worst city ever featured in a game. There is no detail to it, and nearly ever building is the same dull brown or gray color. It lacks unique buildings on each street, as compared to how Stilwater had named stores and buildings on every street. Steelport also isn't very alive at all. It lacks the operating train system found in Stilwater and it doesn't even have a good highway system. Pedestrians do less than in Saints Row 2, and there are very few vehicles in both games, a lot of which don't even belong in the city. There's also very few buildings to enter and very little things to do in Steelport.

Other Games I Like

Note: I play games from all different types of series. Don't hate if you see me playing Mario and Donkey Kong at this age xD. They're fun in my opinion but just incredibly poor topics to talk out, especially to any beautiful girls xD. 

  • Saints Row 2 - The best sandbox game I've ever played hands down. Saints Row 2 has some aspects that other games failed to have as mentioned above. It's an amazing game and is one of the games I would like to make similar to when I start my career in video game designing. 
  • Saints Row IV - As mentioned above, I don't hate it however it shouldn't be a Saints Row title. It brought down the Saints Row title from a gangster game to a game with super powers, aliens, and now demons and Satan in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Other than that, I love the weapons, super powers. There's no need to drive in this game really because of your super speed and super jump. The Disintegrater is one of the best weapons ever introduced in the game. 
  • Halo 4 - A really fun Halo game. I really enjoyed this game. Despite me not playing many Halo games except Halo 3 and Halo Combat Anniversary (both of which I enjoyed), this game increased my liking of the Halo series. I am certainly looking forward to Halo 5: Guardians. 
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - I haven't played multiplayer in Call of Duty to date, so I cannot judge the flaws of this game. However, the storyline was incredibly amazing. I'm sorry certain characters such as Chloe had to die in some choices (in my choice, I kept her alive). The 6th mission in this game is one of the best missions I ever played. Once you reach the nightclub, why the hell would you wanna go to Harper?! Don't you see all the beautiful women and people turning up?! It's a party! xD
  • The Last of Us - As I stated in one of the recent blog posts, I never knew this game featured infected people who behave like zombies until I bought it. The Last of Us had an amazing storyline and amazing characters. The only thing I can say I hate is the weakness of majority of the weapons and the lack of supplies/ammo around even on easy. This makes creating useful weapons such as Molotovs and Shivs in areas filled with infected people quite difficult. Who wants to be in an area full of Clickers and/or Bloaters with no weapons to use? Near the final part of the game, there is an Underground Tunnel which features every infected type of enemy featured in the game (except Stalkers). Several Runners, Clickers and three Bloaters! Good Lord! I had to look up how to pass that area safely. Anyway, this game also is the first game where I have ever been terrified of video game enemies. I am literally scared of Clickers and Bloaters, mostly because of their one bite (Clickers) / head smash (Bloaters only) kills. Any areas filled with too many Clickers such as the Downtown subway area, the Museum, the Graveyard, the High School, the Sewers, the University and the Underground Tunnel cause my heart to start racing and I begin panicking. I've beaten the game successfully, however, I'm afraid of playing the DLC due to Clickers. I would definitely buy a sequel to the The Last of Us though. 
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - The best Super Smash Bros. game to date. As shown on my talk page, I main Ganondorf, Wario, Dr. Mario, Little Mac, Lucina, Luigi, Bowser, Little Mac, Shulk, Robin, the Male Wii Fit Trainer, Captain Falcon and Zero Suit Samus. You may be wondering how do I main all these characters. Well, I play very simple. Against level 5 and up CPUs or players, I suck. However, I play my battles on 8-Player Smash with 7 CPUS (in most cases against the female Robin, Pikachu, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, the Male Wii Fit Trainer, Yoshi, and Ganondorf), each at level 3 difficulty. If I am playing as one of the characters mentioned above, I will replace their CPU as Fox. Anyway, I then set the Handicap up to 150% damage for each character and Launch Rate at 2.0. I put my battles to feature explosive, battering and shooting items mostly (although other miscellaneous items such as Smash Balls, Containers, Poke Balls, and POW Blocks are also featured) and then I get going. I almost always win, and get an average of 200 KOs. These battles are incredibly fun and in some cases very funny (I think the voices of Little Mac, Captain Falcon and the Male Wii Fit Trainer when they get KOed is funny; yes I need to grow up xD). These battles are also a great way to come home and relax after a long day at work. 
  • Far Cry 3 - I haven't touched this game probably since early last year (2014) or the year before (2013). I had a blast with Far Cry 3. I loved the hunting and shooting system. Some animals, such as Crocodiles, I killed for fun, while others I killed for specific purposes. I also loved collecting Relics, Lost Letters and Memory Chips. The driving system was pretty good. I love how every animal could be killed, including Jellyfish (through a means of secret ways). The quick time events with some animals such as Tigers, Bears, Sharks, and Crocodiles were good ways to fight dangerous animals, and no animal could kill Jason in one bite/hit, unlike how Cougars and Sharks in GTA V could take down the player in one bite, when it is almost always too late before you detect them. Anyway, I am really ready for Far Cry 4. Also, did I mention that Jason's girlfriend is one of the most beautiful video game characters ever created in history? Imagine how much I'd pay to kiss this woman if she was real!! xD Vaas was also one of the best video game antagonists in my opinion. 
  • Battlefield 3 - I only played a little bit of this game but it was enough to push me into wanting the next Battlefield, Battlefield: Hardline. Hardline looks awesome! It's one of my most wanted games this year along with Dying Light, Tom Clancy's: The Division, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, NBA 2K15, Halo: Guardians, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Far Cry 4. Anyway, this game has amazing missions and great shooting. I just hate how the player dies instantly in one stab on the hand, when it is commonly used by enemies. That's why I try to kill enemies before they come too close. 
  • Battlefield 4 - I rented this game so I can't describe too much, however, I enjoyed the gameplay of this game. It had a lot of glitches such as freezing, like fans said in reviews, and the game started off entirely silent until I realized I had to fix something to get it working again. This game, along with Battlefield 3, forced me to look out for Battlefield Hardline. 
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii - This is one of the last Mario games I've played recently, however I enjoyed this game. I am sorry though that Yoshi was not present in many levels and you could not play as Luigi (my favorite Mario character along with Yoshi) unless you had a second player and switched remotes (one of the reasons I'm now glad they made New Super Luigi U). This game was very challenging, especially when it came to Star Coins. If it wasn't for my cousin helping me get some of these Coins, I wouldn't have collected them all to beat the game entirely. Bowser's battle was a nightmare, as it was incredibly difficult. 
  • Mario Kart Wii - This game is good but has nothing on Double Dash!! I loved the items and courses of this game, however. 
  • Mario Kart Double Dash!! - This is one of my many childhood games. I arguably think this is the best Mario Kart game, though I have not played Mario Kart 8 yet. This game was fun and hilarious. I sometimes used to collide into obstacles to have the player on the back dragging on the kart screaming and crying (it was so funny to me). This game had great courses. Among my favorites were Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City, Dino Dino Jungle, Daisy Cruiser  and Peach Beach. Since I was a child when playing this, I did very stupid stuff such as playing around with the Wiggler Bus, or trying to drive between traffic during races in Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City. It's also one of the games I have beaten entirely. 
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns - This is my first Donkey Kong game I ever played and was enough to make me love the series. There's almost nothing I can say I hate about this game, as it wasn't too much of a hard game. That doesn't mean I didn't have to take some risks though! I wouldn't lie, but the Cave levels are among the hardest missions though. 
  • Super Mario Sunshine - This is one of my first games I ever played and among my most loved at that time. I loved this game's gameplay. The only thing I hate were the Secret Area missions, which most of the time were almost impossible due to the lack of having FLUDD. I also hated the boss, Phantamanta which was so difficult to beat. At one point, I was scared of the goop Piranha Plants and Gooper Blooper, but I was young by then so you understand why. I also never beat the game; I made it to the last location, Corona Mountain, but thanks to that stupid mud boat I have to ride which sinks with one crash into the Lava, I never made it to Bowser successfully. 
  • Bully - This is also one of my first few games. Bully was amazing and I always wondered why a sequel to this game was never made. This game plays exactly like a teenage version of GTA except people cannot be killed, which was why it's rated Teen. Bully had great gameplay however some missions were very hard. I also hated the Townies, who used to steal Jimmy's bikes most of the time, and the Prefects/Police. I hated both because they usually ruined my plan's such as picking locks to find cool items such as the Volcano Firework, or shooting people with spuds using the Spud Gun. The Spud Gun, Rubber Band Ball, and Bottle Rocket Gun were among the best weapons used in the game, however, I also liked using Marbles, Fire Crackers, Stink Bombs and Itching Powder. I loved the Bikes, Go Karts and Skateboard. The way you could date/kiss cute girls, go to different locations such as the city and the fair, collect collectables, learn to fight better, unlock better weapons and transportation, etc was awesome. The most fun events to me were starting food fights, shooting spuds at people, and pulling the fire alarm in the dorm and then throwing an unlimited amount of Rubber Band Balls as everybody runs out (I usually tried to knock out as many people as possible). PS: I used to have a crush on Lola (mostly), Christy and Mandy, along with the mermaid at the Freak Show. Lola god dam....<3 xD.  PS: On many occasions, I took several photos of these beautiful girls, especially Lola and the mermaid at the freak show. Also, I'd pay millions to kiss both Christy and Lola if they were real xD. 
  • Driv3r -
    This game is amazing all over (despite the lot of hate about it in many reviews) and is also my first rated M game I ever played (with GTA Vice City being the first Mature game I ever seen). I love all three cities (Miami , Nice and Istanbul ) and the driving and shooting is pretty good (though aiming could be way better, especially during missions). Cruising in this game is really good. I also love the weapons in the game, mostly the Ingram Mac 10, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, Heckler and Koch machine gun, the Pump Shotgun and Uzi. This game has amazing locations and many enterable buildings . I loved the vehicles in this game. However, the only thing I hated about Driv3r is that it glitched pretty often and I was very scared of Timmy Vermicellis, especially when I entered a location and heard their shots, unaware that they were there. 
  • Tony Hawk's Underground - Another one of my first games. Tony Hawk's Underground has an amazing gameplay. You don't want to skate? Hey will run on foot and throw apples or other items at people xD.  Or take a peek at some of those ladies xD. Don't do the last part xD. Anyway, I loved running around skating in free mode trying to perform as many tricks as possible so I could go further. Australia's last mission was incredibly hard and I almost never could get it done. Once I beat it and entered New Orleans, I saved that game so hard xD! Creating skate parks in this game was awesome too! But that bull in Barcelona....When it came out what could you do? *In Marlon Wayons' voice* RUN B*TCH RUN!!!!!! xD
  • Tak the Great Juju Challenge - Most people don't view video games as being funny. However, if you believe that, you haven't played this game. This game has among the funniest storylines ever, though it mostly would more make a child laugh than an adult. Lok is an idiot all over, but using Tak and Lok to get through levels was a masterpiece. I loved the gameplay of this game. As I got older, I still played Tak due to its amazing gameplay. Because I love this one game so much, I have created a wiki on it altogether, however, the wiki still needs work and I have abandoned it for a total of 4 years. I'm planning on making a return though as I'm positive it gets no views xD. PS: It does get no views xD.
  • Spiderman 2 (PS2) - The PS2 version of this game was the game back when I was a child. I loved travelling around Manhatten and Roosevelt Island on webs and enjoyed fighting battles and entering buildings in free mode. It did take me a while before I realized Brooklyn, my birth place, was not featured in-game. xD. One of the many reasons I didn't get far in this game is because I spent too much time playing in free mode. 
  • Crash Bandicoot Racing - This is most likely the first racing game I ever played, or if not, it is Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I loved playing this game. All races were incredibly fun. This game got me into other games such as Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix and the Mario Kart games. 
  • Madagascar - It's pretty obvious this was one of my childhood games. I once had beaten the game completely, but I had lost my memory card, forcing me to start over. This game had really fun missions, except the mission which involved Marty escaping the zoo. I always got caught by cops (I was too scared of them back then), and the only way I got through the zoo the first time was because a friend did it for me xD. 
  • Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix- This game is old and is one of my first racing games. Words cannot describe how much I love this game. I loved how well the locations were detailed, how well planned out some missions were, and the many vehicles to choose from in this game. Cruise mode was fun, but there's nothing like playing in Arcade mode as two players while holding both controllers. Seems impossible, but it's possible. I used to either hold the acceleration button the whole time letting both cars go on their own until they crash (which is when I steer them), race the Zonda against the Chrysler ME Four Twelve (the two fastest cars in the game) or race a cop car without its lights and sirens on while having another cop car chasing after it (like a police chase after a stolen squad car xD). I currently have a lot of cars in my garage and love the Pagani Zonda, Kawasaki Police 1000 and Lamborghini Gallardo the most. I did a lot to unlock that Police 1000 motorbike.....The Police 1000 is a stylish police bike and I'm sorry it didn't take the model of TBoGT/GTA V's Police Bike
  • NBA 2K14 - Believe it or not, this is my first NBA game I ever played, as I was never a person interested in watching or playing sports. However, I really enjoyed playing this game. It's really fun playing even if I lose. I almost always lose matches though, unless I shorten the time of each quarter to one or two minutes and set the difficulty to Rookie. I haven't won no more than 10 battles yet. I mostly play as my hometown's team, the Atlanta Hawks, however, I also have played as the Miami Heat, another team I don't watch but like (I also like the Lakers as well, but I don't play as them often). However, even though I play as my hometown's team, I've rarely succeeded in trying to represent the ATL. Yes I suck that bad! xD. I usually just press a bunch of random buttons when it comes to those unique moves xD. 
  • Dead Island Riptide- Even though I have both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide, I hardly played a lot of them. I remember when this game was one of the few games I wanted so badly the year it came out (that was the year when I decided trying out different series' games such as Battlefield). I like this game, however, in some areas it's just really hard and frustrating. Some zombies I hate with a passion such as Thugs and definitely Suiciders (I am afraid of Suiciders). I hate battling tough zombies with just a melee weapon :(. I need to start back playing so I can get to the guns. However, I still would recommend this game to anyone and am looking forward to Dead Island 2. 
  • Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City - This is one of the few games I beat. I really enjoyed this game. I have to shoutout the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Audi TT, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Lamborghini Gallardo for helping me make it through the game. This game has amazing races and free mode, however, those cops weren't easy. I also loved the cop mode, which made me like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as well. However, neither the two Need for Speeds have nothing on Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and its Remix, making me wonder why Rockstar never thought of continuing the Midnight Club and Bully series. 
  • Watch Dogs - I don't see the hate about this game. It has good graphics, great shooting, many enterable locations, a great and simple wanted level system, a great storyline and amazing skills and hacking abilities. The only thing that sucks is the amount of stealth used in some missions, the driving physics and the reputation, which reveals Aiden to pedestrians via the News often the more civilian/police kills Aiden makes. Chicago was a great location and I think Watch Dogs is the first game to feature Chicago in a game. Pawnee was also very beautiful. Anyway, I loved to shoot at gangsters. Battles with gangsters with all those great weapons was a blast. The mission where Iraq must be killed was a great mission. I enjoyed shooting enemies in this mission. I also loved the City Hotspots. The characters and antagonists were great in this game. I'm sorry Clara had to die however. The Digital Trips are extremely fun, especially Spider Tank and MadnessAlone is fun too. 
  • Battlefield Hardline - Renting this game was the best idea ever. Awesome doesn't describe this game. F*cking awesome doesn't describe this game. EVEN MAGNIFICENT DOESN'T DESCRIBE THIS GAME!!! Battlefield Hardline has incredible graphics even on the PS3. Everything looks beautiful in this game. I totally enjoy playing as a cop. I love the arrest takedowns, evidence collecting, scanning, shooting, and even driving. All weapons are badass, especially the rifles, shotguns, SMGs and pistols/revolvers. All characters are good and Nick is an awesome protagonist. I definitely cannot wait to try the multiplayer. This game is worth buying for me. One last thing I need though......a relationship with Khai <3 <3 xD. 


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