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I Contribute editing the empty pages and the wrong information but mostly i dedicated to take detailled and good quality pictures GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City. See My Portfolio [1]



GTA III was the first 3d world action game, it's the key of the GTA games because was a revolution in games and from there many companies made games like GTA III some where god but not like GTA III. This GTA wasn't my first gta game actually my first game was Vice City.

  • GTA Vice City

Vice City was my first 3d world action and gta game that i have. Vice city it's an excelent game for the realese of the time has great radio stations, has great atmosphere and my first look of the game was awesome, set on miami in the 80's that's simple great.

  • GTA San Andreas

San Andreas is one of my favorites games. It's so completely well done and it has great cities, great and big map and areas, and has so many CHOICES on what to do, so that it's what make it so great and special. The idea of the gang wars in the 90's and family forever and cleaning the hood was an excelent idea rockstar make it real and interesting.

  • GTA IV

This game it can be described. GTA IV It's a HUGE game probabily the best game in the past ten 10 years, Truely i'm proud of rockstar for made a such completely game, with so many Details and so many options. Why i say that it's the best? just beacause the excelent idea of dude coming from a war in serbia to Liberty City and make the "American Dream" it's perfect. Niko is full of emotions and revenge that you want him to win, "for me this the best game of the year".

Note: I have GTA Liberty City and GTA Vice City Stories but i don't want to make a review because i don't remmeber to much of them.
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