aka The Gaming Mack V

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Digital artist.
  • I am Male

My Most Random GTA V experience

When I was playing GTA V, I was playing around with the Slidey Cars cheat code. The fun thing about this cheat was that it made any land vehicle accelerate faster than normal. And of course, makes it slide around on the ground a bit. Anyways, I was in this big truck going really fast down the highway, until this random event occurred. Some dude stole this lady's car. So since I was going so fast, why not just ram him as hard as I could? I expected the vehicle to explode, not giving a shit about this car, but no. I rammed it so fucking hard, that it started floating slowly into the air. Next thing I know, it does a backflip, BLASTING into the air SO high! It lands perfectly on the ground. This "Random Event" was too literal. Way too literal. I didn't know how to react. Either laugh, or make my biggest "What the fuck!?!?" facial expression.

Further Details

The start of this glitch seemed to look like and act like the floating cars cheat from GTA San Andreas. Until two seconds later, it was performing a fast backflip while blasting straight up into the air, a couple hundred feet. Then as it was still in the air, it did a couple of insane flips and twists and turns, until felling back down to the ground.

Prologue-Like moment in GTA Online

This moment happened during the mission "The Los Santos Connection" in Grand Theft Auto Online. I play this mission once a day because is pays well. $22,400, pretty good payoff. The objective i was doing was going to the airport, now the way i do this part of the mission is: I enter the airport from the left entrance, where Devin Weston's hangar is. Now there is a Shamal sitting at the end of the runway, i destroy it before i arrive at the hanger. Now i shoot all of the enemies, and take whatever cash is in the green crates. As i was getting the coke, a big swarm of enemies just approach from nowhere. This normally isn't supposed to happen (this is why it relates to Prologue), it felt as the plan didn't go as planned. Too many enemies have approached, i killed a many as i could, i was near death, i quickly grabbed a Buzzard, and flew out of there as they were chasing me down the runway.

Ten Car Garage Elevator Glitch

I am experiencing a glitch with the ten car garage elevator. I have a feeling I am the only one experiencing this glitch.

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