"When you're stuck in a foreign country and you don't not know the words for reverse charges, and you're in some lonely skin joint in the middle of some poor slum having just had every last cent robbed from you, and you call yourself a "bodyguard", then you know that you're a loser."
―Max Payne.
Ilan K
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My name is Ilan, better known as Raziel or Raz nowadays; I was an editor here since July 2011, then became a Patroller a month later, before becoming an Administrator around April 2012 and eventually a Bureaucrat, a position I held until leaving in early 2015. I am currently a Bureaucrat on the Red Dead Wiki, and formerly an Administrator of the Max Payne Wiki and a Patroller on the L.A. Noire Wiki. I also used to be a Bureaucrat on the Uncharted Wiki.

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