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* Complete the list of Rockstar/users-created jobs (see [[Content Creator]] or the Rockstar Games Social Club for a list, or ask [[User:Smurfynz|him]])
* Complete the list of Rockstar/users-created jobs (see [[Content Creator]] or the Rockstar Games Social Club for a list, or ask [[User:Smurfynz|him]])
* Expand [[:Category:Stubs|Stubs]] and ''Under Construction'' pages.
* Expand [[:Category:Stubs|Stubs]] and ''Under Construction'' pages.
* Fix red links (put <nowiki>[[File:</nowiki> instead of <nowiki>[[Video:</nowiki>, a current error here).
* Fix red links (put <nowiki>[[File:</nowiki> instead of <nowiki>[[File:</nowiki>, a current error here).
* Remove non-trivial facts
* Remove non-trivial facts
* Anything you want to do (if allowed only).
* Anything you want to do (if allowed only).

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ULP Contect-GTAIV-Artwork
Patroller I am a Patroller on this wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.

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"With my life. He and us are not so different... We are all soldiers, without an army. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. In Vorkuta, we are ALL brothers..."
Viktor Reznov

Hi guys !

About myself...

Currently waiting to get GTA V on PC

Hi, I am a French GTA gamer, I also play other VGs but the GTA Series are the main games I play. My first GTA was San Andreas, I played it when I was 9, and immediately loved it (still playing it today). I also own GTA IV and its episodes and GTA V (and Online). My other games include a few Call of Duty and Battlefield episodes, Watch Dogs, Warcraft III, L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption, and a couple of Nintendo games. My game platforms include the GameCube, the Xbox 360 and the PC. For Christmas, I'm planning to get a $1,000 laptop and I hope it will be powerful enough to run the upcoming GTA V PC Edition. I've been using the GTA Wiki for at least one year (the first Wiki I discovered was the CoD Wiki), but I never contributed, only gathered info for myself. And in August 2014 I finally decided to create an account and contribute on this (amazing) wiki.
I am able to speak and understand Flag of FranceFrench (obviously), Flag of the United KingdomFlag of the United StatesEnglish, Flag of SpainSpanish and 20pxGerman.

Few facts about me

My first video game other than Nintendo was Modern Warfare 2, which I first played when I was 9 and loved(on console) Warcraft III, a RTS game I discovered when I was around 6 years old thanks to a friend of my brother's, which I loved and still play it today. My brother then made me play San Andreas and GTA IV. That was where my "hobby" was born.

My job

I can deal with issues such as warning users, revert edits, attempt to resolve conflicts between users and a couple of other things, however this is as far as I can go (if you have trouble with a very troublesome user, you'd rather go to an admin or bureaucrat). And if you want to add decorations to your user page such as userboxes, infoboxes or other stuff and you don't know how to, I can do that. I can also archive talk pages if you need it. If you need help in editing, leave me a message, as I usually know how to add any template that you might don't know how or fix source code issues, and other stuff.
Wanna fix this huge Wikia bar? Leave me a message.

Promotion board

Badge Rank When
Patroller Patroller October 3rd, 2014
Administrator Admin/Sysop UNLIKELY
Bureaucrat Bureaucrat What do you think? NEVER LOL

To-Do list

Need some work ? Here are things you can do to help us.

  • Trivia split on pages concerning at least two GTA games (add sub-sections "General" and one per game, see here for example)
  • Cleanup (improve spelling, fix grammar/syntax issues, improve article organisation (sections, etc.). If you feel a page needs some cleanup, feel free to add a {{Cleanup}} template, and a volunteer will take care of it.
  • Complete the list of Rockstar/users-created jobs (see Content Creator or the Rockstar Games Social Club for a list, or ask him)
  • Expand Stubs and Under Construction pages.
  • Fix red links (put [[File: instead of [[File:, a current error here).
  • Remove non-trivial facts
  • Anything you want to do (if allowed only).


  • Red links
  • Nontrivial facts
  • Poorly written content
  • Policy violations
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II (COME AT ME TROLLS)

My projects


R* Collection : L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption

RainingPain17 aka Nono
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"Sniping your enemy is like hunting any other animal. Fire at the wrong moment, and your chance will be forever lost."
"I did that. By.My.Self. 'The fuck you did ever do ?"
Watch Dogs
"EXPLOSIVES ? What the fuck ?"
Niko Bellic
"Now it'll open up for you like a lady's...Uh, nevermind."
Watch Dogs #2
"Do you like my glowing green balls ?"
Black Ops
"No we. No one tells me what to do. I've got everything I need from you—now the power is mine and mine alone. Now there is only I. I am the Lich King. And I am ready."
Arthas: "Damn it, Uther! As your future king, I order you to purge this city!"
Uther: "You are not my king yet, boy. Nor would I obey that command even if you were!"
Arthas: "Then I must consider this as an act of treason."
Warcraft #2
"Brave comrades of Vorkuta, the time has come to rise against our oppressors! Today we show the hearts of true Russians! We have all given our blood for the motherland. We have answered her calls without question. We gave our youth, our hearts, our very souls for her protection ... as brothers, we fought side by side against the German fascists. We crawled trough dirt and blood and sand to achieve our glorious victory ... Not for medals, or glory, but for what was right. We fought for revenge ... And when Berlin fell, how did our leaders repay us? We returned not to rapturous welcome ... but to suspicion and persecution. In the eyes of our leaders we were already tainted by the capitalist West. Torn from the arms of our loved ones, we found ourselves here... this place... this, this terrible place. Here we have languished, with no hope for release... No hope for justice. We have toiled in Dragovich's mines until the flesh peeled from our bones... We have watched our comrades succumb to sickness and disease... We have been starved. We have been beaten. But we will not be broken! Today, we will send a message to our corrupt and arrogant leaders. Today, my comrades... Vorkuta... BURNS!!!"

Music top from GTA


  1. A Horse With No Name
  2. Green River
  3. Hold the Line

Los Santos Rock Radio

  1. Rain
  2. Big Log
  3. Radio Ga Ga
  4. All the Things She Said
  5. Higher Love

My GTA Ratings

San Andreas


DAMN SO MUCH FUN. Love the storyline, the characters, the map, and activities. CHEATS BRINGS ALL FUN. FANCY GRAPHICS...or not (1998's OoT on N64 > 2004's GTA SA on PS2)


7.5/10 DAMN FANCY GRAPHICS. Love the storyline and the characters. DAMN I GET BORED ONCE IT'S ALL OVER. Use imagination once it is all over and you can play it for one or two years after.

EFLC : 6.5/10



UNLESS I'M CONVINCED, IT'S NOT THAT FUN !! Nonsensical storyline, characters....uninteresting. NO FREEDOM AT ALL : one gunshot then....PAW, one hundred officers to slaughter you with shotguns. AFTER STORY : NOTHING ! Poor Strangers & Freaks missions....In two words : LOW INTEREST. GTA Online ? Between 2/10 and 7/10.

Detailed Opinion

San Andreas

As I wrote above, I know the game since I'm 8. What I love is of course gameplay with cheats, which can just make the game hilarious. I also loved the storyline, unfortunately there was no replay missions ability, so I had to save my 7 favorite missions (The Da Nang Thang, Stowaway, Black Project, Breaking the Bank at Caligula's, Vertical Bird, Up, Up, and Away! and End of the Line) in different slots. Other good stuff include the huge map (three cities, desert, countryside, like it or not) and the vehicles (my lovely Hydra). What I hated is the game physics and the graphics.


I was amazed when I saw the physics and the graphics. I remembered the gruesome San Andreas graphics and physics, so when I saw that, I was...OMG. I also loved the storyline, but I did not liked the missions as much as I did in San Andreas. The character, NB, is also a good guy. I also liked the map. However, what angered me the most was the lack of funny cheats, and also the lack of funny vehicles (Tanks, aircraft ??). It was hard to have fun on the game after completing the storyline, but thankfully I'm a creative person, so I did a lot of things that amused me.

Episodes from Liberty City

Having lost my copy of GTA IV, I found a copy of EFLC in a store and it didn't required the original game. So I bought it. The Ballad of Gay Tony was my favorite, I liked the character and the storyline a bit, but what I liked a lot was the APC, the Annihilator with explosive miniguns and the Buzzard. However, I did not like The Lost and Damned which had less content, and the storyline wasn't really interesting, though I liked Johnny K. a bit.


Big disappointment for me. I was expecting this game for more than one year, having pre-ordered it in September 2012 as it was planned to be released in March 2013. I received the game one day before the game's official release because I pre-ordered it. I loved the trailers, and the only thing I could think about was playing a HD San Andreas. Mistake. When I played with the three characters, I only loved one : Michael, though his family was cliché as f*ck : two whores as a wife and daughter, and a jerkoff as a son. I like Trevor quite well, though I did not like his constant need of insulting everybody. Franklin is my less favorite character, he has nothing interesting and is also cliché (gangsta nigga gimme a break), plus his voice actor is pretty bad. The storyline was catastrophic, though some missions were not that bad. I also liked the map, but out of LS there is not much stuff to do. No need to mention the horrible police system and the lack of cheats which went back to the combination system instead of the very simple phone system GTA IV had. I can however say the game has very good graphics (different from the "darker" style GTA IV had), physics are also good (not the car physics however), I'm very glad that military jets and a 747 came back, there is a large variety of vehicles and weapons, and the light effects are very good. GTA Online also disappointed me. Servers are filled with kids and idiots who always want to kill you without reason. The missions also glitch as f*ck (guy one-shooting you with a pistol, and so much glitches I can't remember these all). The character customization system is also ridiculous. Well I'm still playing GTA V because I prefer to play it rather than TBoGT.

My best...

GTA Game

Definitely San Andreas. Not need to mention why, I already did it in my San Andreas game review.

GTA Protagonist

My boy Niko Bellic. At first my favorite was Carl Johnson, however Niko's character background and personality makes him a much more interesting character than Carl himself.

GTA funniest character

The Truth. Memorable quotes from Are You Going To San Fierro? and Wear Flowers In Your Hair.

GTA car

San Andreas Turismo. I remember how awesome it was to drive that baby Ferrari F40 in the Las Venturas streets. I always thought it was the best car in the game....but it turns out the Infernus is better (but I don't like its design!).

GTA aircraft

The Hydra. Well, taking off as a chopper, firing a entire load of missiles on the highway and get a four star wanted level to engage in a combat with other Hydras....So good.
P-996 Lazer. Good top speed, and a deadly explosive minigun (very practical on the highway).

GTA helicopter

The Hunter. It that a surprise to love a vehicle with auto-lock machine gun and missiles ?

GTA law enforcement vehicle

APC. Light, easily maneuverable, light and deadly cannon...Fuck da Rhino.

GTA mission

Black Project. Isn't that a dream to breach in Area 51 to steal a top-secret Jetpack for a hippie dude ?

My worst...

GTA Game

GTA V....Well, I do not hate it, but I played only three GTA major games: GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and GTA V, and it turns out that it was GTA IV that I liked the less.

GTA Protagonist

Franklin Clinton. A sort of "Zombie CJ". Don't like the voice performance, but especially his QUOTES!! Franklin's quote = nigga + bitch + random insults + attempt to be funny (while it is ridiculous). Sounds like more a joke to me than a protagonist.

GTA worst character

Devin Weston. Memorable quotes from....No nothing memorable, just a random rich dude who gives not-so-interesting missions, and especially annoying.

GTA car

Alpha (GTA San Andreas). Meant to be a sports car but cannot drive on a mile without crashing into a tree due to horrible handling.

GTA aircraft

The Duster. Is there a reason to create an uncontrollable and slow aircraft in a game ?

GTA helicopter

The Cargobob (GTA San Andreas). Rare, slow, useless, can seat two persons...No.

GTA law enforcement vehicle

LSPD Police Car (GTA San Andreas). Slow and hard to handle correctly. Wonder if the LAPD used to use such vehicles in the 90s.

GTA mission

Toreno's Last Flight. Took me so attempts to get past this mission....Wanted levels, helicopter crashing RIGHT IN FRONT of you....


Who I like

CJ, Niko, Tenpenny, Mike Toreno, Sweet, Big Smoke, Ryder, ULPC, Luis, Trevor

Who I hate

Franklin, Johnny K. (in GTA V), Lamar, GTA V "antagonists", Tracey, Jimmy, Amanda

Pages I've created

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