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  • I live in Planet Earth
  • I was born on April 24
  • I am Male

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Profile!


I am

Myth hunter (aka AB, Myth, Hunter) and I really like GTA games. I own the first Grand Theft Auto, GTA 2, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. You can also find me  regularly on GTA-Myths Wiki(I am an admin there),Bully fanon wiki,Bully Wiki(I am a rollback there). If you want to ask me something, ask me on my Talk Page. If you need any advice for missions in GTA SA, I can help you.

NOTE: This my user page and you can not edit it without my permission. If you spot any grammatical error or mistake then edit my user page but inform me about each edit. You don't need permission to edit the trivia section of my profile though.


  • AwesomeBoy:He is really awesome and is my best friend on wikia. He does not edit much here. I know him from GTA Myths wiki and we both work as admins there.
  • LS11sVaultBoy:He is a bureaucrat here and is a good friend. I also know him from GTA Myths wiki.
  • SmashBro8:He along with Andre are one of my first friends on GTA Wiki. He is a great editer. He is a Bureaucrat.
  • AndreEagle(AKA Ande):One of my first friends on GTA Wiki. He is also an admin.
  • MonkeyPolice:He is an expert of cars and my "engine teacher". I hope he gets well soon.
  • SJWalker:He is good editor and admin.
  • Matthew:Another good friend from Myths wiki.
  • DocVinewood:A good editor and admin.
  • MarcusCheeKJ:A very good patroller and a nice friend.
  • Guy - Monk's Younger brother. He is a good friend of mine, just like Monk.
  • Leo
  • Flares :P

My favourite GTA Protagonists(Best Worst)

This is list of GTA Protagonist from best to worst

  1. Carl Johnson
  2. Tommy Vercetti/Niko Bellic
  3. Trevor Philips
  4. Franklin Clinton
  5. Michael De Santa

Favourite GTA games(Best to worst)

  • GTA San Andreas(9.8/10)
  • GTA Vice City(9.1/10
  • GTA IV(9/10)


GTA San Andreas

It is the best GTA ever. It had the best shooting mechanics, the protagonist was good, it had planes, it had a huge map to explore, the countryside and desert was awesome, it introduced swimming and the casinos were nice. It had Los Santos- One of my favorite cites.

GTA Vice City

Surely a very good game but it missed some things that were introduced in San Andreas like it didn't feature swimming and didn't had gym moves. It had a nice protagonist and the city was cool.



Still enjoyable but not that good. It introduced the cover system which was useful in some missions. But in free roam it couldn't always be useful. Some times Niko will take cover behind objects that will have him completely vulnerable to bullets and eight shots of shotgun can kill a fully armored Niko. The new rendition of Liberty City was not bad at all. Diving was not featured in this game. Missions were good but not as good as GTA SA. It was just technically superior but didn't had the fun of GTA SA and GTA VC. But still it is a great game.

Vehicles I own

GTA San Andreas

  • Infernus
  • Turismo
  • Cheetah
  • Comet
  • ZR-350
  • Bullet
  • NRG-500
  • Feltzer
  • Ceasar's Savana
  • Baffalo
  • Banshee
  • Hydra
  • Hunter
  • Super GT
  • Hot Knife


  • Infernus
  • Turismo
  • Huntley Sport
  • PCG-600
  • NRG-900
  • Comet
  • Banshee
  • Freeway
  • FIB Buffalo
  • Sabre GT
  • Feltzer
  • Coquette

GTA Vice City

  • Sentine
  • Rancher
  • Cheetah
  • Comet
  • Infernus
  • Phoenix
  • Sabre Turbo
  • BF Injection
  • Sanchez
  • Freeway
  • PCJ 600

Trivia (anyone can edit)

It is trivia about me. Anyone can add trivia about me here.

  • Myth hunter is a vegeterian.

  • He loves studying science and mathematics.
  • He has a degree in animal welfare.(Lie)
  • This user is waiting for someone to add trivia about him and has the smallest trivia section in the whole GTA Wiki.
  • This user is being taught mechanics everyday by Monk, and Monk is surprised to see Myth understanding rather complex parts of the topic.(Added by Monk)
  • This user sometimes think he is stupid and brainless.
  • This user gave Andre the name "Ande". It got invented when Myth accidently forgot to put the "r". But in hindi ande means "egg". Since then Myth has started calling him ande.
  • This user has invented 3 new words -
    • Assholishness - The state of being an asshole
    • Yorkshirian - The special kind of english spoken by the people of yorkshire (like Tom, Guy and Monk)
    • Amn't - Short form of "am not"
  • Myth hunter is known for doing stupid and funny spelling mistakes. Some of his prominent miskakes are
    • In his maths exam, he wrote "Whore" instead of "Whole"
    • When he was in Class 6 he wrote "cheatings" instead of "teachings" in his SSt exam.


CarlJohnson-Artwork This user thinks Carl Johnson is the best protagonist
Minigun-GTASA-icon This user thinks that the Minigun is the best weapon in GTA.
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GrandTheftAuto-Logo This user thinks GTA is the best series of games ever

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