"So I like this girl but she's ignoring me. I think she's playing hard to get because she got a restraining order Idk. We hang out a lot, well I hang in her tree and watch her undress through her window. Once she caught me peeking and called the police. I shot a few policemen and so it was really awkward when I saw her in school. Also she's in grade 3 and I'm in grade 10 so it's a bit awkward. But please tell me what to do! "
―Some cheeky scrub on Youtube
"Those who dance are considered insane by those who don't hear the music"
George Carlin
"The fishmarket smells fishy?"
Niko Bellic

Hello! My name is MrMortsnarg and this is my profile! I'm an enormous fan of the GTA games. I hope to become a filmmaker as a professional career, and create content inspired by the games I have an immeasurable amount of fun in. Please enjoy this wiki and my profile!

My Favorite GTA items

  • Favorite GTA game: My favorite game in the series would be The Ballad of Gay Tony and in for a second choice, Grand Theft Auto V. My reason for having TBOGT as my favorite game is because (among other things) of the atmosphere and tone of Liberty City in it. I felt that in Grand Theft Auto IV, there was always this kind of emptiness and smallness to the world even if it wasn't really there. It did what it wanted to do which is illustrate what it's like to live in the worst city in America but it did it in a way that made you always feel like you're at the bottom of the food chain even when you've gotten a penthouse in Algonquin and 500,000+ dollars, it just didn't feel like what the game wanted me to feel like. In TBOGT it had a certain open-ness to it that brought it to a feeling that was even more than what GTA IV had hoped to accomplish. Another reason TBOGT is a good game in my opinion is because of the the theme. The theme of trying to keep your friends close when the enemies are coming in closer is an interesting one and a theme I can't recall being in another GTA game.
  • Favorite GTA protagonist: While I like TBOGT more than GTA IV I still like Niko Bellic more than Luis Lopez. Niko has an excellent blend of remorse, guilt and even insanity that works well for a playable character in a GTA game.
  • Favorite radio station: K-DST. K-DST had some of the best tunes that the GTA games had to offer with Free Bird, Young Turks and Running Down a Dream as highlights.
  • Favorite missions: Black Project from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Three Leaf Clover from GTA IV. Black Project managed to have several different types of great things and made it all work in balance. There's action, mystery and even humor in the background and context of the mission and coincidentally those three things are what would describe GTA: San Andreas as a game. In the case of Three Leaf Clover there's just level of fun that's to be had. The payout in the case of both missions is excellent and brings a lasting effect to both of them in the game-world and in with Three Leaf Clove the events are mentioned in almost all of the following games to come.
  • Favorite vehicles
    • Favorite cars: Picador, Warrener and Tampa. I'm a fan of classic cars and these are some of the best in my opinion. The Picador is reasonably fast and has good handling and looks pristine. The Warrener is a well designed 4-door drift-car that has some of the fastest speeds of any of the sedans in the series. The Tampa can easily be mistaken for a Sabre Turbo but once get up to driving it you'll realize otherwise and be dodging cops all the way from the bank.
    • Favorite boats: The Speeder and the Marquis. The Speeder is an excellent boat for making a quick getaway and has that 1960's design that I'm always a sucker for. The Marquis while being painfully slow and more keen towards a tropical getaway is still a beautiful boat and is good for venturing out on the open sea.
    • Favorite helicopters: Swift and Cargobob. The Swift is a great helicopter for a parachute jump or for getting somewhere quick and landing with precision, due to its wheels that detract and retract similar to a planes landing gear. The Cargobob is the funnest vehicle in all the GTA series because of the ability to lift cars and boats off of the ground or out of the water and it's large carrying capacity which makes it an ideal crew helicopter for GTA Online.
    • Favorite planes: The Skimmer/ Dodo Seaplane and the Besra. The Skimmer was the best plane in GTA: San Andreas in my opinion. I could land in the water of the San Fierro Bay without destroying my plane and it looked fantastic when I put the camera in cinematic mode. The Besra is always fun as it's the fastest vehicle in all of the GTA games and looks damn fine with the Flight Suit equipped and flying above the desert at high noon.

      The Dodo Seaplane in it's lowest resolution yet. You may also notice the smoke coming out of the front, I had some trouble getting it to where I wanted it.

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  • Watch Michael Mann's Heat (done!) This movie was honestly pretty damn emotional, and made me appreciate crime noir, GTA, and film as an art-form so much more. If you got the time, I'd highly recomend it.
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  • Ralph Sepe Jr. - A rad filmmaker and reviewer who will makes some of the best films I've seen made on the internet
  • YMS - Hilarious movie reviewer and musician
  • Red Letter Media - Another movie review channel, except they're bigger than the former and latter

GTA Folks

General thoughts on the GTA Games and DLC's I have played


This game is OK as wine, from what I've played of it. I can see why people say that it's the best game in the series, it was the first of its kind and can be very good in an innovation and nostalgic sense. That's great and all, but I played after playing GTA IV and GTA V, so the innovation part of it lost me. The game had neither of those effects on me, so it just seemed like a lesser version of the GTA's I have played. It's alright and I'll give credit for being the first game of its kind, but it's still pretty ghetto in the gameplay, graphics, music, story, etc.

GTA: Vice City B-

This is actually the first GTA game I played as well as the first "violent" video game I played. I remember playing it back in 2008 when I was just in 2nd grade. It was so much fun to me, to be able to roam around the map without an invisible barrier. It was then that I gained an interest in the open world genre of games. I don't remember very much about the game itself, but what I do remember is that it was a hell of a lot of fun and it was amazing to be able to cruise down the Vice Beach. It's score is mostly nostalgia based.

GTA: San Andreas B+

I didn't play this game the years after came out, unlike most fans of it. It wasn't until 2014 when I got the chance to play it when I put it on my laptop. My first experience wasn't what I expected it to be on PC, this was because the controls were terrible on it and I could barely play it properly. I was really disappointed and I didn't play it for several months. Then some kid at school said that was selling his PS2 to make room for his PS3. He said that one of the games he was selling was San Andreas and I immediately jumped on the deal. I played all the way through the game up until on of the Zero missions, where I rage-quat. This was right around the time when Rockstar released San Andreas for the Xbox for 4 dollars and that time, I played through it all the way. I had an amazing time playing it and I intend to do so again. The characters, map, weapons, vehicles and music were all perfect in immersing me in the State of San Andreas.


I like GTA IV a lot more than other gamers or even fans of the series do. It has a nostalgic element to me and I remember those memories of sitting in my cozy chair and drive around Hove Beach, listening to 1972 by the Smashing Pumpkins. Or after constantly failing the mission, managing to succeed and get Little Jacob home and pick up a terrified Roman a mission later. The excellent memories of this game are near-infinite. It's a game that goes close to heart to me and the New York City-esque landscape of Liberty City is, and always will be, one of the greatest cities in any work of fiction. Now you may be wondering why I gave it a B+ instead of the A+ I've been hyping it up to be. The reason is because the story and the gameplay mechanics are mostly horrible. The story, while having a good moral, is overused and boring that can be seen from a mile away while taking itself way too seriously. The gameplay mechanics don't help with the shooting and driving being very slow and uncomfortable. In conclusion, I think the map, music, characters and nostalgia are excellent while the story and the gameplay, are not.

The Lost and Damned  B

Everything regarding motorbikes in GTA IV has been improved. The problem with this is that there was very little actually about motorbikes in GTA IV to begin with. Johnny Klebitz is interesting enough as a protagonist and he walks the line of being threating and likable pretty well. The side characters are pretty cool too, but they aren't as memorable as the ones featured in GTA IV. Motorbike physics have thankfully been fixed and made actually drivable, as it would be a bit of a problem if that sensitive kind of thing was kept. The filter that they added was really horrible and while immersing you somewhat in the game, it made everything look ugly. My final verdict is that it's alright. 

The Ballad of Gay Tony A

You already know what I think about this if you read my "favorite" list. Not much has changed. 


My god, what a game. It's very rare when you find a game that you can play over and over again for a SUPER long time. The car mechanics have been tweaked so that they don't handle like complete shit like they did in GTA IV, having less weight and having more of an arcade style feel to them (as well as the cars and vehicles themselves having more variety.) The on-foot handling has been improved so that you have the feeling of truly, going anywhere (instead of having a more linear way of walking in line like Niko in GTA IV) The sheer mission variety also brings GTA V into a realm entirely different from the kind of thing that was going in in GTA IV, by having insane and totally unrealistic style to them that made you WANT to play them. There is downsides though, the missions may be fun but the story itself is pretty damn boring. The first act is pretty interesting and all is going pretty good until Trevor actually comes to Los Santos, then it gets extremely stupid and nothing seems to have a point. It picks up briefly in the last third with all the revelations about Brad and Michael and Dave. Franklin seems to be overlooked in the terms of the main story and he did literally nothing to the plot until the last mission, despite being what most would call the "main character". The Radio Stations in the original release have about 10 out 150 songs that I actually give a flying shit about while the next gen release has an upgrade of about 15. Beautiful. Despite me ripping a lot on this, I did enjoy it and it's my second favorite game in the series and my 4th favorite of all time.

GTA Online B-

It's pretty good! The base game (as of the time I'm writing this) shares the same map with GTA V. The game modes are pretty fun, though virtually NO ONE plays Capture. The "2x$$$$$$RP" deathmatches and captures are shit, and there's no filter so you can join some shitty deathmatch/capture 10+ times, even if you didn't want to. Missions are alright, and are pretty average, with my favorite being The Los Santos Connection, because of its diversity. Now, onto the updates added...

Beach Bum Update C+

This update was the first content pack for GTA V and was pretty good for being the first of its kind. A lot of people rip on this one for having weak weapons, and while I can agree with that, they were unique weapons and I still use them regularly. The vehicles were also pretty fun with the Paradise being good for a van, the Kalahari being the black sheep of the three, but still having a cool design, and the Bifta being my favorite for its handling, vintage look and modifications. I also use the Surfer haircut for my character and it really gives it my own look. I didn't play the jobs or get the tattoos so I can't say much on that.

Holiday Gifts D+

God, this was bad. The only positive was the snow, and even THAT was cut short. No new vehicles, no new weapons and minimal clothing that kinda sucked in my opinion. The worst part about this update was that it was the last "DLC" for a month and a half. I hope this never gets repeated.

Valentine's Day Massacre Special B+

What an improvement over the latter. By the basic format of the DLC, I would hate this. One car that's WAY too overpriced, one weapon with average damage and only a few pieces of clothing and a new action. The thing that makes me genuinely enjoy the DLC though, is the theme. I love vintage cars, no matter how many there are, so the Roosevelt was excellent. I like a lot of weapons for their novelty, so the Gusenberg Sweeper had a great feel to me. I often dress my character up to famous characters from Pop Culture and Real-Life so the Mobster clothing options were great. It was an excellent DLC to start off 2014 and something I hope becomes an annual thing.

The Business Update B

Taking Care of Business! This DLC caught me offguard. I figured that after the Valentines Day Massacre Special, there wouldn't be enough time both for Rockstar to make and the public to genuinely want another DLC. Overall, it was alright. The two weapons were alright, with a Heavy Pistol making a good substitute for the Pistol .50 that I (along with many other fans) couldn't get, and the Special Carbine being excellent as a pair to a regular Carbine. The three vehicles are good, with two of them being brought back in a new form and the Alpha being brand-new (though I wish it was a luxury sedan, with its longer body). The new clothing was pretty cool and had some of the best clothing in the GTA Series of a whole in my opinion. An example and model of the kind of "typical" DLC that should be released.

Capture Creator N/A

I don't consider this a proper DLC. You may be wondering why I left the original Capture Update out and the Creator, I don't consider these updates. Those and this have very little that constitutes it as a proper GTA V DLC. The creator is just OK to me, I rarely use it anymore. I don't hate it, I just don't think anything of it.

The High Life Update F

Misleading, poorly executed and released at the worst possible time: Welcome to the High Life. Let me start on the misleading part, they promised a hell of a lot more about apartments than was given. I'll give them credit and say that me (along with the rest of the community) thought that there was going to be new apartments in new locations, with new, customizable interiors. There was NOTHING but new interiors that cost $100,000 dollars more than the other ones. The new weapon was boring. It has no originality to it as its name borrows from the Bullpup Shotgun, it's design borrows from the Advanced Rifle and its status as a DLC weapon as well as its assets, are borrowed from the Special Carbine. The clothing is cheesy with the sharp, black suit being the only one I actually wear. Despite the artwork that shows a woman, I hear that there wasn't any clothing for the female protagonist. Out-fucking-standing. The only positive to any of the DLC was the vehicles, in which the Huntley S and Zentorno were actually bearable. A horrible update in the overall selection of updates. DomisLive (and his banned channel) along with iCrazyTeddy can go eat big one when they say that "this was the bestest of all of them, because of the Zentorno and all the content we could release videos (that are just lining their pockets with the stupid ads) on."

I'm Not a Hipster Update B+

Much like the Valentines Day Massacre Update, this took a pile of shit that was the "recent DLC" and brought it back up to a damn fine standard. I love cars, there was seven of them. I like clothing and making my character look like a famous figure in pop culture, there was a hundred something new t-shirts, suits, tank tops, jeans, canvas shoes, dresses, off-shoulder T's and glasses available for both men and women. I like classic weapons, there was a pirate dagger and an early to mid 1900's style pistol. The reason I won't give it a perfect "A" is because of the time it took them to make it (but Rome wasn't built in a day so...) and the lack of a "special vehicle" like a boat, plane or even bike. Come on, it's hipsters. They're the biggest consumers and riders of bikes in the world and they couldn't even put one in there? Whatever, it's a good DLC and I'll be enjoying the benefits that it gave us for years to come.

Independence Day Special B+

Two DLC's in two weeks, Jesus! The best part about this was that they didn't suck! Everything about this update (as far as what's in it) was out of the norm. A monster truck, defunct police bike, musket and firework launcher. Man o' man did it deliver as far as vehicles and weapons. The clothing was OK but it gave me that patriotic vibe that you gotta appreciate. One of my favorite new features with the DLC was the properties they introduced. Sure, they were pretty much copy and pasted from the medium to low end apartments (with WCTR being the only talk station available) but as everybody knows, it's all about the location. My favorite one by far, is the medium apartment in Paleto Bay (as my bio dictates). Overall, pretty cool DLC and I hope it becomes a tradition.

The San Andreas Flight School Update C+

It's OK. It isn't what I was expecting since it was a month and a half after the last update and it would be a month and a half for the next one. Their was no weapons (disappointing) and the only vehicle I really liked was the Besra (as stated before). The flight school was short and easy (for me and my friends). The parachute bags and the outfit were cool and I liked them enough. An all around okay DLC. Nothing especially bad, nothing especially good.

The Last Team Standing Update B-

Right out of nowhere! I honestly wasn't expecting this at all and it was kind of weird getting a DLC after so long, I wasn't used to the feeling. The weapons in the DLC were alright with (yeah, call me a noob and/ or asshole) the Heavy Shotgun being my favorite. The vehicles were okay but forgettable. I liked the Innovation the most out of all of them. The clothing in the update was the great part about it, though. I loved the tactical kind of look for all of them and it really brought out that dream (that most little kids have) of being a spy or secret agent in bad-ass clothing. A little less mediocre than the Flight School Update, but still not quite there.

Festive Surprise B

It's a pretty sick DLC. It was a HUGE improvement over the previous years Holiday Special and it made me happy to see the sheer amount of details crammed into the game. The two weapons (while kinda unnecessary) were out of the box and cool none the less. I liked the vehicles and the clean variant of the Rat-Loader was my favorite vehicle out of all of them and I wish they did it with other ones. The clothing was alright and reflected the season well and the snow was excellent. I loved the addition of snow to the game and I wish I took the opportunity to take pictures for the wiki. It was a good DLC for the holiday season and a good hold-over while Rockstar was working on Heists.

Heists Update B

Pretty good! I'm going to go into the heists themselves real quickly here:

  • Fleeca Job, the most average. In the way that The Business Update was what the typical update should be. The Armored Kuruma is a bit OP, but it's useful during the heists themselves and missions, where it should be (cough, cough, assholes in free roam, cough, cough). I like the hack mini-game, and the escape is pretty neat.
  • Prison Break, the setups are kind of odd to be honest, but the finale is exciting for the ground people. It's all very disappointing that the players are separated throughout the setups and finale, and makes it frustrating when someone that you have no influence over, dies and restarts the whole setup/finale. Running through the prison and escaping on the plane is exciting, but the pilot/demolition have a very mundane, boring job, and it didn't feel like a lot of thought was put into it.
  • The Humane Labs Raid, the Hydra is nice! It does a better job at keeping the team together, minus the finale, though. I liked the Valkyrie too, and the Apocalypse Now reference was a nice touch. As far as the setup for the heist itself, all I thought was, why!?!? They literally just reused the Humane Labs interior and reversed the entrance and exit! I would have LOVED if the finale was set on the aircraft carrier instead! Maybe you would have to raid the ship, gather the same data or whatever, then use the Hydra against it! Have all the players work together to sink the ship by firing missiles from the Hydra, sinking the ship into the ocean! Anyways, it is what it is, I guess.
  • Series A Funding, very simple. Trevor and Ron are always fun to watch, and Steven Ogg does a great performance as usual. The setups were mediocre, with the finale (minus the final cutscene) was just average. Not much to say, really, just kind of like a group of longer contact missions, in all honesty.
  • The Pacific Standard Job, the setups were all over the place, and the one involving the mail trucks, was shit. The finale was a pretty good balance of difficulty, and it's like a Vinewood equivalent to Three Leaf Clover in structure, which is never a bad thing. I liked the addition with the Savage, and it's a good heist to end on.

As for the other things added in the update; the Daily Objectives are SUPER useful for some relatively quick cash (though it takes FOREVER to find a capture game!) the Adversary Modes can be pretty fun at times, and the non-heist vehicles are not too special, with the exception of the Enduro, which is a ton of fun to ride around on. Just my thoughts on this update, make of it as you will.

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 and Part 2 C

A typical "high life, rich people" update, before they really started to beat a dead horse. All three weapons are pretty neat, though not as interesting as first thought. Combat PDW has that whole new age, futuristic, sci-fi feel to it, the Marksman Pistol is clunky and, while looking pretty badass in that "swashbuckling" pirate kind of way, served little practical purpose, and the Knuckledusters work well if you're, say, a mob crew, or want to bamboozle you friends when you fist fight, and I think that was Rockstar's intent. Vehicles are mediocre, as well as ugly and overpriced, with the exception of the two classics, Virgo and Chino, which make you feel like a pimp; something I might add that's enhanced by the new clothing selection. I like the little touches of the leather and fur pimp jackets, even though it would be superb if they weren't as compact and short, and the iFruit watch is a neat way of keeping the timeline flowing. Other than this, it was same old-same old and changed little with the online experience, though, I might add, it is the last (as I'm typing this) of the updates that also effected story mode, which is mildly aggravating.

Freemode Events Update C-

I don't care. Freemode events themselves are decent, but I generally do not care. The part of this update that I really like though, is the Rockstar Editor. I've used this multiple times, and have some ideas in the update for it; though I wouldn't consider it part of this main update.

The Gamechangers C+

Oh boy... At the time of writing this, I just watched a really low-quality bootleg version on YouTube, which is no longer there (which is a shame since I can't watch BBC programs in the States.) My thoughts on it were honestly pretty mixed, and there's things in it I thought shined, and others that I thought were really poorly portrayed using the visual medium, and in context with the history of Rockstar Games vs. the Anti-video game critics. So here, I'll start with the two main characters that the story revolves around, Sam Houser and Jack Thompson.

Sam Houser is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, and does a damn fine job at it. I thought it would just be older Harry Potter with a beard, in New York, and thankfully it wasn't. He had a younger, more immature outlook on the world in contrast to Jack, which makes him an interesting character in his flaws. Sam wants games to be as well respected as film, TV, music, and literature, which is a really good goal, and one that I could understand him wanting done. My issues with him though, is that sometimes he can be too immature. An example of this is when he's discussing what will later be known as the Hot Coffee Mod. Sam seems a little too ecstatic and detailed when talking about the game feature, in comparison to other things (such as, I don't know... a little thing called shooting and driving mechanics). He also seems super naive about it as well, thinking that the ESRB would just let that slide. It takes Dan (who I'll talk about later) to convince him to drop it for what seems to be super obvious reasons.

Then there's Jack Thompson, played with the same level of focus as the latter, by Bill Paxton. When it came to Jack, I thought they would try to make him out to be some right-wing, Bible thumping, anti-video game extremist; and while there's still some of that in his character, my view was Jack was still well rounded in his personality. We don't just see Jack always against video games, we see him with his wife and son, when he's golfing, church, etc. Jack is a family man, and a person who wants to uphold strong values, and make the world a place he would want to raise his son in. Then, he sees a report on a teen who murdered three cops, stole a police car, and afterwards, claimed it was video games, and more specifically, GTA: Vice City. Jack is horrified and has a quick reaction to blame the situation on video games, using tactics used in military training as evidence, to call them "murder simulators". Jack seems just ignorant to how video games function, and comes off as unwilling to accept a new form of media, and more specifically violence in it. I almost don't want to call Jack an antagonist, (even though in any meaning of the word, he really is) simply because of his misguided approach towards the situation. I think there's one quick exchange of dialogue in particular that really made me sympathize with him, and make me understand what this character is all about. In the the third act of the movie, he's writing a speech that he'll be reading at his son's school. His son is apprehensive about him reading it, afraid that it'll just make the situation worse, and that he'll continue to get bullied at school. Jack promises he won't do that, then says what he wrote: "If you play violent video games, you will go to hell!' I'm just kidding. 'This is the greatest computer ever devised, and I think you should be aware what you're putting on your cranial hard-drives. (He means brain, pretty corny, I know) Some of you may resent me for telling you to stop playing violent video games, fair enough, you have that right, but give me this; I don't blame you, I blame the money-driven video game industry that teaches you violence is cool, and I just wanna say, it's not." I think that in a way, this is a microcosm of Jack as a character. He's human, he understands that people won't like what he's doing, but he still believes that it's right what he says. Jack knows about video games, and that technology-wise, it's revolutionizing the world in the way we interact with entertainment and each other, but that doesn't mean he likes it. He still believes that the video games are changing the world for the worse, and fully intends to censor violence in it. A character whose misguided, ignorant, but, in my opinion, sympathetic and interesting.

The other characters though, get the short end of the stick. Dan Houser is payed nearly no mind and I can't find a reason to give a shit about him, since he is pretty much ignored until the script needs him to say some exposition. The other people in Rockstar Games are given a little more attention than Dan, but why?!?! They aren't our protagonists brother who's been with him since childhood, why do they get more attention and care than him? They aren't even that interesting, and I would have personally loved to see the dynamic between the two brothers in a stressful situation that was shown. I, honest to god, can only remember two other characters throughout this whole movie, and that was Jack's wife and son. They're okay, nothing terribly interesting, but nothing bad. The performances of the cast collectively was pretty okay, despite some really forced dialogue I'd just blame on the screenwriter.

As for the story, I'm glad they picked this era of Rockstar Games' history. It's pretty interesting to see the plot unfold (however flawed the historical details are, that I'll get into later) and it's cool how they incorporated these elements to make one cohesive narrative. If I have something to complain about though, it's how exposition is delivered. It's so incredibly forced, especially in the first and sometimes throughout the second act, that I'm really taken out of the movie for a while. The cinematography is average I suppose. It's well shot most of the time, but not in a very interesting way. They very rarely took advantage of the visual medium, and used it creatively; relying mostly on dialogue of the other characters to get even the simplest of points across. There is a shot or two that stand out though; like the scene after the case is dropped, when Jack is standing outside, looking at a sign that reads "Justice Building", a sign of irony in that (from Jack's perspective) there's no justice at all in the situation.

I think I'm gonna wrap up with the inaccuracies and just stupid moments that plague the movie from beginning to end. Ready? Here it goes, the big ass distracting map from GTA IV's Liberty City is there in plain sight in several scenes, despite the film taking place from 2002 to 2005, three years at the latest, before GTA IV was released. The RAGE engine is seen being developed and is inferred to be used in making San Andreas, despite the fact that this scene takes place years before its release. As I've said earlier, Sam Houser was pushing the sex minigame WAY too much. The people portrayed (especially Sam Houser and Jack Thompson, considering they're the only characters we get proper insight to) seem extremely different from how they're seen in real life, hence why I've called them characters this whole time. I always saw Sam as the quieter brother, in comparison to Dan, but here, he's always talking constantly, and I doesn't really fit what I've seen of him in interviews, stage appearances, etc. Jack Thompson came off as a lot more relatable here than what I saw of him in real life. Of course that isn't a bad thing narratively, but it's still inconsistent from the persona he had in real life. There's a ton of awkward scenes that are just poorly written and even acted, but I'll focus on three. There's a scene in the Rockstar offices where Sam and an employee are nudging each other playfully, with no real aggression, when Sam suddenly gets a little violent as the guy's walking away. He throws a punch, then throws food at his employee's suit, and Sam grins as if they were still playing around. Really weird and I don't get what they were getting at there. Another scene takes place outside Jack Thompsons church, and an old lady walks up to him, talking about the court case against Rockstar. They were having a mellow conversation talking about how Jack is gonna win, when she, and I kid you not, starts dropping the f-bomb left and right, after church, talking about Rockstar. I literally just started laughing super hard at it and was super confused why that needed to be there. The final weird-ass scene from the film, was the infamous scene where they go to LA to research the hood. This scene is dumb, historically inaccurate, and just makes no sense. Sam, Dan, an employee, and a guide, dress up in gangster clothing, drive to the middle of South Central LA (Compton, Inglewood), somehow blend in for a while, with people actually complimenting them, when a gangster in a low rider drives up, starts harassing them, Sam said they make GTA (and the legitimate gangster believes them!) And are 100% fine. Dumbest scene ever.

I really hope that someday films even RELATING to video games aren't "could've been a lot better" on the review scale. This film is mixed to negative in every meaning of the word and there's a ton of flaws. I can't really suggest you watch it, because nothing about it really stands out. Sorry that I wrote a novel about it, but I just had to get all my thoughts down. Leave a comment on my talk page if you want to discuss it more, have a good day!

Completed Projects

This is my collection of projects I've done off of the wiki, that I'm particularly proud of, or have some significance in the way that I produce content.

If you're interested in helping or just talking about GTA machinimas, please leave a message on my talk page! I'll always respond! 

OG Loc and the Tractor

My first GTA machinima; It 'twas created via Rockstar Editor on Xbox One. Not the best, I know, but I wanted to get the hang of the Editor before tackling more ambitious projects (I have a ton of ideas I wanna get done using this tool)


OG L and the Tractor


Pretentious name, check. Oddly edited sound effects, check. No dialogue, check-arooni. I spent about a week on this thing, capturing, editing, and uploading this, and in all honesty, I think it's hit or miss. I've got more projects in store regardless of what me or others think of it in the end, so it's a learning experience either way.

It's the longest video I've made (as of yet) too, clocking in at about 9 minutes. Anyhow, please enjoy "Rhapsody".

1957 Declasse Tornado Ad

I like it. While I'll admit me trying to do that 50s mid-Atlantic accent is pretty corny; I'm happy on how the rest of the project worked out.

It's the first time I've actually directed someone in the game before, and the first time I mixed and trimmed background music, so it all ran semi-smoothly. The field of view effects are actually quite useful, and I'll be using them a lot more on my machinimas from now on.

Enjoy it! It's a classic!


1955 Declasse Tornado Ad (Chevrolet Bel Air) - GTA V

A Mortsnargian Halloween Special

Made this in about three days, and it started out very different. In mid-August I got an idea for a video, where a guy kills his boss up in the Chiliad Wilderness, while Bad Moon Rising by CCR was playing (it was on the radio, and the idea clicked).

When the Rockstar Editor came along, I had other ideas I wanted to see put to film, so I held off on it. Eventually Halloween was on the horizon, so I wanted to make a video to celebrate. After the Lowrider Update dropped, I had an idea for a music video for the song "Bad Voodoo" by The Kreeps, in which a gangbanger stole a rednecks clean Voodoo, leaving the redneck with a "rusted/bad" one. A zombie apocalypse comes around to both the rednecks and gangbangers, and they team up to end it, using the Voodoo. The problem with this is A. It would take too long, and Halloween would already be over, and B. The idea was pretty corny.

So I left it alone, and made a script similar to my original "Bad Moon Rising" idea, except the killer would kill wanna-be-gangsters, after taking offence to it. I found that it would be too long to make as well, and I didn't want to talk in several voices (one of being a really poor South Central LA accent), so I dropped it, brought back the Bad Moon Rising idea, got some other good music in there, and voila!

Hope you like it, kiddos.


A Mortsnargian Halloween Special

The Nature of San Andreas

A video with no planning, and was really just made on the spot. I mean, it was snowing, it was beautiful; I thought some John Denver would fit well with the visuals.

It got retweeted by GTASeriesVideos! I'm glad some folks liked it.



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