The latest additions add the following remains to the end of the infobox:

|makeyear            = 
|swankness           = 
|dashtype            = 
|inttxd              = 
|carcols             = 
|wheeltype           = 
|flags               = 
|modelsets           = 
|modelname           = 
|handlingname        = 
|textlabelname       = 
|roadspawn           = 
|roadspawnmaxcol     = 
|roadspawnfreq       = 
|roadspawntrailer    = 
|roadspawnidendis    = 
|roadspawndrivers    = 
|roadspawngroups     = 
|roadspawnlicense    = 
|engineacceleration  = 
|exhaustacceleration = 
|idle                = 
|deceleration        = 
|genpreced           = 
|gensucced           = 

Unblank (it's a word)

|makeyear            = 
|swankness           = /5
|dashtype            = <small>(needles)</small>[[File:-Dials-GTAV.png|thumb|center|170px]]<br> <small>(dial texture)</small>[[File:Dials-GTAV.png|thumb|center|170px]]
|inttxd              = 
|carcols             = 
<center>COLOR SET 1</center>
|wheeltype           = 
|flags               = 
|modelsets           = 
|modelname           = lowercase
|handlingname        = CAPSCASE
|textlabelname       = CAPSCASE
|roadspawn           = 
{{BP}}{{H:title|May spawn even when traffic is restricted/disabled (using trainer), for example, pulling out of alleyways or car parks|Scenario}}
|roadspawnmaxcol     = 
|roadspawnfreq       = 
|roadspawntrailer    = 
|roadspawnidendis    = 
|roadspawndrivers    = 

|roadspawngroups     = {{Expand||
|roadspawnlicense    = - %
|engineacceleration  = 
|exhaustacceleration = 
|idle                = 
|deceleration        = 
|genpreced           = 
|gensucced           = 

Make Year

Based off quotes, badges, descriptions, etc.

Grand Theft Auto V


This is the VDT (Vehicle Dashboard Type) section of Vehicles.meta. It refers to the type of needles the vehicle uses in first person mode (and first person mode only). Existing ones are

VDT's are:



Interior Textures. These are listed in vehicles.meta at the very bottom of every list. Ignore vehshares such as truck, army, worn, etc, unless they are all the car have (and check the texture dictionary if no interior texture appears in vehicles.meta, as it may use a reskin of an existing vehicles.meta-listed texture. Trucks and boats use vehshare_truck, planes use vehshare_flyer, army and worn apply to most vehicles.

The shared ones are:

  • vehicles_banshee_interior (Banshee)
  • vehicles_banshee_w_interior (Banshee Worn)
  • vehicles_blista2_interior (Blista)
  • vehicles_boat_interior (Boat)
  • vehicles_bob_brown_interior (Bobcat Brown)
  • vehicles_bob_interior (Bobcat)
  • vehicles_bob_worn_interior (Bobcat Worn)
  • vehicles_bodhi_interior (Bodhi)
  • vehicles_btype_interior (B-Type)
  • vehicles_cavarmy_interior (Cavalcade Army)
  • vehicles_cav_interior (Cavalcade)
  • vehicles_cav_w2_interior (Cavalcade White 2)
  • vehicles_chopperbk_interior (Chopper Bike)
  • vehicles_comet_interior (Comet)
  • vehicles_coquette_interior (Coquette)
  • vehicles_dom_interior (Dominator)
  • vehicles_elegy_interior (Elegy)
  • vehicles_feltzer_interior (Feltzer)
  • vehicles_feroci_interior (Feroci)
  • vehicles_flyer_interior (Flyer)
  • vehicles_futo_interior (Futo)
  • vehicles_fmj_interior (FMJ)
  • vehicles_jet_interior (Jet)
  • vehicles_journey_interior (Journey)
  • vehicles_monroe_interior (Monroe)
  • vehicles_monster_interior (Monster)
  • vehicles_nero_interior (Nero)
  • vehicles_nero_w_interior) (Nero White)
  • vehicles_peyote_interior (Peyote)
  • vehicles_poltax_interior (Police Taxi)
  • vehicles_race_interior (Race)
  • vehicles_schaf_brown_interior (Schafter Brown)
  • vehicles_schaf_interior (Schafter)
  • vehicles_schaf_w2_interior (Schafter White 2)
  • vehicles_speedo2_interior (Speedo)
  • vehicles_specter_interior (Specter)
  • vehicles_specter_w_interior (Specter White)
  • vehicles_sportbik_interior (Sport Bike)
  • vehicles_stinger_interior (Stinger)
  • vehicles_sultan_interior (Sultan)
  • vehicles_sultanrs_interior (Sultan RS)
  • vehicles_supergt_interior (Super GT)
  • vehicles_tornado_interior (Tornado) - details are identical to monroe
  • vehicles_vacca_interior (Vacca)
  • vehicles_voodoo_interior (Voodoo)
  • vehicles_wornflyer_interior (Worn Flyer)
  • vehicles_worn_army_flyer_interior (Worn Flyer Army)
  • vehicles_worn_interior (Worn)
  • vehicles_worn_van (Worn Van)


  • vehicles_race_generic (Race buttons, dials, etc)
  • vehicles_comet_race (Comet Retro Custom uses comet interior but with some other mod textures)
  • vehicles_elegy_race (Elegy Retro Custom uses sultanrs interior but with some other mod textures)

Dial textures for these interiors:

  • vehices_worn_race (Some more race buttons)

Note that some interior textures for vehicles may not necessarily use these dials - for example, Nero uses genrace dials but has its own dash console for dials.

Unlike the others, the following dial textures are from vehicle-specific txd files, rather then interior-shared txd files.


First things first; whether it spawns or not. Yes, No, Conditional (use H:title), Parked, or Scenario. Use in-game experience, testing, and popgroups.ymt for this.

  • Yes - Appears in traffic, driven randomly around the map
  • No - Doesn't appear in traffic, or anything else.
  • Conditional - Exceptions. These are usually scripted things, such as parked in specific places. Use h:title template for explanations.
  • Parked - The car appears parked randomly around the map
  • Scenario - Car uses the FLAG_SCENARIO flag in popgroups.ymt - this means it can spawn when traffic is disabled, driving out of car parks, driveways, etc. Anything not random basically.
{{BP}}{{H:title|May spawn even when traffic is restricted/disabled (using trainer), for example, pulling out of alleyways or car parks|Scenario}}

Roadspawn Max Color

The maximum times a vehicle can spawn in a specific color on-screen at once. This is located in vehicles.meta and is listed as <maxNum value="[n]" />. The lower the value, the more variety when spawning.

Roadspawn Frequency

As expected, the Roadspawn Frequency is how frequent the vehicle appears, on the road. It is located in vehicles.meta and is listed as <frequency value="[n]" />. Rare cars don't necessarily have lower values, especially if they have specific locations only, as specific locations don't use frequency spawning.

Roadspawn Identical Model Distance

Identical Model Distance is the distance wherein vehicles spawn apart, with the same components. It limits vehicles that feature the exact same combinations of components, colors, etc from spawning too close. It is again located in vehicles.meta and is listed as <maxNum value="4" />.

Roadspawn Drivers

The types of peds that can spawn driving the car. Also listed in vehicles.meta as <drivers />. List the ped names if possible.

Roadspawn Groups

Population Groups are the group(s) the vehicle appears under for spawning, meaning the vehicle's location for most common spawning. These have fixed names. These are located in the popgroups.ymt file, I've listed the vehicles section of this here. Each vehicle set also has its spawning method found here, listed as a FLAG at the base of the sets. AMBIENT = Traffic, SCENARIO = Spawning out of driveways, etc, NETWORK_COMMON = Follows a network rather than random spawning.

  • veh_poor
  • veh_med
  • veh_mid_mp
  • veh_rich
  • veh_haulage
  • veh_haulage_mp
  • veh_utility
  • veh_freeway
  • veh_freeway_mp
  • veh_large_city
  • veh_large_city_mp
  • veh_countryside_offroad
  • veh_countryside_onroad
  • veh_yankton
  • veh_bikes
  • veh_salt
  • veh_army
  • veh_boats
  • veh_boats_freeway
  • veh_bicycles
  • veh_beach_bike
  • veh_lost
  • veh_copcar
  • veh_taxi
  • veh_airport
  • veh_test_simple
  • veh_test_complex
  • veh_transport
  • veh_countrycoach
  • veh_prologue

Roadspawn License Plates

License plate probabilities are the probabilities that the vehicle will spawn with other colored plates. This is seen at caravariations.ymt at the end of every vehicle. We list the plate name and then its probability. They should add up to 100.

The types of plates are:

  • Standard White
  • White Plate 2
  • Blue Plate
  • Police/Government Plate
  • Yellow Plate
            <Name>standard white</Name>
            <Value value="100" />


The color sets which can spawn in traffic. Most cars have a range of 15 to 19 color sets. If the car has 1 color set, do not use an expand template, if it does have more, use it. The numbers will automatically display the color via the carcols template, but the colors in the game refer to the bank of colors at carcols.ymt/gtavcol. Most pre-update cars have 4 values, where 1 is Primary, 2 is Secondary, 3 is Pearl, and 4 is Wheel. More updates released, more settings. 5 is Trim or Teritiary (lining inside sometimes, dashboard, etc), and 6 is Dials - as in the tone of the backing of the dials, or sometimes just the values depending on the car's texture settings.

{{Expand|'''GTA V'''|
<center>COLOR SET 1</center>

Wheel Type

Wheel Type (VWT) refers to the category the default wheels appear under in Los Santos Customs. It does not refer to the type/style/mod of the wheel. All vehicles have these, where most air and sea vehicles just use Sport.

Wheel type is found in vehicles.meta as <wheelType>VWT_NAME</wheelType>. Just list as name, "Bike", "High End", "Sport", etc, and not "VWT_BIKE".

There's a few options, they correspond to LCS option categories:

  • VWT_BIKE - All bikes and bicycles
  • VWT_HIEND - Most super cars, but also a few sports cars and a couple of high end sedans.
  • VWT_LOWRIDER - All classic spoked wire rims, Stinger GT, JB 700 etc. A few odd ones out include the Monroe and Emperor.
  • VWT_MUSCLE - Muscle cars, vans, all Stanier-based cars (except taxi for some reason)
  • VWT_OFFROAD - Most buggies and off-roader vehicles, like Rebel, Sandking SWB, etc
  • VWT_SPORT - Sports cars, most sedans, TRUCKS (ye stupid), TRAILERS, HELICOPTERS, PLANES and BOATS
  • VWT_SUV - Most SUVs, Granger family, etc
  • VWT_TUNER - Futo, Asea, Youga, Stratum, etc


Flags refer to yes/no factors of cars. They can vary in case, sometimes describing the car's size, features, whether it can feature extras, whether it has to, what type of car it is, etc. The cargen and ambient flags appear to be backups in case popgroups.ymt goes wrong (for example, a car wrongly placed in there.)

All flags are to be listed using the template Flags. Then just copy/paste the entire flag name including underscores and the FLAG_ beginning.

The entire list of flags can be found on the template page itself. Otherwise, they just appear as you copy/paste them, so no worries on explaining them.


The vehicle's individual names can be seen at the very top of every car in vehicles.meta.

  • Model name = Model name
  • txd name = vehicle-specific Texture dictionary name (we don't need that)
  • Handling ID = Handling.dat name
  • game name = text label name.


Car Audio found scattered around files.

Named as CarName-GTAGame-EngineAcceleration/ExhaustAcceleration/Idle/Deceleration.ogg, and add "2" to the end of each variable if there's multiple.

I'll upload car audio - we only need the basics, the named ones mostly. Acceleration (engine / exhaust), Idle, and deceleration (latter two aren't named, there's engine and exhaust of these two too).

Grand Theft Auto IV

Interior Textures

In GTA IV, it can be seen in the vehicle textures in vehicles.wtd...where it will be named, again, generic, Taxi, Truck, etc.


For IV, use {{CarColIV}}, and list the 3 values found in the Carcols.dat file, for example {{CarcolsIV|1|2|3}} - this will list the colors in order (primary, secondary, pearl), and will specify the name and number, and highlight the text in the corresponding color. List these in color sets, for example:

<center>COLOR SET 1</center>
<center>COLOR SET 2</center>
<center>COLOR SET 3</center>
{{CarcolIV|4|5|6}}<br> the infobox. Yeah also I might need to make CarColsIV a for color (should be simple) for some cars have 4 color options (wheels).


In IV, they're found in vehicles.ide, which also lists all the vehicle names. They don't exactly say "FLAG_", but they're listed with the same options...with a few more that don't appear in GTA V.

The following are IV-only flags:



  • Has Truck Fire Effects
  • Has Truck Engine Effects
  • Has Truck Exhaust Effects
  • Has Banger Exhaust Effects
  • Extras Sunroof: {{H:title|Can spawn with or without a sunroof|Extras Sunroof}}
  • Only During Office Hours: {{H:title|Only spawns during office hours (9 am to 6 pm)|Only During Office Hours}}


Pretty simple, in GTA IV, they're listed in vehicles.ide. Model name, handling name, and game name...same order as the infobox.

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