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Administrator.png I am a Bot. I belong to Monkeypolice188. Message them immediately if you notice I am making mistakes. I swear, it's unintentional!
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13:54, 22 June 2021 (GMT/UTC)
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Important Notices

  • This bot belongs to Bureaucrat Monkeypolice188 - inquiries are to be done there.
  • This bot is automatic and edits are partially controlled by a human - the bot follows a repeated process ordered by the owner.
  • If the bot is making more than one edit per second, or is making suspected or suspiciously incorrect edits, contact Administration and request it to be blocked while the owner sources the problem.
  • The bot's edits are not found in Recent Wiki Activity or Recent Changes. To see the bot's edits, see here or here.
  • Jobs for the bot to complete may be requested at the owner's talk page. You may also bring larger projects up at the Community Noticeboard or add them to the To-Do List

What can the bot do?

As well as being a full-time power user, the bot has a wide range of variables. The bot can do numerous processes to clean up the GTA Wiki:

Find and Replace
  • Fixing links (specify the link name and the first two squared brackets to be replaced, and specify what to replace it with).
  • Finding strings of code and replacing or changing them (e.g. changing galleries to be centered)
  • Finding template names and updating them.
  • Finding misspelled words and replacing them.
  • Finding headings and extending them.
  • Locating an entire piece of code and adding to it.
  • Template field spacing and alignment.
General fixes
  • Removing unnecessary spaces from links.
  • Finding and removing nonsense code from links and strings of code.
  • De-capitalizing the second word onward in headings.
Add, replace and remove
  • Removing deleted categories from pages.
Append and Prepend
  • Add notes, messages or templates at the top/bottom of any page, template or file.

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