Mikey Klebbitz

aka Myth Killah

  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Websurfing, playing GTA, rolling with my friends, wikiing, etc.
  • I am Super Top o' the food chain Male
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Hey, I'm Mikey Klebbitz. I'm 16 and I'm from Portugal. I like Grand Theft Auto a lot, so I signed up here.

This is generally a complete wiki, but I'm here to help it even more. I also have an account on Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. I wondered about joining in at first, but after all I'm enjoying being here with lots and lots of people who enjoy a great series of games. Enough with the talk, though.

I've already contributed to complete some pages, made new ones and I'm hoping to continue doing so.

Need to talk to me? This way.

That's all for now. Read you around?
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Top favorite GTA games


  • Bob, he's a friend of Little Jacob;
  • Boomer, a friend I first met on my wiki blog;
  • Curly, otherwise known as HHPMWBH;
  • Dan, though a fan of Messi, he's a good person;
  • Dragos, a good lad;
  • Enigma, a Lost MC member;
  • HebbyDGouchemen, he's always looking out for pages/ users needing for a "permanent" clean-up;
  • Ilan, very competent admin, and a good friend;
  • Istalo, the golden fish;
  • Jake (Mr Boccino), he's connected with the mafia, so I guess you don't want to upset him;
  • Jeansowaty, an expert in the study of the Skinheads gang;
  • Jeff, if you ever think of being a vandal, think again, he will pay close attention to you;
  • JB, this wiki's vehicle expert admin;
  • Massionet, a friend that adds a lot of photos to the characters' pages;
  • Mr. Reaper, yes, he's alive;
  • NikoBellicsBoss11, another fan of vehicles and a great person to talk to;
  • Rhem, likes making Facebook .jpg's;
  • Sasquatch, myth hunter for the time being;
  • Thomas, a good patroller;
  • Tom, great bureaucrat;
  • Tony, T is a friend of mine you don't wanna mess with, I assure you;
  • Trevster, an editor I offered help to.
  • Vault Boy Tom, a fellow admin, ready to help fighting vandalism.


  • Red Dead Links, I remove each and every one of these I come across. They're my big enemies here in the Wiki.

​Fav game series

Knowledge of GTA

When I was 11 (around 2007), I used to go play videogames with a neighbour of mine. He had GTA III, GTA VC and GTA SA, for PC. He didn't speak English, so I had to play in Spanish, and I thought the games were really great, but didn't care for their name, just that they were Grand Theft Auto games.

So, in Autumn 2008, I was going through a store which I used to visit a lot (and I still do) , which had books, videogames, music, etc. , and I saw GTA Liberty City Stories. I asked my dad to buy it for my PSP, and he did (he didn't care too much for games, so he was oblivious to the fact GTA games are 18 years ranked) . At the same time, GTA IV was being released...

Later in January 2009, my mom bought me GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories for my birthday.

In 2010, I bought GTA Chinatown Wars.

Then in the Christmas of 2011, I bought GTA IV and the DLC.

The GTA games I own

Favourite vehicles

One of the things about GTA I like the most are the cars, specially the GTA IV Era ones.

But when I say I like the cars, that doesn't mean I don't go around the city driving super fast, wrecking every single car I drive (even if it is a rare one).

I also love riding helis all around town, and bikes as well. When I'm riding a bike, I usually try to go through cars on one way roads, at high speeds, like it is a car chase. And then I get dismounted. WASTED !!!

These are the cars I prefer:

My favorite bike:

My favorite heli:

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