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I was brought in to improve professionalism on this wiki, but most of the users here are middle schoolers who don't see why they should have to be professional or obey pesky rules that stop them from doing whatever they feel like.
For example, one of my fellow bureaucrats doesn't see why we should have to obey copyright laws, and thinks that holding a vote on enforcing it is a legitimate course of action - even though copyright issues are one issue in which bureaucrats are not just allowed to, but ''supposed to'', overrule the community.
Another administrator thinks that the way to deal with vandals is to plead with them to be nicer pleasepleaseplease (as opposed to blocking them), and that there's nothing wrong with trivia lists longer than the articles themselves.
Yet another administrator ''doesn't edit here because "there's nothing for him to do"''.
And the guy who was brought in with me, and is supposed to be supporting me, is siding against me consistently because he "can't be arsed to argue with them anymore they'll do it anyway".
So until he decides he can be arsed, I'll be having very little to do with this place. Probably showing up once every couple of weeks and cleaning up the messes that the supposed "community leaders" allowed to accumulate, or something like that.

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