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{{infobox mission
|name = Project 4808A: Terminal
|image = Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-JobImage.png
|size = 250px
|game = Survival2019
|for =
|target = [[The Lost MC]]
|reward =
{{BP}}[[JP]] 15
{{BP}}Cash and RP vary depending on time spent. Approximately $50,000 for completing 10 waves.
|location = [[Elysian Island]]
|unlockedby =
|protagonists = 1-4 Players}}
{{Quote|[Text redacted by federal order. For any further enquiries, please present yourself gagged and bound at FIB Headquarters, Power Street, Los Santos.]|Description}}
'''Project 4808A: Terminal''' is a [[Survival]] job in ''[[Grand Theft Auto Online]]'' as part of the continuation of the [[GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort|The Diamond Casino & Resort]] update, released on October 31, 2019, during the [[Halloween Surprise 2019]] event. It takes place on [[Elysian Island]].
Unlike normal survivals, the type of enemies changes as the player progresses through the waves; these are [[Security Guards]] for waves 1 and 2, [[Federal Investigation Bureau|FBI agents]] for waves 3 and 4, [[National Office of Security Enforcement|NOOSE]] members for wave 5, men in black for waves 6 and 7, and the [[Military|military]] for later waves. During waves, some enemies arrive in vehicles, with the security guards using [[Dilettante#Grand Theft Auto V 4|Security Dilettantes]], FBI agents using [[FIB Buffalo]]s, the NOOSE using [[Police Riot]]s, men in black using black [[Emperor (car)|Emperors]], and the Military using [[Crusader]]s and [[Barracks OL|Barracks]]. During waves
The players start inside the warehouse. After this, they are free to collect pickups and find adequate cover. There are a large amount of props, such as cement sacks, crates, and containers, scattered around the warehouse, as well as outside.
There are two health packs and an armour pickup located inside the warehouse, and another armour pickup outside, near the docks. Like all other Alien Survivals, there are [[Unholy Hellbringer]] and [[Widowmaker]] pickups around the map, but the players can also pick up dropped weapons.
{| class="article-table" align="center" style="border: 2px solid #FFFFFF; background-color: #3C3C3C;"
! style="background-color: #ff8457; text-align: center;" |Project 4808A: Terminal
! style="background-color: #ff8457;" |[[File:Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-Map.png|thumb|center|500px]]
*<span class="v-hud-friendly">Light blue blip</span> indicates spawn points.
*<span class="v-hud-pickup">Green blip</span> indicates weapon pickup.
*<span class="v-hud-purple">Purple blip</span> indicates prop.
*<span class="v-hud-bluedark">Dark blue blip</span> indicates enemy vehicles.
<gallery position="center" hideaddbutton="true" spacing="small">
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-HealthPack1.png|First health pack.
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-HealthPack2.png|Second health pack.
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-ArmourPickup1.png|First armour pickup.
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-ArmourPickup2.png|Second armour pickup.
<gallery position="center" hideaddbutton="true" spacing="small" widths="270px">
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-Overview.png|An overview of the map.
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-MapLimits.png|Map boundaries.
===Enemy Vehicles===
<gallery position="center" hideaddbutton="true" spacing="small">
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-SecurityDilettante.png|[[Dilettante#Grand Theft Auto V 4|Security Dilettante]].
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-FIBBuffalo.png|[[FIB Buffalo]].
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-Emperor.png|[[Emperor (car)|Emperor]].
Project4808ATerminal-GTAO-PoliceRiot.png|[[Police Riot]].
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