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I'm a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, but I don't get much time to edit on here due to commitments with other wikis. Still, I like to help out where I can. My favourite game in the GTA series is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

Current status: ACTIVE USER

Favourite Stuff

Vice City rules.

  • Favourite GTA game: Vice City, and by quite a margin. It helps that I'm a bit of an 80s nut (and a big Miami Vice fan), but this game is just so loaded with amazing pop culture references that they overcome any of the potential gameplay shortcomings. It also has some of my favourite characters from the franchise, a great (if totally clichéd) plot, arguably the greatest voice cast of any entry in the series, and almost certainly the greatest soundtrack.
  • Favourite GTA protagonist: Tommy Vercetti, although it was close between him and Michael "I'm Robert De Niro" De Santa. But in the end Tommy just pipped it, if only because of that bitching Hawaiian shirt. Also the Vercetti Estate dumps all over Michael's comparatively minuscule residence.
  • Favourite GTA supporting character: Tough one this. I quite liked Donald Love in GTA III, but I also have a bit of a soft spot for Lamar "Big Dog, Big Nuts" Davis, he cracks up almost every time he opens his mouth. Other special mentions go to "Little" Jacob Hughes and Juan Cortez — the latter being one of the few supporting characters I like for a reason other than just being funny.
  • Favourite GTA car: Sabre Turbo. Ever since Vice City (yeah, I'm gonna mention that game a lot) this has been one of my favourite rides in the series, especially in that original dark red and white paint job. Oldschool American muscle may not be the fastest way to get from A to B, but who cares when it looks and sounds this good?
  • Favourite GTA mission: The one that always sticks in my mind is "Three Leaf Clover" from GTA IV. It was such a blatant rip-off of Heat, yet it was easily the best part of the game and there's something just so satisfying about ripping off a bank for a million dollars, shooting your way out and wasting anyone who gets in your way.
  • Favourite GTA radio station: V-Rock. "While other station's listeners are at school, we're shopliftin'."

The Stuff I Own

These are the various bits and pieces of Grand Theft Auto media I currently own.

My GTA Online Vehicles

Weazel Plaza, Apt. 101 — the supercar garage:

4 Integrity Way, Apt. 28 — the muscle garage:

2862 Hillcrest Avenue — the classic and race car garage:

0604 Las Lagunas Boulevard — the job garage:

Other vehicles (from Pegasus):

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