aka Roberto

  • I live in The Caribbean
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is Student and Bartender
  • I am Male
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About Me

Hi guys! My name is Roberto, a.k.a. KatanaVx. I'm a gamer since birth (a bit of a hyperbole, but that's alright), but a perfectionist by nature. I love to correct documents, even if I do stumble sometimes (blame the lateness of the hour for that, lol). :P Personally, I have many tastes (if you will) like: browsing the web (mainly Wikipedia) for information on just about everything I find intriguing, playing video games till my eyes are closing themselves on impulse, hanging out with my friends anywhere (the main thing is to be with them, so the location doesn't really matter to me), and watching t.v. (movies or regular programs; most of the time I watch the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the USA network, G4, and Comedy Central). I'm currently in the process of finishing my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at my home "country". I live in Puerto Rico, but aspire to live/work around the world (mainly Europe: England, France, Spain, Germany, etc., or Asia: Japan). I will add more information in the near future, so keep a lookout if you want to know more about me. One final thing, I'm a great guy if you get to know me, but my perfectionist habit tends to make people angry. Please understand that it's a hard habit to "turn off", and that I'm not doing it to make fun of you; instead I want you to become more knowledgeable for future endeavors, plus I'm a creature of habit. :D

My favorite pages

  • Earthbound wikia
  • Red Dead Redemption wikia (
  • Starcraft wikia
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