aka Jonathan (Jonny)

  • I live in Surrey
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is Transport/ Product Designer
  • I am Male
Administrator I am an Administrator on this wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.

  • One of my favourite cars from my virtual garage
  • British design meets American V8 power for the first time; legendary
  • The XKR; a lovely piece of British design mixed with V8 insanity
  • A JDM R35 to go with all the other Nissans
  • I love the sound of the turbocharger/ blow-off valve combo on this R34
  • One of my favourite JDM drift cars; S15 Spec-R Aero
  • Z34 to continue the Nissan fever
  • A beastly piece of engineering from Toyota even without the turbo; a must have
  • No turbo, but still fun as ever
  • 510hp, four doors and rear wheel drive; sounds like fun
  • The real MR Roadster, getting sideways
  • Classic AE86; timeless
  • The electric slide - as you've never seen it before
  • It's not a Porsche...
  • Because, why not?


One of the resident car enthusiasts; born (in 1994) and raised around vehicles it's no surprise that I absolutely love them. I also love music and cooking/ baking as well.

I'm from England and my design and artistic style somewhat reflects it, although you could say I have more Japanese influence than anything. I began designing my own vehicles at the age of nine, and since then I've been on a long development journey. I also have been using vehicular knowledge to engineer, or at least concept the mechanics of some of my designs.

I tend to be very happy and get on well with most people, I aim to do exactly the same within this wiki community, hoping to help out where I can. Most of the time I'm really friendly so always feel free to chat to me, I don't bite...

Kray Twinz ft Sway Jag Soulsinger Twista Hustle (Official)

The people that put the "A" in GTA Wiki

Vehicles were the means by which I discovered GTA wiki. If this wiki only had me contributing it wouldn't be all that diverse or comprehensive. Other dedicated and knowledgeable members that know their way around a vehicle are invaluable to this wiki. There are the people who I have a lot respect for (just for being all-round great editors and personalities) such as Ilan and Mikey. Some of the current members that make our vehicle articles high-quality resources are;

Slideshow of Me

  • Arguably my best work of 2012, from the "off-road series".
  • Yes, that's right, it's not a car.
  • Yes, this is how I spent my New Year's Day
  • One of my favourite projects of 2013 so far
  • The B2, when it was given a rear quarter view.
  • The first draft of one of current projects
  • The sister development to the R1 Concept
  • First draft of one of my current projects, inspired by two of my favourite cars of the 20th century
  • My new and improved 2013 quad bike
  • My most recent pickup truck project; an updated SP1 loaded with extras
  • My first 2014 design - an updated form of the 2012 Luxury-Sport Crossover
  • Successor to the Storm 2.0; my most recent buggy - the RB4
  • Updated 2014 form of one of my favourite projects of 2013 - the R1-S

My GTA garage

  • Annis Elegy RH8, similar to one my Gran Turismo 5 R35 Spec-Vs
  • My Vapid Dominator, trying to get a balance of blue and black
  • My SWB Sandking, keeping in line with my colour scheme
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