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I'm Huang Lee.Yes,that's my real name.Huang Lee kinda pisses me off since we have the same name.Enjoy the page.

GTA IV Morality choices

When I played GTA IV I was challenged with deciding if I wanted Roman dead after He fooled Niko into entering a terrible country that Niko had hated.Roman grew on me with his hilarious attitude and the fact he shat himself so often.The decisions came right to me and my mind was almost always decided,right on the clock.This was what I Did:

  • Killed Ivan
  • Killed Clarence Little
  • Killed Playboy X
  • Killed Francis
  • Spared Isaac Roth(the jew dude)
  • Spared Adam Damiyev
  • I say you can do anything to Darko.Kill him or make suffer.I like Both!
  • Went with Revenge,not deal.

Those are most of the morality choices and it should atleast show you how to be an exceptionally good person.

Game Ratings

  • GTA III 3/5-I loved characters like Donald Love and Claude.However,the game was rather difficult and the graphics,as well as soundtrack were idiotic.
  • GTA VC 2/5-Bad story,bad graphics,bad cheat codes.I know it was 2002 and they were just beginning to use 3D but come on.
  • GTA SA 4/5-I like characters like Wu Zi Mu,CJ,Ryder,Mike Toreno and Cesar Vialpando.The only thing I didn't like were the disappointing soundtrack,The character Zero (he's a real fagot),and lastly I hated the fact you had to work out and eat.But the Epsilon program made up for it.Kifflom,Brother-Brother!!
  • GTA IV 5/5-Nice graphics,compelling story,Nice characters,Strip Clubs,a few mentionings of Kifflom on PLR.BUT NO PLANES!!I'd say it's near perfect,but not completely perfect,per se.


  • I Have the same name of GTA CW protagonist,Huang Lee.
  • I Was once hijacked(In real life).
  • I Have a little brother named Wu.Ironically,this makes his name Wu Lee.Just like the character Wu Lee in GTA CW.
  • I was Born in Turkey.
  • I've Has been around most of the world:China,California,England(very briefly),Turkey and currently lives in Ohio.
  • I Was once a follower of Kifflom
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