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"Everything I do is with the uttermost best of intentions, and is also correct unless I say otherwise." -GenkiGat.

I'll be done with this shit another day (reminder that I have to clean this up so it looks like an article). Member of GTA Wiki (Obviously), and Prototype Wiki.

Ex-member of The Walking Dead Wiki, Saints Row Wiki, and Town of Salem Wiki. My interest span for each of them were rather low, with the exception of Saints Row maybe. With GTA, I hope that span gets a bit longer, though I am not positive, given the fact that I've been with this franchise for 13 years and counting.

Niko Bellic is the best character, period. As for antagonists, Dimitri is top 3. I'll put Tenpenny and Forelli later.

GTA History

I will post them on the chronological order each game has been released.

When I remember my past, or try to to be more precise, everything is blurry. Nevertheless, I'll attempt to write all the relevant info.

Grand Theft Auto I, GTA London 1961, 69, and Grand Theft Auto II:

It's probably a felony if someone hasn't played the first GTA game, just like if they never played Zelda. Well, it's true. Much like I will never play the 2D-era games of GTA, I will also never play any Zelda games. Not in my interest spectrum. Different times, different tastes. What was gold in 1997, is trash in 2017 (By the way, Happy soon-to-be GTA I 20th anniversary).

Grand Theft Auto III:

As much as I try, I cannot exactly remember when I got my hands on this bad boy. If I had to give a date, I should say 2009/2010. My school had the typical 1980's computers, and after a generous budget increase, they afforded 3 decent ones (2000's tops). After we were done with Excel and PowerPoint classes, a classmate would bring her USB drive that contained this marvelous game. Then I asked her to borrow it, gave it to me, and got this game. As great as it was, I never finished it. The game hardly had any audio (specifically cinematics and radio stations), so that was a deal breaker to me.

Update: I am obliged to say that I have acquired Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for PS4. Therefore, once I am done with my current game (Grand Theft Auto V), I'll go into the nostalgia train again. Well, that actually may only apply to Vice City and San Andreas, since I have no fond memories of this game because I didn't get too far in it. Nevertheless, welcome to the collection, Grand Theft Auto III. I hope you are still playable for me.

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City:

Oh, I think this was the one who started it all. Back in 2004-2005, getting my hands on this jewel changed it all. I was little, and naturally everything was exciting. But to be fair, before that, I haven't ever played a game like that, so age doesn't matter here. I could have played it last year and I would have been just as excited. Anyway, played it thoroughly for days and days, for a whole year. Or maybe 6 months, can't tell. But I did not stop until I got 100% completion on it, I can tell you that much. Everything about this game was fun and wonderful. Missions, music, environment, weapons... I should get it on PS4, for old times sake. Maybe even get the Trilogy pack and kill 2 3 birds with one shot, by getting Liberty City and San Andreas while we're at it.

Update: At the end, I did get the Trilogy pack. And what's best, all 3 games have trophies.

Grand Theft Auto Advance:

No, as I never had a Game Boy Advance, nor any small gaming devices for that matter. I am considering getting the PS Vita though, or the PSP. I don't know which one is better. As long as I can Remote Play on any, it's pretty much a 'whatever' and 'how much' matter. Anyway, moving on.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas:

I remember it being 2006-2007, when cybercafes were still a thing everywhere, and one particular of them having this wonderful game. Internet? Yeah, right. I would go to that cafe just to play that game. Some time later yes, I would occasionally go into G-Unleashed (RIP) and get some vital information and tips that would help me with some particular missions, or locations of a few oysters and horseshoes. Amazing game, it made a before and after in every way, so good in fact that an universal majority of players consider it the best GTA to date. I don't care what others say, or think. The GTA that truly deserves this title goes to GTA IV, which I will talk about soon. Not only 1, but 3 cities to explore. A vast rural area, mountains, lakes, a desert, military facilities, iconic places like the San Francisco bridge, Vegas's casinos, Los Angeles's infrastructure. And the first black protagonist, ever. If I am wrong, I welcome you to prove this last one. I had a hell of a time here, but as good as it sounds, we haven't reached the top of the mountain yet, kids.

Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories:

Since both games are available for PSP, there is the possibility of playing them, but I am not particularly interested for the moment. Very low priority, so much that I would go to the grave with a clear conscience without ever playing them, much like GTA 2D Universe games.

Grand Theft Auto IV:

Now are talking big. I can still clearly remember when I heard about this one for the first time back in early 2008. I was walking on the street, and found this magazine that focused on gaming. The cover of it was this very game I am describing. I waited a long time for this one, mainly because we all remember the huge disaster it was for the PC version. There was no computer other than CIA or NASA level that could run this thing properly. And even when the patches somewhat fixed the issue, my computer at the time was basically a toaster. Could barely run the game decently, so I decided to wait once again. They were the 4 longest years of my life. June 2012 (I remember the month because I kept the ticket), I buy my first console ever. Yes. My first console. No NES, no SNES, no Dreamcast, no Playstation, nothing. I was deprived of a lot of things in my early years. Things are better now, fucking finally may I say.

Anyway got it, bought it, fucked it. And fucked real good. Niko Bellic is by far the best protagonist Rockstar Games has created, and will hardly ever be replaced by someone else. Trevor Philips and Michael Townley were candidates, but the ex-military russian guy proved to be the better man. Dimitri Rascalov is also the best antagonists of the series, followed shortly by Tenpenni and Forelli. I cannot even begin to fathom and stress out how much I wanted to personally torture this guy, slowly and painfully for years and years and years in my basement, until the day I get bored of him and give this guy the happiest day he has had in years of torture and total despair: putting an end to his misery, by boiling him on water. Alive.

No other character has ever caused me that much of negative emotions. And for that he is the Number 1.

The best Wanted Level system of the series is also here. The fact that you could actually escape the cops and even lay low was revolutionary, compared to the same "got 6 stars, go to Pay n' Spray" repeated formula of the 3D era. It was fun at first, but it got old after a while. San Andreas improved that a bit, while IV almost perfected it. As a matter of fact, I will explain in a later blog that it seems like there's a connection between GTA IV and V (other than the obvious fact that they're both from HD Universe).

Covering system, blind fire, full functioning drive-by, benchmark graphics, fluid animations, ragdolls, cars no longer exploding when upside down, executions, incredible story line that also is influenced by the player's decisions, and the first Grand Theft Auto with a multiplayer feature. This game took the series to a whole new different level. It gave it a sense of reality. One that was very much needed. I played it nonstop for 1 year, then on and off for another. That's how much it meant to me.

Even to this day I play it from time to time, and should Rockstar ever decide to release it for PS4 already, it's a must buy.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The first, I have played. The second, I have not. The first was great, even though it was the same game in the same city, somehow they managed to give it a different vibe, almost like it wasn't the same place at all. By the way, Rest in peace Johnny Klebitz. You should have stayed in Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars:

Another game released for portable consoles. What the fuck is with that? It's getting old. Another game I'll pass of playing without regrets.

Grand Theft Auto V:

Splendid game. Although I have to be honest. Even though this is the first GTA ever that I managed to buy on the same year, and the same month of it's release (almost the same day may I add), back in Set 2013, I didn't feel "it". My love for the game died rather fast and without glory. I was disappointed by the game, though now I see that I either wasn't prepared for it, or simply I couldn't care enough at the time. When time goes by and you get older, you have a different perspective of life, and that also may have influenced my mood for this game, and gaming in general. Either way, almost exactly 3 years later after I quit playing it, I decided to give it a last chance after having bought the game 5 months ago for the PS4 (In May, if you're not following). It was a great decision. I reckon I am a late bloom, sort of speak. The game caught me completely, and I didn't stop playing it for a single day since October 2016. Now in March 2017 I am at the end of the line (I chose Ending C), and I have to say it was quite the ride. Granted, I did play GTA IV far more than V, but consider this: I'm no longer a child. I'm a man, with a job, a lot responsibilities and a huge burden of many kinds to bear. I don't have as much time as I used to. So, by doing a balance we can say that GTA V is as good as GTA IV was. It's almost like the games are exact opposites in a lot of ways, which I'll explain in an upcoming blog.

Grand Theft Auto - Online:

Honestly, I never gave a crap about online gaming in general. But I am a completionist, and as such, I am obliged to play this at one point or another. I'll get all the trophies. Liked it? Yes, I played it some 3 years ago, and it had it's moments, but if I am to choose I'll go for Story Mode every single time.

Grand Theft Auto VI:

No release date, not even confirmed as of Q3 2017. But as soon as it gets released, we'll see if it's going to be another "late blooming" or not.

And that is all you need to know about me. if you're not a fan of wall texts, boo hoo for you and go stroke it. Anything else, there are things called Talk Page and Chat.

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