aka NICK

  • I was born on January 3
  • I am Male

Personal information

Real Name Nick

Location Windsor CT

Hometown Windsor CT

Ocupation Student

About Me I Love GTA series, Call of Duty series and Red Dead Redemption, basicaly any thing with guns.

Other Information

Movies Colors, The Unborn,The Mist

TV South Land * I am a fan of the LAPD , Ghost Hunters, Cops, Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest, Survivor.

Music 80s music


Video Games Of course the Grand Theft Auto series , Call of Duty series, Or any game with gus and violence.


Snacks Chips, Burgers, Chicken , Meat , or any thing tasty

Drinks Soda , Water, Juice and Milk.

Grand Theft Auto Info

Favorite Vehicles : Banshee(GTA 3)Rhino(GTA VC)AT-400(GTA SA)Taxi(GTA LCS)VCPD Cruiser(GTA VCS)Police Stockade(GTA 4Slamvan and Tow Truck(GTA 4 : TLAD)Buzzard and APC and Brickade*Yes i do mod(TBOGT)

Favorite Weapons :AK-47( GTA 3)Minigun(GTA VC)Minigun(GTA SA)Rocket Launcher(GTALCS) Minigun(VCS)CarbineRifle(GTA 4)Assault Shotgun and Sawn-Off Shotgun(GTA4:TLAD)Gold SMG(TBOGT)

Favorite Feature : Gang Warfare SA and TLAD

'Favorite Grand Theft Auto game :' Grand Theft Auto IV

Least Favorite Grand Theft Auto Game : GTA Liberty City Stories

Favorite Protagonist : Niko Bellic

Least Favorite Protagonist : Toni Cipriani

Most Wanted Feature in Grand Theft Auto 5 : Air Planes like in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, more siren codes in police cars like code 2( lights and no sirens,police use it in a domestic disturbence or searching for a suspect, also tells trafic to be careful) also R* should bring back bussinesses and buyable safe houseses, and more accesable interiors.

Grand Theft Auto games I own : Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, GTA LCS, GTA VCS, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned , The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

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