Hey guys!, I'm FXX, and im a young teen who enjoys Grand Theft Auto!. The concept of GTA is just phenomanal, the storyline, the city, and the detail is just so thorough. I just love it, out of all the games, Grand Theft Auto just beats them all. I have not been a member on here long, but I'm striving to become better at editing, and become a better editor. Im not saying im an amateur, but I would like too become better. I like taking photographs on GTA, and I like discovering areas of the cities. Im also very into discovering places. In GTA IV, I like driving about and looking for different things, Im also a glitch finder, and I know many, especially one which makes you become invincible on the online modes at the Airport. I like going online in GTA IV on my Playstation 3, add me, my PSN ID name is; BoroLadMFC. I'd be happy to just mess around with you, my strong points online are racing and deathmatch.

Grand Theft Auto Games I Own

Grand Theft Auto 1 - PlayStation 1

Grand Theft Auto 2 - PlayStation 1

Grand Theft Auto III - PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PlayStation 2 & PC

Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories - PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories - PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto IV - PlayStation 3

The Lost and Damned - PlayStation 3

The Ballad Of Gay Tony - PlayStation 3

Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 3 - when it comes out!

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