My GTA history

  • First played the original Grand Theft Auto in '98 on a friends Playstation, and somehow got infected by the game's idea of being a villain, and being free do any crazy stuff you like.
  • So I bought Grand Theft Auto 2 for PC in '99 but was more the casual 'Gouranga' type of player, but at least I managed to complete all story missions.
  • Then I had a long break from GTA trying to become a DJ, but I kinda failed and rejoined the nerd life in 2005 after buying a better pc with dvd drive. I played VC nearly every day for nearly a year, and reached 100% for the first time in a GTA game.
    • And I still remember the 'good' old times, when I had to drive around Vice City for hours and hours of real time just to find that one special car, wanted on the export list...
  • Then in 2006 I 'moved' to SA, cause I spend most of my free time with GTA games. With SA I discovered the huge world of GTA mods. First had the usual problems with downgrading the game and getting the files that were deleted from V2.00, until I got the chance to buy one of the few existing uncut German (Austrian) V1.00 copies. A huge world opened up to me, places like the Russian GTA Anderius, or 'simpler' total map conversions like the SanVice Mod, or the never fully finished GTA Berlin. And over time I found out how to edit some of the game's files myself without using editor programs, that were mostly poorly programmed. Of course I also managed to reach 100% with SA.
  • When IV came out for consoles I remembered never having played III. So III served to fill the gap till IV was released for PC, but due to the Yardies bug I only managed to get 99%. And I never properly managed to fly the Dodo, even with all the flying experience I already had from VC and SA. I tried replaying III after being through with IV, but the mechanics seem to be antic compared to IV, so I never gave it a second chance.
  • Then in December 2008 I bought IV, played it from (PC) Day 1 and had to live though those friggin' 11 patches. Every single one of them more or less destroyed my mods, so it was quite a hassle until EFLC  came out 2011 and ended all this patching madness. Between this 11 patches I had a lot of time to manage to get the 100% completion in IV, and I also scored every SP-Achievement.
  • After EFLC came out, it took me quite some time to complete especially TBoGT, but finally I didn't just get 100% completion, but I also scored the TBoGT-Superstar-Achievement for 100% completion and gold medal for every mission, without using the Simple Native Trainer or other mods. I consider this my greatest Achievement in GTA so far.
  • At some point I tried out LA Noire, but only got dissappointed by a total boring game with a story I did not even understand. It was never fully explained how this freak I captured in the end managed to frame all the innocent ones I captured first. This was bad storytelling at its best...
  • Now we are in 2015 and once again, I'm playing V from (PC) day 1. Rockstar still hasn't learned anything, and is still releasing a friggin' patch every other day. Though they don't call it patching, this time it's the unnecessary GTA-Online updates that set me up, I tend to play offline every time a new 'update' is out, until the mods are updated, too.

So it's waiting for the next GTA game, that presumably wont be out before 2020. Rockstar announced that their next AAA will be a new Red Dead game, and coming out just for consoles in late 2017. The first petitions are runnning to put it out for PC, too. Due to them not releasing the earlier RD games for PC, I don't think there will be much chance for RDR2 on PC.

Meanwhile I have plenty of time to get the PS2 emulator running so I can finally play LCS and VCS on PC. III also needs to be played a second time due to reaching the 100% completion and at the same time I can save some savegames with all sidemissions done before any storymissions in Portland, Staunton, and Shoreside. Same with VC, cause I just realized how easy it is to get to Mainland early in the game.

About me

I'm the classical single-player-nerd. I don't fancy multiplayer and never played any mode offered by Rockstar or modders. Due to the fact that my GTA-games are always modded to the bone, it would be unfair to visit a multiplayer lobby, or in case of V it's technically impossible for me to start GTAO. The modifications I apply are mostly from the category trainers, or helper progs like carspawners or teleporters. Most vehicleinfo-files and weaponinfo-files in all games up to IV are manually edited by me, to make cars faster or weapons more powerful. With V I only use Sjaaks Simple Native Trainer, as it's the most versatile mod I've seen so far

Besides that, I still like spinning my wheelz from time to time, but times are getting pretty rare in the last few years.

What the hell am I doing 'here'?

In my early GTA days while playing VC and SA, I mainly roamed around the german fansites and, but due to the rise of social network pages most german fansites lost nearly all of their members, and who even had developed their own modding tool for SA called GAMI, to easily add new cars and edit all game files accordingly just with one click even vanished from the internet without further notice to their community. So I had to search for a new place to spend some time with GTA without actually playing the game, and went to wikia.

My first contribution to the GTA-Wikia's was editing the 100% checklist for GTA IV on the German GTA-Wikia in 12.2009. All 100%-lists that were available at that time were faulty, so I played IV, and looked up the percent-value after every single save the game made. Finally I came up with a very detailed list, even showing all the activities that do not contribute towards the 100%, and posted it there cause anyone unregistered could edit the German GTA-Wikia at that time. Due to this, I was an unregistered user until I signed up to wikia in 10.2015. My first edit here was on the IV rendition of the 'Sentinel XS', explaining the difference between IV and other Games, as the Sentinel XS technically doesn't exist in IV. It's just a component-variant of the standard Sentinel.

I hope to contribute some of my knowledge about GTA games and how to mod them to this wiki.

My editing sometimes gets pretty annoying to others. I tend to re-edit a lot, cause I seem to oversee a lot, so please be patient with me. If you feel the need to revert any of the contributions I made, It would simply be polite to leave a note in the edit's summary, or even a short message on my talk page why doing so.

Since wikia turned fandom, the allover look becomes more and more annoying to me, and I don't know if I will stay here for much longer if this spreads out more. I don't want any unrelated advertising videos popping up in the middle of an article, that's not what a wiki is supposed to be in my opinion. I recommend using UBlock Origin, and as addons in your browser to stop this fandom-madness.

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