Hey guys its me Djmex. I love all gta games, and there fun but I like GTA IV, the ballad of gay tony and GTA V better.

About me

Well lets see Im 17 years old soon turning 18 on January. I have 4 video game consoles, I love COD and Its the best game yet. I play GTA V more often.

Gtavlogo This user thinks GTA V is the best GTA game
TBoGT This user thinks TBoGT is the best GTA game
IV This user thinks GTA IV is the best GTA game
Artwork-luislopez-TBoGT This user thinks Luis Lopez is the best protagonist
Page Artwork-Michael-GTAV This user thinks Michael is the best protagonist
RNGTA3CLAUDE This user thinks Claude is the best protagonist
NikoLiberty This user thinks Niko Bellic is the best protagonist
122 This user is level 122 in GTA Online
Deal Icon This user chose Deal
San andreas tennpenny This user thinks Tenpenny is the best antagonist in the GTA Series.
The-third-way This user chose Deathwish

DevinWeston-GTA5 This user thinks Devin Weston is the worst antagonist in the GTA Series.
Xbox 360 This user thinks that Xbox 360 is the best platform for GTA
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