aka Honest Truth Teller

  • I live in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is try to be a good Wiki user
  • I am ♂ Male

This is the user page of DaBOSS0102 (originally known as Krimson445). Feel free to browse it, but don't edit it without my permission.

I am a 26-year-old man still living with my grandmother.

In my GTA V:

Franklin is clean shaven, and has a cornrow haircut, it makes him look cool.

Michael has his default haircut and a full beard, it makes him look older.

Trevor is also clean shaven and also has his head shaved, it makes him look tough and intimidating.

I make all three protagonists invincible, not with the cheat, but with mods.

My favorite weather patterns are extra sunny, clear and overcast.

When I ride a motorcycle, I like to turn its radio off, since I believe there shouldn't be radios on them.

When I play the mission Fresh Meat, I like to use the Bullpup Rifle as Franklin, to give the Chinese a taste of their own medicine.

When I play the mission The Time's Come, I like to put a rainy and thunderous weather to add a sadder theme to it.

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My SNES games

N64 games I've played

PS1 games I've played

My collection of PS2 games

My PC games

  • Grand Theft Auto V (Steam) (2015)
  • Red Dead Redemption II (Steam) (2019)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Steam) (2005)
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Steam) (2009)
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition (2009)
  • Grand Theft Auto III (Steam) (2002)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Steam) (2003)

My Wii U games

My Xbox 360 Slim games

My Xbox One games

My Nintendo Switch games

My PSP Go games

Games marked with "*" are ones that are either scratched or that I've lost.


Weapons I like to use in The Big Score (Obvious approach)

In the obvious approach of The Big Score, I always have both Franklin and Michael well-armed. Franklin and Michael battle the police with Special Carbines. Their Special Carbines are fitted with drum magazines, which I like using only during heists.

Weapons I like to use in Blitz Play and The Paleto Score

In Blitz Play and The Paleto Score, their arsenal is balanced. Franklin and Michael both use MGs.

Getaway vehicle I like to use in The Big Score (Obvious approach)



Here are logic fails, plot twists/holes, or things that don't make sense in GTA V and GTA Online.

  • In Prologue, why isn't Brad using a Carbine Rifle as well? It's a better weapon for long range.
  • In Franklin and Lamar, why did Michael leave without paying for the therapy session?
  • In Derailed, why does the player fail the mission by running out of Sticky Bombs if they can blow up the container's doors with any explosive weapon?
  • In The Paleto Score, why isn't Franklin wearing a balaclava to hide his identity? Also, I noticed that he doesn't a headset on, so how is he communicating with Michael and Trevor?
  • In Monkey Business, how is Steve Haines breathing underwater when his scuba oxygen backpack has no tubes connected to his mouth?
  • In Monkey Business, after Haines shoots himself in the leg, how is there only a gunshot wound on the back of his leg?
  • In Monkey Business, after Haines shoots himself in the leg, how were Michael and Dave able to get into the Cargobob? They clearly couldn't get up there.
  • In The Big Score (Obvious approach), why isn't the second gunman using an Advanced Rifle like the first gunman?
  • In The Big Score (Obvious approach), after the crew (Franklin, Michael and the second gunman) have escaped, wouldn't the rest of the crew (Trevor, Lester and the first getaway driver) have already dropped the gold into the train car and made it to the airfield?
  • In The Big Score (Obvious approach), how are Lester's rocket blasts homing in on the Buzzards?
  • In the subtle approach, how are 2 men (the second getaway driver and gunman) able to change 8 armored truck tires in less than a minute?
  • In Trevor Philips Industries, why did Tao and his translator get into a random stranger's car that was driving by?
  • In Bury the Hatchet, where did Trevor land his Cuban 800? Also, where did the jet that Michael was in land at? Is there supposed to be an airfield or airport in North Yankton?
  • In Fresh Meat, of all the weapons the player can use with Franklin, why does he have to use the AK-47?
  • In Reuniting the Family, after the family goes to Dr. Friedlander's office, Amanda will be there, but what happened to her Sentinel?
  • In The Time's Come, how is Michael moving/teleporting from one place to another so fast?
  • Why can't Taliana Martinez be chosen as a getaway driver for The Jewel Store Job?
  • After Trevor finds out that Michael is still alive in Los Santos and goes to Floyd's apartment, assuming that the player starts the mission Fame or Shame as Michael, how did Trevor know exactly where Michael lived?
  • I wonder how long Trevor will be able to hide Floyd and Debra's deaths from Wade?
  • Why can't Franklin play tennis? That's racist.
  • Why can't Michael hang out with Tracey?
  • Why can't Trevor hang out with Ron or Wade? Is Wade going to sit with those two strippers for the rest of his life?
  • Why does Trevor's phone have the color red when his signature color is orange?
  • Why don't the protagonists remove the contacts of their enemies (such as Devin Weston's) from their phones after they've killed them?
  • Why can't the player perform a drive-by shooting while driving the PR4 or the R88?
  • Why doesn't the license plate on Michael's red Premier read "5MDS003" as well?
  • Why don't police officers use Nightsticks?
  • Why don't all assault rifles and SMGs (including MK II ones) have drum magazines?
  • Why does the Double Barrel Shotgun fire both its shells at the same time?
  • Why are weapon attachments missing during cutscenes?
  • Why do police officers arrest or shoot you if you help them? (Same in all GTA games)
  • Why does the Homing Launcher have less rockets than the Rocket Launcher?
  • Why does the barber use the scissors when the character changes his facial hair?
  • Why can't the player go into first-person view when driving the Cutter?
  • Why can't the player run in first-person mode while inside certain interiors or a safehouse?
  • Why can't the player (or an NPC passenger) use the machine gun mounted on the roof of the Rhino?
  • Why are there radios on motorcycles? (Same in all GTA games that feature motorcycles)
  • How do trams keep moving and stopping on their own even if the operator is dead?
  • Why don't license plates burn after a vehicle explodes?
  • How come the rain doesn't affect convertibles? (Same in all GTA games)
  • Why is the Flashlight so expensive?
  • How does the character get a soft drink from a vending machine by just pressing a button without first putting a coin or dollar bill into it? Also, how are they able to chug the entire can so quickly? (Same with Michael when he drinks kale juice)
  • How does the character reload the entire barrel of certain shotguns (such as the Pump Shotgun's) when they are seen inserting only one shell? (Same with the Grenade Launcher)
  • How do cars shift and handbrake when the character is never seen moving the shifter nor the handbrake? (Same in previous GTA games)
  • How do vehicles never run out of fuel? (Same in all GTA games)
  • When the character (not the player) uses their cellphone while driving a car in third person mode, they take their attention off the road, so how are they still able to drive?
  • How is the character (not the player) able to see anything while driving the Rhino and the TM-02 Khanjali?
  • How is the character able to use their cellphone while swimming?
  • How is the player able to detonate Sticky Bombs without a detonator? (Same in The Ballad of Gay Tony)
  • When the player has a wanted level, how are they able to hear the police scanner? (Same in all GTA games)
  • How are Molotov Cocktails lit when the character does nothing in order to light them up? (Same in previous GTA games, except GTA IV, where the character actually uses an imaginary lighter)
  • How is the character able to carry so many weapons and so much ammunition with them? (Same in all GTA games)
  • After switching from one weapon to another, how has the previous weapon reloaded even if the player did not do so? (Same in all GTA games)
  • When the character changes into a scuba suit, why can't they wear flippers? Also, when they go scuba diving, why don't they swim with the same animation as in The Merryweather Heist and Monkey Business?
  • If the player fails a heist in GTA V, why does it say "Mission Failed" and not "Heist Failed"?
  • When the character browses the internet with their cellphone, how are they able to move the cursor?
  • When the character changes the color of their cellphone, how does it change color?
  • When the character does a drive-by shooting on a motorcycle, they use their weapon with their right arm, so how are they able to use the throttle? (Same in previous GTA games)
  • You could draw your weapon in safehouses and shoot them up in previous games, but apart from destroying the furniture in GTA IV, nothing would ever happen to them, so why can't you do it in GTA V?
  • I'm not "the boss" or anything, it's just my username.
  • Trevor is the craziest character in the GTA series. He's still disgusting, though.
  • I don't play GTA Online, because I don't think it was made for me, and also because I like using mods, but trust me, I tried it.
  • My zodiac sign is Aquarius, but I previously and mistakenly believed it to be Scorpio.
  • I'm really scared of heights. I can't even stand on a chair or climb a ladder in my house without becoming afraid that I might fall and break my spine or neck.
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