Grand Theft Auto 3

  • Favorite Character: Catalina, Asuka, Donald Love.
  • Most Hated Character: Kenji- the way he talk and his missions!
  • Favorite Car: Banshee-Fast
  • Most Hated Car: Manana-Slow
  • Favorite Gang Cars:
    • Cartel Cruiser- Speedy and looks Great.
    • Mafia Sentinel-Fast and cool looking and i always liked the Leone's
    • Triad Fish Van- dont get me wrong this Van is awful but has good ramming power, as seen during the mission salvatore's called a meeting.
  • Most Hated Gang Car:Yakuza Stinger- The Yakuza has turned the wonderfull stinger to one of thier racing car!
  • Favorite Radio Station: Double Clef FM, Rise FM.
  • Most hated radio station:
    • Jah Radio- it is ok but not my Fav...
    • MSX FM- Too fast and cant understand the Lyrics.
  • Favorite Weapon: AK-47, Pump Action Shotgun
  • Favorite Missions:
  • Most Hated Mission: Last Requests- i mean y the hell do you get a reward for escaping?
  • Favorite Gang- Leone Family- i like thier outfits and the fact they listen to Classical Music, and i just hated when they hate me =(
    • Yakuza- the only gang that likes me so yah.
  • Favorite Feature: The new 3D format, and the fact that Claude doesn't speak, and just the cars and missions in General.
  • Least Favorite Feature- that you have those ugly Warehouses that you save in.
  • Console-Playstation 2

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • Favorite Cars:
    • Sentinel- I love this car, i have a black one and a Orange one =)
    • FBI Rancher- i like the Engine sound and the speed
    • Securicar- the Durability
  • Favorite Characters:
  • Favorite Radio Stations: Flash FM,Espantoso, and Fever 105.
  • Favorite Weapon: Ruger, Stubby Shotgun, MAC-10, MP5, and Rocket Launcher.
  • Favorite Feature: Tommy can finally get out of a car when on fire, Tommy calls everyone Pricks.
  • Favorite Area, Starfish Island.
  • Favorite Mission: Hit The Courier, Malibu ClubMissions, Biker gang Missions, and Keep Your Friends Close.
  • Console: Playstation 2
  • Rating 8/10
  • Description: Vice City is alot better than GTA 3, there are new cars, the quality of the cars and the game are far above amazing, not to mentioned, that you can finally get some real safehouse, and no longer have to live in those ugly warehouses in GTA 3! I also like to collect unique vehicels like the Black Sentinel, Indestructible Admiral, white admiral, black, metallic orange Bobcat, and the gold stretch.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

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