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Hi. I'm Andy Ashley, but you can call me Andyxdr. I was born in California in 1999 and my family lived with me there for nearly 8 years. In 2007, we moved all the way to North Carolina and we lived there for 6 years. In 2013, we moved to Texas. In 2019, I moved to my grandparents' house in California. The first GTA game that I ever played was Grand Theft Auto III. It was the only game in the series that I ever really played until Grand Theft Auto V when I started getting attached to the Grand Theft Auto series. I bought every game in the 3D Universe (except GTA Advance) for my PlayStation 2, and I also got Episodes from Liberty City for my PlayStation 3. I became an editor on GTA Wiki some time ago and I love GTA and I am happy to be a part of the Wiki of one of my favorite series of video games!

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Pages about my favorite stuff in the GTA Series

Favorite Games and stuff

  • Grand Theft Auto III-This was my first GTA game, and definitely one of my favorites. I've completed the story numerous times and I can't seem to get tired of it.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City-This is the game I played after III and San Andreas. I only started playing it after buying it for the PS2. I finally managed to finish the game and I ultimately enjoyed it! :)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-This is a wonderful game. It's funny, sweet, lighthearted, wacky, and over-the-top! :)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories-This is one of my favorite games in the series. It's basically an enhanced version of GTA III. This time, it has motorcycles, new characters, better controls, and even the F-word! What I really like about the game is that it has GREAT music. Probably the best in the series.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories-What GTA LCS is to GTA III, GTA VCS is to GTA VC. I love this game! The characters are funny, the protagonist is a real badass, the music is wonderful, and I like the Empire Building feature because thanks to it, you automatically earn lots of money which makes life in the game much easier. :)
  • 3D Universe-Probably my favorite GTA era.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV-I played this game after GTA V and at first, I wasn't really into it, but after I played The Ballad of Gay Tony, I started getting attached to it. The missions are fun and well-designed, the characters are very well-developed, and I like the Friendships, despite the fact that the friends are always asking for you to hang out with them which is annoying, because of the special abilities you gain from hanging out with them enough.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned-This game is fun and cool as hell! Despite the game's dark and gritty nature, there are a lot of things about this game that I really like. I especially enjoyed the mission Shifting Weight because of all the crazy stuff in that mission. The new motorcycles were cool and overall, the game was great.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars-I have this game on the Nintendo DS, and I enjoyed it. The gameplay mechanics were innovative and the characters are often highly entertaining despite their flaws.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony-This was the game that drawed me towards the GTA IV Trilogy, and it was great and enjoyable. Gay Tony and Yusuf Amir were really funny characters and the missions were crazy, wacky, silly fun. It's like, the game effectively combines the gritty realism of GTA IV with the over-the-top action of the 3D Universe, and that makes it twice as good. This game also appears to be the lightest game in the HD Universe, which is very nice. :)
  • Grand Theft Auto V-This game is without a doubt, one of the greatest games in the whole series. It was the game that brought me to the GTA Series and it was very fun and enjoyable. The missions are amazing, the characters are entertaining, the vehicles are awesome, and the music is wonderful!
  • Grand Theft Auto Online-This game is amazing. I started playing it in late 2015 and I've had fun with it! I stopped playing it in early 2016 but then got back to it in June 2018.
  • HD Universe-This is probably my second favorite era in the GTA Series.

Favorite Features

  • Empire Building-I like this feature because it helps you to earn money. Taking over new empire sites is fun and exciting, and overall, this feature makes things much easier and more enjoyable.
  • Friendships in GTA IV-It may be annoying that the friends are always asking for you to hang out with them, but I still like it because of all the great stuff you get for doing it. Take the special abilities for example.
  • Girlfriends in GTA IV-They're just like the friends except they're less annoying. I only like the ones with special abilities. Special mention goes to Kiki Jenkins, her special ability (removing wanted levels) is without a doubt one of the most useful abilities in the whole game, considering how annoying the cops are.
  • Heists-These new missions in GTA V are always so much fun and they're so exciting! I love planning how the heist goes and selecting Heist Crew Members.

Favorite Missions

  • From Zero to Hero-This was a fun mission. I liked the part where you were driving the truck and following Lance and trying to avoid Jerry Martinez flying a Hunter who is shooting missiles at you, and eventually the cops who set up road blocks. The truck is the perfect vehicle for the situation because of its large size, allowing it to effortlessly ram into cop cars and stuff.
  • Demolition Man-This was a cool mission. You have to use an RC helicopter to plant bombs in a building that's under construction.
  • Stowaway-This was an awesome mission. You have to ride a motorcycle into an airplane and destroy the plane and then bail out with a parachute.
  • Taking the Peace-This was another cool mission. You have to take control of a car and then run over a bunch of Forelli Family members to mess up a truce. The mission reminds me of the film Batman Returns in which in one scene, the Penguin takes control of the Batmobile and uses it to drive like crazy all over Gotham City.
  • Grand Theft Aero-This was a fun mission. It was nice and long and exciting.
  • A Revenger's Tragedy-Probably my favorite mission in all of GTA IV. It's basically car chases, gun fights, boat chases, helicopter chases, foot chases, and a deep emotional context, all thrown into one!
  • Out of Commission-This was a great final mission. I loved how Roman was with us in this one, and my favorite part was when Niko drove the Sanchez up the ramp, and just grabbed on to the Annihilator. That was some impressive stunt stuff.
  • Shifting Weight-This was a GREAT mission. Nothing says awesome like riding on the back of a really fast motorcycle while another person is driving and you're using an Assault Shotgun to blow up police cars and helicopters!
  • Departure Time-A lot of missions in TBoGT were fun and exciting, but this one takes the cake out of all of them. You engage in a gunfight with the Bulgarin Bratva at an amusement park and you destroy heroin-filled duck-shaped trash bins. After that, you ride on a nice motorcycle and you're heading to the airport, and then Yusuf shows up in an attack helicopter to protect you from bad guys driving and shooting in cars. When you finally reach the airport, you have to chase after an airplane which is about to take off, and then you jump into the plane just as it takes off. You kill all the guys in there, and then you finally kill Ray Bulgarin once and for all. Afterwards, the plane blows up due to a grenade, and then you jump out with a parachute, and possibly glide over to the Monoglobe. The following cutscene is very amusing and satisfying...
  • Salt in the Wound-This was a cool mission. You have to engage in a large shootout and then you and Wade Heston jump in a boat and chase after Wu 'Kenny' Lee who is also in a boat. Wade drives while you shoot at bad guys and eventually you reach a port and then you get in a car and chase after Kenny and head over Hsin Jaoming's place where Kenny is. He tries to attack you with the Yu Jian Sword and then you finally finish him off.
  • The Big Score-This was a fun heist mission. Both the Subtle and Obvious versions were fun and entertaining in one way or the other.
  • The Doomsday Heist Missions-These missions were awesome and fun to play. The Doomsday Heist feels like it made GTA Online for me. There are just so many awesome vehicles. The music is also great.
  • The Diamond Casino Heist-I love this heist. The missions for it are fun to play and so is the heist itself. I love how you can decide the approach and which crew members to hire.

Favorite Protagonists

  • Victor Vance-He was a great protagonist. He was heroic, honest, justified, legitimate, and most of all, badass. Too bad he was killed two years later.
  • Claude-He was the protagonist of the first GTA game I played, making him the first protagonist I played as. I like to describe him as 'the tough guy who never talks.'
  • Toni Cipriani-I like him because he's so cool and zany! He's more or less what you would expect a GTA protagonist to be like. He's also the protagonist of one of my favorite games in the series.
  • Tommy Vercetti-He's cool and entertaining and he's voiced by Ray Liotta! Too bad he never learned how to swim...
  • Carl Johnson-One of my favorite protagonists. He can do a buttload of things such as swimming, flying, climbing, crouching, and saying funny stuff! He can do pretty much anything Claude and Tommy couldn't do.
  • Niko Bellic-He's one of the greatest protagonists ever. He's fearless, he's clever, he's skilled, and he's protective!
  • Johnny Klebitz-I liked him because he was the protagonist of one of the most enjoyable games in the series. I felt kind of sad when he was killed five years later.
  • Luis Lopez-He was awesome. He can take on an entire crime syndicate all by himself and win. He's also one of the more heroic protagonists.
  • Huang Lee-It's always so much fun to see Huang shoot big guns while he himself is so small. He was a cool protagonist. I wonder how he has a file in the LCPD Database in GTA IV.
  • Michael De Santa-Michael is a great protagonist. His special ability frequently comes in handy in gun fights, and Michael himself is often fun to play as and his missions are often highly entertaining.
  • Franklin Clinton-Franklin is by far the most pleasant of the three protagonists in GTA V. He seems to be the one I would feel the most comfortable around. His special ability comes in handy when you're trying to avoid crashing your lovely new car.
  • Trevor Philips-Trevor is awesome. He's also a possible candidate for the funniest GTA protagonist ever. One thing I like is that he's such an expert at flying airplanes and helicopters, and his special ability is extremely useful in heavy gunfights.
  • GTA Online Protagonist-It's great how in GTA Online, you can create your own protagonist! They're just like Claude from GTA III.

Favorite Characters

  • Reni Wassulmaier-Who would have known that transsexuals could be so entertaining?
  • Phil Cassidy-He's so funny and entertaining in GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Vice City. In GTA III, he was cool because he can handle himself surprisingly well in a gunfight. Even with only one arm!
  • Umberto Robina-He's so entertaining, dramatic, and hysterical in the games he appears in. It also helps that he's voiced by Danny Trejo, he even looks like him!
  • Lance Vance-He was funny and entertaining even though he's rather unpleasant.
  • Ken Rosenberg-He's a great guy to have on your side. Although he lost Tommy, he found a new friend in Carl.
  • Cesar Vialpando-He's cool and friendly in the missions he appears in.
  • Sweet Johnson-He may be a jerk, but he gets better later on in the game.
  • The Truth-He's weird and sometimes funny, especially in the mission Green Goo where he pops out of nowhere with the jetpack and clumsily crash-lands. I wonder why he's not in CJ's house at the end of the game. Maybe he wanted to leave or he was somewhere else in the house, I don't know which is more likely.
  • Wu Zi Mu-He's amazing. He can race cars even though he's blind. Where does he get all that luck?
  • Salvatore Leone-I only really like him in GTA Liberty City Stories. In other games, he's rather unpleasant.
  • Donald Love-He's a great character in the 3D Universe. In GTA III, he was very calm and polite. He never really seemed to get angry unlike other characters in the game, and in GTA VC, he was rather quiet, and in GTA LCS, he was rather entertaining. Although in that game, he was a real psycho.
  • Leon McAffrey-It's nice how he has a much bigger role in GTA LCS.
  • Ray Machowski-I liked him in GTA III. His missions were enjoyable and I like how he doesn't die.
  • Roman Bellic-He's so entertaining and optimistic, I prefer to choose the ending where he lives.
  • Jim Fitzgerald-I liked Jim in TLAD. He was cool and helpful. And when I heard that he died I felt like I was going to miss him.
  • Gay Tony-He's funny, clumsy, and neurotic. It also helps that his name is in the title of his respective game. He's basically Ken Rosenberg's HD Universe counterpart.
  • Wade Heston-He was cool and helpful in GTA Chinatown Wars. It's kind of weird that he's a cop and he's friends with Huang who is a criminal.
  • Lester Crest-He's a great character in GTA V. He's always so smart and helpful. He's also kind of funny sometimes...
  • Lamar Davis-He's funny and stupid, but he's also helpful and caring.
  • Dave Norton-He's one of the coolest GTA characters ever. He can handle himself in a gunfight and he's very helpful.
  • Ron Jakowski-He's highly entertaining and I like how he cares about Trevor so much, even though he's afraid of him.
  • Wade Hebert-He may be a dimwit, but he's so innocent and he says a lot of funny stuff.
  • Floyd Hebert-He seems to be the only good character in all of GTA V. When he died in Hang Ten, it was a real tragedy.
  • Chef-He's cool and tough, and he's useful in both The Paleto Score and The Big Score. I wish we knew more about him though.
  • Little Jacob-He's so cool and tough, and his special ability is the one I use the most often in GTA IV.
  • Brucie Kibbutz-He's so entertaining and comical and his special ability helps you get to places fast!
  • Packie McReary-He's one of the greatest GTA characters ever. Though his special ability, unfortunately, is the one I use the least often in GTA IV. He is a great Heist Crew Member in GTA V though.
  • Dwayne Forge-I always choose to let him live in The Holland Play because he seems like a great guy. His special ability is very useful in missions where gun fights are likely to occur.
  • Kiki Jenkins-She's my favorite Girlfriend in GTA IV. She can get those pesky cops off your back!
  • Jon Gravelli-He's a very interesting old man. He's the don of the largest and most powerful criminal organization in all of Liberty City, and his missions are fun and enjoyable.
  • Terry Thorpe-He was a great character in TLAD. He provides backup with Clay and delivers guns just like Little Jacob! Too bad he was killed along with Johnny and Clay five years later. Although it's possible to avoid killing him.
  • Clay Simons-He was another great character in TLAD. He's very useful for backup with Terry and he delivers nice motorcycles to your location! Too bad he was killed along with Johnny and Terry five years later. Although it's possible for him to survive.
  • Jason Michaels-I know we didn't see him much, but it seems as though if we did, he would've been an awesome character.
  • Ashley Butler-She was a decent character in TLAD, despite the fact that she causes some problems. Too bad she died five years later along with Johnny, Terry, and Clay.
  • Malc-He's a great character in TLAD. He rides an awesome bike, and he's often helpful in the missions he appears in.
  • DeSean-He's also a great character. We don't see him much compared to Malc, but he also rides another awesome bike, and like Malc, he's very helpful.
  • Armando Torres-He's a great friend in TBoGT. He may be rather unpleasant sometimes, but he's a good friend to Luis and he delivers guns just like Jacob in GTA IV and Terry in TLAD!
  • Henrique Bardas-He's another great friend in TBoGT. He's much more pleasant than Armando, and he delivers nice cars to your location! Similar to how Clay delivers motorcycles in TLAD.
  • Yusuf Amir-He's so funny and lighthearted, and he's also very helpful in Departure Time where he escorts you to the airport using his Buzzard. His missions are also fun and entertaining.
  • Eddie Toh-He was the first Heist Crew Member that I saw his heist sheet of. He's clever and secretive and I like how he knows which vehicle to use and which to not.
  • Karim Denz-He may be whiny, unprofessional, and dimwitted, but he's also inexpensive and he's also a fast learner. If you keep using him, he reaches the same level as Eddie and Taliana.
  • Taliana Martinez-She's a badass driver who means business. She only takes 5% of the take despite her incredible skill, and she's pretty easy to find.
  • Gustavo Mota-He's one of my favorite Heist Crew Members. He's tough and entertaining at the same time, and he has a high-pitched voice! He was the first gunman I ever used.
  • Daryl Johns-He may be unpleasant and stupid while he thinks he's a genius, but he's useful because of his low cut of 6% and he only needs to survive The Bureau Raid to become useful for The Big Score.
  • Hugh Welsh-He's one of the nicer Heist Crew Members despite his low skill and cut and he's the only one who shows compassion with others. He's really just a shy old man.
  • Karl Abolaji-He may not be very good, but he is a solid choice for The Big Score if you want to save money and also since he can only be selected in that heist, I recommend using him as the second gunman for the Subtle approach and as the first gunman for the Obvious approach.
  • Paige Harris-She's a reliable hacker and one of the more interesting Heist Crew Members. She is very expensive though, with a whopping cut of 15%, the most of any of the Heist Crew Members.
  • Rickie Lukens-He's not that good but he is entertaining, especially in his first appearance in Friend Request. He gets better and more reliable if you keep using him and he's also the least expensive Heist Crew Member, with a cut of only 4%!

Favorite Antagonists

  • Jerry Martinez-Jerry is probably my favorite antagonist. He's funny and lighthearted and he's also dangerous. He's also very satisfying to see getting killed in Last Stand.
  • Armando Mendez-Armando is entertaining and hammy. It was satisfying to kill him in Light My Pyre. Unfortunately, he took someone with him...
  • Diego Mendez-Diego was a jerk, but he was also quite entertaining. He also looks like a typical badass bad guy, and he says amusing (and dirty) stuff in Spanish.
  • Gonzalez-I like how he has a much bigger role in GTA VCS. The missions where he appears in are entertaining, and in Treacherous Swine in GTA VC, I liked how he referred to Tommy's Chainsaw as a "blade," and it was funny to see him running like a coward in that mission.
  • Sonny Forelli-Sonny was unpleasant, but he's rather entertaining in his few appearances.
  • Ricardo Diaz-He's so funny, I can't help but laugh every time he appears. It also helps that he's Colombian because that was where my mother was born.
  • Frank Tenpenny-He's one of the more effective antagonists. It helps that he's voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, and it's so satisfying to see him dying in End of the Line.
  • Big Smoke-He was funny and entertaining and I like his voice. I wish he never betrayed us.
  • Ryder-He was also funny and entertaining, but he was also unpleasant, so killing him in Pier 69 is rather satisfying.
  • Massimo Torini-He was kind of a disappointment because he only appeared in two missions and doesn't talk to the protagonist, but he is rather interesting and he has some great potential.
  • Paulie Sindacco-The same with Massimo. Although he does talk to the protagonist.
  • Vincenzo Cilli-He may have been an obnoxious jerk, but one, he appears in more missions than both Paulie and Massimo combined, two, he is voiced by Joe Lo Truglio, and three, it was satisfying to kill him in The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade.
  • Catalina-She was funny and entertaining in GTA San Andreas and it was satisfying to kill her in The Exchange in GTA III. I just wish she had an artwork like all of the other 3D Universe antagonists. :(
  • Miguel-He was cool in GTA III and I wonder how he survived in Contra-Banned in GTA LCS.
  • Dimitri Rascalov-One of the darker antagonists in my opinion. Both missions where you finally kill him are fun and exciting.
  • Jimmy Pegorino-He's entertaining and stupid and he's basically the HD Universe counterpart to Salvatore Leone.
  • Billy Grey-He's even darker than Dimitri, but that doesn't stop him from being entertaining.
  • Ray Bulgarin-He's so entertaining in both GTA IV and TBoGT, and it was very satisfying to kill him in Departure Time at long last.
  • Wu Lee-He somehow manages to be highly entertaining despite the fact that he frowns all the time.
  • Chan Jaoming-He's funny and stupid and he acts like a teenager despite being a full-grown man.
  • Zhou Ming-He's kind of crazy and creepy, but he was also entertaining and it was satisfying to kill him in Hit from the Tong.
  • Steve Haines-He's likely the second darkest GTA antagonist ever, only falling behind Avon Hertz, and it was amusing to see him getting shot in the same leg twice! Killing him in The Third Way is more than satisfying.
  • Devin Weston-He may be a total jerk and a wimp, but he's also funny and entertaining. Killing him in The Third Way is probably the number one most satisfying death of a GTA antagonist.
  • Avon Hertz-He is, without a doubt, the darkest, most vile, and despicable character to have ever appeared in Grand Theft Auto, wanting to destroy humanity for purely selfish reasons. Killing him in The Doomsday Scenario at long last can't be more satisfying.
  • Cliffford-Avon's AI who has a lot in common with him. Destroying him in The Doomsday Scenario is also quite satisfying.

Favorite Vehicles

  • Infernus-It's always such a cool car in every game it appears in.
  • PCJ-600-I've always loved this bike. It went from being an awesome sports bike in the 3D Universe to a badass streetfighter bike in the HD Universe.
  • NRG-900-This was a great bike. What the aforementioned PCJ-600 is to the 3D Universe, the NRG-900 is to the HD Universe. I wish it returned in GTA V. :(
  • Sanchez-This is one of my all-time favorite motorcycles in the GTA series. As Niko describes it, "it's a fun little bike."
  • Cheetah-This is another great car.
  • Bati 801-This was another great bike. I loved it in TLAD and GTA V.
  • Bati 801RR-I like this bike even more than the one I talked about earlier. It's easy to get in TLAD, which is nice, but it's difficult to get in TBoGT and even more so in GTA V, where it almost never appears. I do have it in the Sprunk livery though.
  • Double-T-This is a fun little crotch-rocket bike. I always enjoy riding it in TLAD and GTA V.
  • Hakuchou-I recently got the updates for GTA V and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite bikes! Even if we don't have the NRG-900 from GTA IV in GTA V, we still have this bike.
  • Double-T Custom-This is even better than the standard Double-T. It's the fastest, most powerful bike ever in the GTA Series, and it's also the bike you ride on the back of in the mission Shifting Weight, and it even appears as a reward after completing the mission. Too bad it doesn't return in GTA V though. :(
  • Hakuchou Drag-This is even better than the standard Hakuchou. While it's not quite as fast as the Double-T Custom, it has faster acceleration and it probably has the fastest acceleration of any bike in the series. The bike even appears as a reward for completing the mission Heavy Toll. It returns in GTA Online as the Hakuchou Drag!
  • Innovation-This bike, well, the name says it all. It's one of my favorite vehicles added with a GTA V update, and it's one of the coolest bikes ever. It's also great in TLAD.
  • Hexer-This is one of the greatest bikes ever and it's even the default vehicle for Johnny Klebitz! It's even better in GTA V.
  • Akuma-This was a fun bike to ride in TBoGT and GTA V. It's sooooooo fast!
  • Bagger-What the Hexer is to Johnny Klebitz, the Bagger is to Franklin Clinton. This bike is fun to ride and easy to control. Franklin even seems to like it.
  • Formula R-This is a great race car in GTA CW. I worked hard to get it, and I can honestly say it was ultimately worth it!
  • Police Bike-This is a great bike for a law enforcement vehicle. It's especially good in the mission I Fought the Law... in GTA V where it is so fast, it can even keep up with supercars! However, I've never actually ridden this bike in TBoGT. Probably because it can only be used in multi-player and I only play single-player.
  • Sovereign-This is a wonderful bike and it's basically the civilian version of the aforementioned Police Bike. This one has a radio, but no sirens. The bike is only available in the American flag livery.
  • FIB Buffalo-This car was very cool, I liked it. It's basically the HD Universe counterpart to the FBI Car.
  • Faggio-Nice little scooter. It's fun to ride because of its sharp handling. They should never have toned down the Faggio's performance in GTA V.
  • Fusilade-This is a very cool car. Unfortunately, it's also very rare and hard to find. If you do find it though, you can have a lot of fun with it, especially since it's easy to modify.
  • Feltzer-This is another great car. It looks cool in every game it appears in.
  • Premier-This is a good car for transportation. I've driven it in nearly every game it appears in. In GTA V, it has nice sharp handling, and it always appears as a four-door sedan so you can fit you and three of your friends in it and have a good time!
  • Asea-It's basically a newer version of the Premier in GTA V.
  • Cognoscenti-This is a great car in GTA IV. It was fun using it during the car chase in either A Revenger's Tragedy or Out of Commission.
  • Cognoscenti Cabrio-The Cognoscenti also has a coupe variant that debuts in GTA V. It's even better than the original car because it's faster, cooler, and it's even a convertible! Yeah! And not only that, but when the roof is up, it looks like a hard top which is cool!
  • Frogger-This is a nice helicopter. You use it in several missions and it's always fun to use.
  • Maverick-This is another great helicopter. It's appeared in both the 3D Universe and the HD Universe, unlike the Frogger, which has not appeared until GTA V.
  • Gauntlet-This is an awesome car. It was fun to use this in the Subtle approach of The Big Score, and I like to respray the car so that it has the same color code as the protagonists in that mission!
  • Streetfighter-This is a great bike in GTA Vice City Stories because it's the first vehicle you use in the game. Also, it is chronologically the first vehicle driven in the 3D Universe. It's a great bike. It's fast, has sharp handling, and it's easy to control! While the bike does not appear in any other GTA game, the PCJ-600 in the HD Universe inherits its role and design.
  • Kuruma-This is one of my favorite vehicles in the GTA Series. It has a nice design and it's the first vehicle you use in GTA III, which is the first game I've played. So technically, it's the first vehicle in the GTA Series that I've driven. In GTA Online, the armored variant of this car is very useful in several missions. I love it!
  • Z-Type-This is a very cool car, I love it. Only ten of these bad boys have ever been made.
  • Elegy RH8-I love this car, it's very cool and enjoyable to drive and if you find another cool car to put in your garage and want to leave all the cars you currently have in there, you can just get the Elegy so you don't have to take a Taxi or steal another car and risk getting police attention!
  • Elegy Retro Custom-This is another awesome car that's an upgrade to the one above.
  • P-996 LAZER-This is my favorite airplane in the GTA Series. Flying it is like playing a flight simulator game, like Air Force Delta or Ace Combat.
  • Besra-This is probably my second favorite plane in the series. It may not have weapons, but it's fun to fly and it's much easier to get than the P-996 LAZER.
  • Hydra-This is an awesome VTOL fighter jet that's even better than the LAZER. It really comes in handy in a lot of scenarios. I also love the AV-8B Harrier II that it's based on.
  • Shamal-This is a nice plane. It fits passengers and it's fast and reliable.
  • Luxor-Same with the Shamal.
  • B-11 Strikeforce-This is an awesome plane based on the one and only A-10 Thunderbolt, a plane I got a model of at an airshow when I was little.
  • V-65 Molotok-This is a great little fighter jet that's amazing at performing emergency landings! I also like the MiG-17 Fresco it's based on.
  • Swift-This was a nice helicopter in TBoGT and it's even better in GTA V!
  • Squalo-This is a nice boat in just about every game it appears in.
  • FBI Car-This car is a possible candidate for the coolest car in GTA III. It only appears when you have a 5-star wanted level.
  • Parachute-The parachute is not technically a vehicle, but I'm including it here because there's nowhere else to put it. The parachute is fun to use in every game it appears in. Just don't ditch it while you're high in the air...
  • Buzzard-This is probably my favorite helicopter in the series. It's fun to use and its weapons are powerful.
  • Annihilator-This is another great helicopter in GTA IV. Although it's kind of annoying that it almost always appears as an enemy in missions. However, it is on your side in either of the final missions and it's fun to use there.
  • Super Diamond-This is a lovely car. It's nice, luxurious, beautiful, and classy!
  • Super Drop Diamond-This was also a great car. It was basically a convertible variant of the aforementioned Super Diamond and it looks nice in gold. Unfortunately, like some other vehicles, it does not return in GTA V. :(
  • Bullet GT-This is an awesome car. I love how it's based on the real life Ford GT which is one of my favorite cars. Anyway, the Bullet GT is a great car in every game it appears in.
  • Vagner-This car is also awesome. I love it.
  • Coquette-I've always loved the Corvette in real life, now it appears in GTA as the Coquette! This car is awesome and fun to drive.
  • Coquette Classic-If you loved the real life 2nd Generation Corvette in real life, than you'll love the Coquette Classic in GTA!
  • Bobcat-This was a great truck in the 3D Universe. And now it's been changed and redesigned into a full-size pickup in the HD Universe!
  • Rebel-This wonderful truck made its debut in GTA V. It's very cool and fun to drive. Hey! That rhymes!
  • Blista-This was a good minivan in the 3D Universe. Now it's a cute little hatchback in GTA V!
  • Blista Compact-I've always loved this car. It was fun to drive in the 3D Universe, and it's one of the better vehicles in the HD Universe!
  • Landstalker-This was always a nice, big SUV. It also seems to be one of the more well-known vehicles in the series.
  • Cavalcade-This was another sweet SUV in the HD Universe. It was fun to drive in GTA IV, and it even has a newer variant in GTA V!
  • Manana-This car may not be the best, but it's definitely not the worst either.
  • Esperanto-This was always a nice car. Its appearance changed in GTA IV, and while the car itself does not appear in GTA V, a police version does appear.
  • Roman's Taxi-This was the first car to be driven in GTA IV. It has slower acceleration than the standard Esperanto, but it has a much higher top speed, which is nice. I always enjoy driving this car in GTA IV. Too bad it becomes unobtainable at a certain point in the game.
  • Panto-This was a fun, cute little car. It's surprisingly fast, but hard to control. It's based on the Smart Fortwo in real life, although in the game, it is manufactured by Benefactor, which is based on Mercedes-Benz.
  • Mesa-I love the Jeep in real life, And now it appears in GTA as the Mesa!
  • Merryweather Mesa-This version of the Mesa is much cooler, though harder to get, than the standard Mesa. In the mission Minor Turbulence, you have to drive one out of the Cargo Plane in order to get the Gold Medal.
  • Crusader-I like this vehicle, but I wonder why it is called by a different name instead of simply being called 'Military Mesa.'
  • Issi-This is one of my favorite cars in GTA V. I like to modify it during the mission Doting Dad so that it would be like the Mini Coopers used in the movie The Italian Job.
  • Tornado-This is a nice, 50's lookin' car. It's fun to drive and it's the vehicle used in The Third Way where you have Devin Weston in the trunk, and push him to his fiery demise. It also appears in some of the Strangers and Freaks missions in the game.
  • Oracle-I've always loved this car. It's sleek, beautiful, speedy, and it even has a newer version in GTA V!
  • Rancher-This is a nice, big truck. It's fun to drive in GTA IV. While it does not return in GTA V, it does have another version that I'm going to talk about.
  • Rancher XL-This was a great vehicle because it's the first one you drive in the Prologue, which is set in 2004, of GTA V. So, chronologically, it's the first vehicle driven in the HD Universe.
  • Sentinel-This was always one of my favorite vehicles. It's appeared in both the 3D Universe and the HD Universe. In GTA V, it appears as a convertible and when you roll the roof up, it looks like a hard top which is cool.
  • Sentinel XS-This is another great car. It's basically a souped-up Sentinel. Although in GTA V, unlike the standard Sentinel, the Sentinel XS is not available as a convertible.
  • Buffalo-This is a great car! In every game it appears in, it's always so cool and fun to use, especially in TBoGT and GTA V, where it is now a four-door sedan! :)
  • Stretch E-I love this limo! It's built from a second-gen Schafter, and I really love it!
  • Rhapsody-This is a great little car. I enjoyed driving it in TLAD and GTA V.
  • Stirling GT-This is a sweet, beautiful, classy classic sports car with gull-wing doors!
  • Osiris-Oh man, I love this car! It's based on the Pagani Huayra in real life and it's very cool and sleek!
  • T20-This car is beautiful and awesome. It has a nice functional mechanical spoiler which helps with its performance!
  • Coquette BlackFin-This is another cool car based on the Corvette.
  • Toro-This is a nice speedboat. It's very big and fun to drive!
  • Brawler-This buggy is awesome! It also has tons of modification options.
  • Vindicator-This bike is very cool. It may not have good handling, but it has decent top speed and it's quite enjoyable to ride.
  • Khamelion-I got GTA Online and I also got this car. I love it. It's sleek, beautiful, quiet, nimble, and it handles like a dream!
  • Patriot-This is a nice, big SUV in every game it appears in.
  • Nemesis-I love this bike. It's very cool.
  • Vigilante-I love the Batmobile, so I also love this car! It's awesome, fast, armed, and powerful!
  • Scramjet-This car is awesome with its weapons, boost, and jump. I also love the Mach 5 that it's based on from Speed Racer.
  • Deluxo-This is another awesome car that can even fly! It's based on the Delorean from Back to the Future which I also enjoyed.
  • Stromberg-This is a beautiful classic sports car that can go underwater! It's based on the Wet Nellie from The Spy Who Loved Me and it sort of reminds me of the car from the Spy Hunter games.
  • Oppressor Mk II-This is a fun little hover bike. I enjoy flying it around.
  • Oppressor-This is another fun vehicle. While its Mk II variant can be more useful, the original Oppressor is still loads of fun to use!
  • Thruster-This jetpack is awesome. Using it is a great way to get around the map. This was also fun to use in The Doomsday Scenario where, at the very end, you send the fiendish Avon Hertz to his demise!
  • Tezeract-This is an awesome and beautiful electric super car! I like to call it 'the silent speedster.'
  • Menacer-This is another awesome vehicle. Its speed is acceptable, its stability is great, and its turret is powerful! It can also survive a number of explosions.
  • Toros-This is an amazing and beautiful SUV! It's incredibly fast for a four-door car, but sadly, it doesn't handle very well. Still, it's a great vehicle with its speed and modification options.
  • Penetrator-This is another beautiful supercar that I love. I also love the car it's based on, the Jaguar XJ220.
  • Tropos Rallye-This is an awesome classic sports car based on the one and only Lancia Stratos which I remember from Gran Turismo 4.
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Custom-This vehicle is incredible! It can survive explosions and its speed and handling are decent. It also can be modified to use proximity mines! I prefer to have medium armor plating on it because it gives the gunner frontal protection and allows people in the vehicle to use their weapons.
  • Deveste Eight-This is an awesome supercar! I first learned about it on this wiki and I was looking forward to the day it would be made available for purchase in the game, and finally, on February 21st 2019, it was! I bought it after saving up for it on March 9th, 2019.
  • GB200-This is a fun and cool sports car. It's based on the awesome Ford RS200 which I remember from Gran Turismo 4 like the Lancia Stratos.
  • Visione-This is a really beautiful supercar that I absolutely love.
  • XA-21-This is another beautiful supercar that's based on the awesome Jaguar C-X75 that appeared in the movie Spectre!
  • Specter-This is a cool sports car based on the awesome Aston Martin DB10 that was also in the movie Spectre!
  • Tyrus-This is an awesome race car that bears resemblance to two real life cars I love. The McLaren F1 GTR Longtail and the Saleen S7R.
  • Turismo Classic-This is a lovely classic sports car based on the lovely Ferrari F40!
  • Future Shock Imperator-This is an awesome muscle car that I was lucky enough to unlock the trade price for!
  • RE-7B-This is another awesome race car that's based on the magnificent Mazda 787B which I remember from Gran Turismo 4 like some other cars that I mentioned earlier.
  • Future Shock ZR380-This is an amazing sports car based on the awesome Nissan 350Z! I didn't unlock the trade price for it, but I did buy it while it was on discount so I could get it at a reduced price. I wanted it because I saw videos of people claiming it to be a great Arena vehicle.
  • Future Shock Issi-This is a fun little Arena vehicle that's a variant of the Issi Classic which is based on the Mini driven by Mr. Bean! Its rear mortar weapon is great for getting pursuing Sasquatches off your tail in Here Come The Monsters.
  • Nero-This is an awesome supercar based on the amazing Bugatti Chiron. I love it!
  • Nero Custom-This is an even more awesome variant of the Nero based on the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo!
  • Savestra-This is a cool little classic sports car that looks like a tuner or a rally car. You can also modify it in a Mobile Operations Center or Avenger so it's got machine guns!
  • Neon-This is a beautiful and quiet 4-door sports car with great acceleration! You can get yourself and up to three of your friends where you need to go in a jiffy!
  • Itali GTB-This is a cool-looking super car based on the McLaren 570S and the Trion Nemesis!
  • ETR1-This is an awesome and beautiful race car that I really love!
  • Taipan-This supercar looks awesome and I love its modification options!
  • Caracara-I was planning on saving up for this cool truck on May 31st 2019, and it was luckily put on discount by then! This is an interesting truck that can carry five people including a gunner!
  • FMJ-This is an awesome and beautiful American supercar based on the magnificent second genreation Ford GT!
  • Lynx-This is a beautiful sports car with awesome mod options!
  • SC1-This is a cool-looking supercar based on the awesome BMW M1 Hommage Concept!.
  • Future Shock Deathbike-This is a really cool Arena variant of the Gargoyle with powerful laser miniguns!
  • Michelli GT-This is a beautiful classic Italian sports car that I really like.
  • 811-This is a cool-looking supercar based on the Porsche 918 Spyder!
  • Sultan RS-This is an awesome tuner variant of the Sultan that I really like!
  • Torero-This is another lovely classic sports car based on the magnificent Lamborghini Countach!
  • 190z-This is a great classic sports car based on two great classic sports cars: The Datsun 240Z/Nissan Fairlady Z/Nissan S30 and the Toyota 2000GT!
  • Ruston-This is a cool-looking topless sports car based on the VUHL 05!
  • Infernus Classic-This is a beautiful classic sports car based on the awesome Lamborghini Diablo!
  • Rapid GT Classic-This is an awesome classic British sports car based on the Aston Martin V8!
  • Cheetah Classic-This is another beautiful classic sports car based on the lovely Ferrari Testarossa and it feels like a throwback to the Cheetah from the 3D Universe!
  • GT500-This is yet another beautiful classic sports car that's based on the Ferrari 250 GT SWB!
  • Comet Safari-This is a cool-looking off-road variant of the Comet with good speed and handling as well as the ability to be equipped with machine guns!
  • Desert Raid-This is an awesome trophy truck that I love with all my heart!
  • Banshee 900R-This is a really cool tuner variant of the Banshee!
  • Sentinel Classic-This is a nice little sports car based on the BMW E30 M3!
  • Raptor-This is an awesome three-wheeled sports car based on the awesome Campagna T-Rex!
  • Retinue-This is a neat little classic sports car based on the European Ford Escort!
  • Ellie-This is a good-looking classic muscle car based on the 1967 Ford Mustang/Shelby GT500!
  • Trophy Truck-This is another awesome trophy truck that I really love!
  • Neo-This is a beautiful and speedy sports car based on the Spyker C8 Aileron!
  • Defiler-This is a cool-looking motorcycle based on the Suzuki Bandit 1200 Streetfighter!
  • Riata-This is another awesome off-road truck I really like!
  • Tornado Rat Rod-This is a cool-looking rat rod variant of the Tornado I really like!
  • Fagaloa-This is a nice-looking classic sports station wagon based on the Volvo Amazon Wagon!
  • Impaler-This is a lovely classic muscle car based on the fourth generation Chevrolet Impala!
  • Cheburek-This is a neat little budget car that's fun to drive and I find its cardboard mods hilarious!
  • FCR 1000-This is a cool-looking motorcycle that I really like!
  • FCR 1000 Custom-This is an even cooler custom variant of the FCR 1000 I really like as well!
  • Zombie Chopper-This is an awesome chopper that's one of my favorites!
  • Avarus-This is another cool-looking chopper that I'm really fond of!
  • BF400-This is an awesome dirt bike that I really enjoy riding!
  • Manchez-This is a cool-looking dirt bike that I really like!
  • Enduro-This is another great dirt bike that's based on awesome Honda dirt bikes!
  • Rat Bike-This is a neat yet rusty old bike that I like as well.
  • Wolfsbane-This is a great motorcycle that I really love!
  • Emerus-This is a beautiful supercar based on the awesome McLaren Senna!
  • Paragon R (Armored)-This is an awesome armored sports car with machine guns and great modification options! I'm glad I earned it!
  • S80RR-This is an awesome Japanese race car that reminds me of several race cars from Gran Turismo 4!
  • Locust-This is an interesting looking topless sports car that I really like! It's based on the awesome Lotus 3-Eleven!
  • Deviant-This is a cool-looking muscle car that I really like!
  • 8F Drafter-This is an awesome German sports car that I love!
  • Half-track-This is a slow but still awesome military truck with powerful turrets in the back that I love!
  • Weaponized Tampa-This is an awesome weaponized muscle car that I love as well!
  • Akula-This is an awesome helicopter that really helps to hide you from other players with its stealth mode!
  • Future Shock Sasquatch-This is a really cool monster truck that's great in Arena War!
  • Zorrusso-This is a nice supercar with great modification options!
  • Prairie-This is a nice little compact car based on the awesome Hyundai Tiburon!
  • P-45 Nokota-This is an awesome propeller fighter based on the great P-51 Mustang!
  • Jester Classic-This is an awesome tuner car based on the magnificent Toyota Supra!
  • Pariah-This is an awesome and cool-looking sports car that's absurdly fast when fully upgraded!
  • Krieger-This is an amazing supercar based on the cool-looking Mercedes-AMG One! It really excels in races!
  • Dune FAV-This is a cool-looking weaponzed sandrail that I really like!
  • Jugular-This is a really fast and cool four-door sports car based on the awesome Jaguar XE SV Project 8!
  • FH-1 Hunter-This is an awesome military helicopter based on the awesome Boeing AH-64 Apache!
  • RC Bandito-This is a fun little RC car that I really like!
  • Ardent-This is a beautiful classic sports car based on the great 5th generation Lotus Esprit that I love! It also has built-in machine guns!
  • Furia-This is a really cool super car that I love!
  • Vagrant-This is a cool-looking dune buggy based on the equally cool-looking Ariel Nomad!
  • Outlaw-This is another neat dune buggy which is based on the lovely Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo!
  • Imorgon-This is a really cool sports car based on the awesome Roland Gumpert Nathalie!
  • Zhaba-This is an interesting ATV that can even drive on water!
  • Drift Yosemite-This is a cool-looking drift variant of the Yosemite that I really like!
  • Swinger-This is a beautiful classic sports car based on the gorgeous Jaguar XJ13!
  • Cargobob-This is a great tandem-rotor helicopter that can carry most land vehicles! I love it!
  • R88-This is an awesome open-wheel race car that I absolutely love!
  • JB 700W-This is an awesome weaponizable variant of the JB 700 which is based on the great Aston Martin DB5 from several James Bond movies! I love it!
  • Stryder-This is an awesome trike motorcycle that I absolutely love!
  • Tula-This is a neat VTOL sea plane that can do all sorts of things!
  • Schlagen GT-This is a cool sports car based on the awesome Mercedes-AMG GT!
  • Tyrant-This is a cool-looking supercar based on the awesome Apollo Arrow! I love it! It's fun to drive!
  • Ramp Buggy-This is an awesome vehicle based on the Flip Car from Fast and Furious 6! I love how it can send other cars flying into the air!
  • Ruiner 2000-This is an awesome muscle car based on the awesome Pontiac Trans Am (KITT) from Knight Rider! I love it! It's got guns, missiles, the ability to jump, and even a parachute!
  • Hotring Sabre-This is a nice NASCAR-inspired stock racing car that I love!
  • Savage-This is an awesome military helicopter gunship based on the Mil Mi-24 "Hind" that I love!
  • Barrage-This is an awesome weaponized ATV that I absolutely love!
  • Blista Kanjo-This is a nice little hatchback based on the great Honda Civic Type R EK9 that I love!
  • Shotaro-This is a really cool motorcycle based on both the awesome Lotus C-01 and the great Light Cycle from the movie Tron: Legacy!
  • Tempesta-This is a nice supercar based on the great Lamborghini Huracán!
  • Lectro-This is a cool-looking motorcycle based on the great Ducati Streetfighter S and, like the Vindicator, it has a neat KERS boost!
  • Cyclone-This is another cool-looking electric silent speedster besides the Tezeract and it's based on the awesome Rimac Concept One!
  • Asbo-This is a cute little compact car based on the lovely Vauxhall Corsa C. It has a lot of cool modification options!
  • Kamacho-This is an awesome off-road truck based on the great Jeep Crew Chief 715 concept!
  • Entity XXR-This is an awesome supercar based on the great Koenigsegg One:1! I even get Koenigsegg vibes just by looking at it!
  • Thrax-This is an awesome French hypercar based on the great Bugatti Divo! It's got amazing traction!
  • Volatol-This is a big, beautiful bomber plane based on the great Avro Vulcan!
  • Issi Sport-This is a really cool sports variant of the Issi that takes cues from the awesome 2020 Mini Cooper GP Concept!
  • PR4-This is another awesome open-wheel race car that I absolutely love as well!
  • Issi Classic-This is a sweet little car that I mentioned earlier and absolutely love!
  • Mamba-This is an awesome classic sports car based on the legendary Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster!
  • Blazer Aqua-This is a cute little weaponized ATV based on the awesome Gibbs Quadski!
  • Caracara 4x4-This is a neat, unarmed four-wheel version of the aforementioned Caracara. It's pretty fun to drive!
  • Itali GTO-This is a beautiful sports car based on the great Ferrari 812 Superfast! I love it!
  • Sugoi-This is an awesome sports sedan based on the wonderful Honda Civic Type R FK8!
  • Future Shock Brutus-This is an awesome futuristic variant of the Brutus which is based on the awesome 1988 Chevrolet K-2500 Silverado from Tango & Cash!
  • Flash GT-This is a nice rally hatchback based on the awesome Ford Fiesta RS WRC!
  • Rocket Voltic-This is an awesome variant of the great Voltic which is based on the 2008-2012 Tesla Roadster and the Lotus Elise that has a big rocket in its back!
  • Nightshade-This is a beautiful muscle car based on several great muscle cars from the 70's!
  • Everon-This is an awesome off-road pickup based on the super cool Toyota Hilux Arctic Truck! I love it!
  • Sultan Classic-This is a beautiful classic sports sedan based on the Subaru Impreza GC8 and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I!
  • Gauntlet Hellfire-This is an awesome and powerful newer version of the aforementioned Gauntlet! This one's based on the totally badass 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon!
  • Retinue Mk II-This is a great successor to the aforementioned Retinue! I love it! It's based on the great Ford Escort Mk II!
  • Gauntlet Classic-This is a wonderful classic variant of the Gauntlet that's based on the lovely first generation Dodge Challenger!
  • Rebla GTS-This is a sweet SUV based on the good-looking fourth generation BMW X5 (G05)!
  • V-STR-This is a nice luxury sedan based on the fine 2019 Cadillac CTS-V!
  • Bugstars Burrito-This is a nice Bugstars van whose colors I really like!
  • X80 Proto-This is a super cool hypercar based on the awesome Ferrari F80 Concept!
  • Rampant Rocket-This is a really cool custom tricycle based on the awesome Rocket II Trike!
  • Tulip-This is a great four-door muscle car based on the lovely 1972 Chevelle Malibu!
  • Tigon-This is a really cool and beautiful supercar based on the lovely De Tomaso P72!
  • Penumbra FF-This is a lovely sports tuner based on the great second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse which is one of my all time favorite cars!
  • Youga Classic 4x4-This is an awesome 4x4 variant of the nice Youga Classic that I love!
  • Viseris-This is a great classic sports car that can go really fast, but is hard to control. It can also be modified to have machine guns!
  • Streiter-This is a really cool off-road station wagon based on the awesome Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4²!
  • Toreador-This is an awesome sports car that can go underwater like the aforementioned Stromberg and has guns and missiles! It also has boost and it's based on the lovely Lamborghini Marzal!
  • Manchez Scout-This is an awesome military/utility variant of the aforementioned Manchez that I love as well!
  • Veto Classic-This is a fun little go-kart that I was able to get for free! I love it!
  • Dominator GTX-This is a great muscle car based on the awesome 2015-present Ford Mustang! It may not be very fast, but its traction is great!
  • Verus-This is a big and cool ATV based on the awesome Arctic Cat Alterra 570!
  • Seabreeze-This is a fun little amphibious plane that's fast and equippable with bombs!
  • GP1-This is a beautiful supercar based on the lovely McLaren F1 which is another one of my all-time favorite cars!
  • Zorrusso-This is a lovely supercar that has lots of mod options and is based on the spectacular Italdesign Zerouno!
  • Comet SR-This is a lovely racing-oriented version of the maginifent Comet! I love it! This one seems to be based on the Porsche 997 GT2 RS!
  • Bestia GTS-This is a lovely shooting brake based on two wonderful cars, the Ferrari FF and Ferrari GTC4Lusso!
  • Seven-70-This is a great sports car based on the lovely Aston Martin One-77!
  • Raiden-This is a beautiful electric sports sedan based on the lovely Tesla Model S!
  • Autarch-This is a lovely supercar based on the awesome Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003!
  • Coquette D10-This is a badass sports car based on the almighty 2020 Corvette C8!
  • Vestra-This is a fun little business jet that's fast, agile, and reminiscent of the Cirrus Vision SF50!
  • Mallard-This is an awesome stunt plane that I always enjoy flying!
  • Zentorno-This is an awesome and badass supercar based on the magnificent Lamborghini Sesto Elemento!
  • Yosemite-The standard Yosemite is great, too! It's got good speed and handling and it's based on the 1967-1972 second generation C10!
  • Technical Custom-This is an awesome modifiable version of the Technical that I really like!
  • Technical Aqua-This is a cool amphibious version of the Technical that I also love!
  • DR1-This is probably my all-time favorite car in the whole GTA franchise. It's fast, agile, beautiful, made by an American company and powered by a Japanese engine, and based on the spectacular Dallara DW12 IndyCar!
  • Itali RSX-This is an awesome, fast, and zippy sports car with four wheel drive, a mid-mounted engine, and it's based on the awesome Ferrari SF90 Stradale!
  • Gauntlet Classic Custom-This is a beautiful and powerful muscle car based on two lovely muscle cars, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and the 1970 Plymouth Superbird!
  • 8F Drafter-This is a snazzy-looking sports car that's fun to drive and based on the great 2018 Audi RS5 Coupe!
  • Reaper-This is an awesome and badass-looking supercar based on the magnificent Lykan HyperSport!

Favorite Weapons

  • Carbine Rifle-This is probably my all-time favorite weapon in the entire series. It has appeared in nearly every game in both the 3D and HD Universes.
  • Sawn-off Shotgun-This weapon is very powerful and dangerous. The best thing about it is that in the HD Universe, you can fire it from motorcycles.
  • SMG-I like this weapon. In the 3D Universe, it was probably the best weapon to use for a drive-by. It's even better in GTA IV. Unfortunately, in GTA V, the gun lost its sentimental value. Probably because it can no longer be used for drive-bys.
  • Automatic 9mm-This was a great weapon in TLAD. It was small, reliable, and deadly. I like how it can be used for executions in the game.
  • AP Pistol-This weapon is basically an enhanced version of the aforementioned Automatic 9mm. In GTA V, it's even better
  • Assault Rifle-This is a great weapon to use in both the 3D and HD Universes. Although it's not as good as the Carbine Rifle.
  • Sniper Rifle-I always found it enjoyable to blow people's heads off with the Sniper Rifle. It's a great weapon in just about every game it appears in.
  • Heavy Sniper-This weapon is even better than the aforementioned Sniper Rifle because it's more powerful and has an even higher range. A few disadvantages though, are that the weapon has an even lower rate of fire than the Sniper Rifle, that it holds only six bullets in contrast to the Sniper Rifle's ten, and that it cannot be modified with a suppressor.
  • Advanced Rifle-This gun is even better than the Carbine Rifle in terms of damage and rate of fire, but not as good in terms of range and accuracy. This is one of my favorite weapons in GTA V, although it sucks that the weapon is not unlocked until towards the end of the story.
  • Assault Shotgun-This weapon was fantastic in TLAD and it's also great in GTA V. In TLAD, it has a very high rate of fire, making it very deadly, and also in GTA V, it can be modified to carry more ammo.
  • Nightstick-This was a fun melee weapon to use in GTA V. Let's leave it at that.
  • Golf Club-I like to use this as a weapon after playing a nice game of Golf... (don't worry, definitely not in real life).
  • Minigun-This is an excellent weapon in nearly every game it appears in. I mean, you can tell just by looking at it!
  • RPG-It's always fun to blow up vehicles with this bad boy, especially helicopters.
  • Grenade Launcher-This was always a great weapon. You can use it to blow up cars, people, and maybe even helicopters! I like how in GTA V the grenades always blow up when they come in contact with anything that isn't a wall or the ground.
  • Gold SMG-This is one of my favorite weapons in TBoGT. It's powerful, has a very high rate of fire, it's very deadly, and it's made of gold! All that needs to be said.
  • Combat MG-One of my favorite weapons in GTA V and Online. It has a large clip capacity, so it's very useful.
  • Combat MG Mk II-It's even better than the aforementioned Combat MG because it has better accuracy and does slightly more damage!
  • Marksman Rifle Mk II-This is an amazing weapon! It's way more useful than its Mk I variant because you can add either a holographic sight or a large scope instead of a zoom scope so you can use auto aim!
  • Pump Shotgun Mk II-This is a great shotgun. Even better than its Mk I variant since it can have a muzzle brake which reduces recoil and it can even be equipped with explosive slugs!
  • Unholy Hellbringer-This is a cool and futuristic laser gun that's like the Combat MG, except you don't have to reload! :)

Favorite Vehicle Companies

  • Karin-They make nice vehicles and I love its real life counterpart, Toyota.
  • Vapid-I've always loved Ford in real life. I'm kind of sad that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Pegassi-I love Lamborghini in real life. And now it appears in GTA as the one and only Pegassi. They even make nice motorcycles, meaning they're also based on Ducati!
  • Grotti-What Pegassi is to Lamborghini, Grotti is to Ferrari. They always make such lovely cars, like the Stinger and the Cheetah!
  • Jobuilt-They make nice, big trucks, and they made the one and only P-996 LAZER!
  • Shitzu-They make nice boats and motorcycles. I never get tired of driving them.
  • LCC-Who doesn't love an American motorcycle company that makes nice choppers?
  • Invetero-They made the Coquette, and its older variant. I will always love this company.
  • Truffade-They're based on Bugatti in real life, and they make amazing cars, like the Z-Type and the Adder.
  • Enus-They're based on Bentley and Rolls-Royce, and they make some of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in the games.
  • Dewbauchee-They're based on the one and only Aston Martin car company in real life, and they make lovely sports cars.
  • Ubermacht-Based on BMW in real life, these guys make some of the best cars ever in the GTA Series!
  • Weeny-What Mini is in real life, Weeny is in Grand Theft Auto. These guys make the one and only Issi!
  • Benefactor-These guys are based on Mercedes-Benz and they make some of the best cars in the series! Let's leave it there.
  • Maibatsu-This is a great car company! It's based on Mitsubishi in real life, and they were even around in the 3D Universe!
  • Dinka-If you love Honda in real life, you'll love Dinka in Grand Theft Auto. These guys make lovely cars and great motorcycles!
  • Canis-Jeep is a great car company in real life, now it appears in GTA as Canis!
  • Declasse-I love Chevrolet in real life and now it's Declasse in Grand Theft Auto!
  • Schyster-Schyster is to Chrysler what Vapid is to Ford, and Declasse is to Chevrolet. I love their cars!
  • Western-They make great motorcycles and I wonder if they're related to the company that made the Besra jet.
  • Buckingham-They made the Shamal, the Luxor, the Vestra, you name it!
  • Western-They made the Besra and the Cuban 800! I wonder if they're related to the other Western company like I said earlier.
  • Vysser-This is a neat Dutch car manufacturer based on Spyker which I remember from Gran Turismo 4!
  • Ocelot-This is another great car company based on Jaguar and Lotus! I love their cars!

Favorite Organizations

  • Leone Family-They were the first criminal organization that I worked for when I started playing the GTA series. They're even better in GTA LCS, where they're always on your side.

Favorite Radio Stations

  • Lips 106-This is a wonderful radio station. It plays lovely music in GTA III and especially in GTA LCS. My favorite songs from the station are Gangster Friday in GTA III, Get Down, and Into Something in GTA LCS.
  • Rise FM-I love this radio station, especially in GTA LCS. It plays nice House Music. My favorite songs from the station are I Believe and Positive Education. Both of which are in GTA LCS.
  • Double Clef FM-This station plays nice Classical and Opera music and my Mom says it's good for the brain. It's funny to turn this radio station on while performing a Drive-By. I like pretty much all the songs on this station, but I don't know any of their names.
  • Flash FM-This is a great radio station. It plays nice music in GTA VC and GTA VCS. All that needs to be said, except for one last thing, my favorite songs are Easy Lover and Gloria in GTA VCS and Video Killed the Radio Star in GTA VC.
  • Wave 103-This another great radio station. It plays nice Synthpop music in both games it appears in. My favorite song from it is Don't Go in GTA VCS.
  • V-Rock-This is another great radio station in the games set in Vice City. It plays nice Rock music and stuff. There are too many favorite songs to list, so let's leave it there.
  • Fresh FM-This is a great radio station in GTA VCS. It plays nice Hip-hop and Electro music. My favorite songs from it are Play At Your Own Risk and The Freaks Come Out at Night.
  • Radio X-This is a great radio station in GTA SA. It's basically to that game what V-Rock is to GTA VC. My favorite songs from the station are Pretend We're Dead and Welcome to the Jungle.
  • Radio Los Santos-This plays some sweet Rap music. It's even better in GTA V! My favorite songs from the station are Hood Gone Love it, Smokin' and Ridin', and Bugatti. All of which are in GTA V.
  • K-DST-This station is amazing. It plays some nice classic rock and several songs are fun to listen to! I like several songs, but I don't know any of their names.
  • Vladivostok FM-This was the first radio station you listen too in GTA IV. It plays nice music from all over Europe, and it's rather enjoyable. There are several songs that I like, but I don't know any of their names.
  • Liberty Rock Radio-This is a GREAT radio station, especially in TLAD and TBoGT. It plays several songs that I remember when I played Rock Band when I was younger in North Carolina. It even plays other songs that I've never heard before and just about all of them are great! There are too many favorite songs for me to list, so let's leave it there.
  • Radio Broker-This radio station was surprisingly innovative and unique in my opinion. It plays interesting music, and it's often highly enjoyable to listen too. I like most of the songs on this station, but I don't know any of their names.
  • The Beat-What Radio Los Santos is to GTA SA and GTA V, The Beat is to GTA IV. Brucie and Dwayne really like this station, and it plays nice music! I like several songs, but I don't know their names.
  • Electro-Choc-This is a great radio station. It plays nice Techno Music, and several songs have a crazy beat to them. I like several songs, but I don't know their names.
  • The Vibe-This is another great radio station. Roman really likes it, and it plays nice music. I like several songs, but I don't know their names.
  • K109 The Studio-It plays great music which is highly enjoyable to listen to. Bernie really likes it, and I enjoy it a lot in TBoGT. My favorite song from the station is I Need You.
  • Vice City FM-This station is a great replacement for The Vibe. I love how it plays 80's music, and it brings me back to Vice City... I like several songs, but I don't know their names.
  • West Coast Classics-This was the first radio station you listen to in the original version of GTA V. Franklin and Lamar really like it, and it's nice how the station plays when you're joyriding throughout Los Santos. My favorite song from the station is Appetite for Destruction because it plays during the mission.
  • Los Santos Rock Radio-What Liberty Rock Radio is to GTA IV, Los Santos Rock Radio is to GTA V. This station plays lovely classic rock music! Also, Michael really likes it. There are too many favorite songs to list, so I'm leaving it there.
  • Radio Mirror Park-This is a GREAT radio station! It plays nice indietronica music, and Michael really likes it. I love how all three ending songs play on this station. My favorite songs are Sleepwalking, The Set Up, In Real Life, and Always.
  • Channel X-This radio station is loud, wild, and entertaining. These three words describe Trevor who really likes this station, and it fits his psychopathic nature. There are too many favorite songs to list, so I'm leaving it there.
  • Soulwax FM-This is to GTA V what Electro-Choc is to GTA IV. It plays awesome music, and I love how the station always plays during the Street Races. I like several songs, but I don't know their names.
  • Rebel Radio-This station plays nice Country Music. It's often relaxing, and when it's not, it's wild! My favorite song from this station is Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way by Waylon Jennings.
  • Space 103.2-This plays nice Funk Music. Its songs are enjoyable and I love how some of them were made by Stevie Wonder and Eddie Murphy. My favorite songs from this station are Skeletons by the former and Party all the Time by the latter.
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM-This is a great radio station. It's basically the GTA V counterpart to Lips-106! It plays nice music and I love how it plays in the Vanilla Unicorn. There are too many favorite songs to list, so let's leave it there.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio-This station plays great rock music. My favorite songs from it are Nine is God, Next Stop, and Sleepwalker.
  • Los Santos Underground Radio-This is an awesome new radio station. It plays great techno music from DJs you can book for your nightclub. I like Solomun and Dixon's sets best.
  • Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City Stories-Like I said much earlier, GTA LCS has GREAT music! Several stations play wonderful songs and they're always so much fun to listen too!
  • Radio Stations in GTA Vice City Stories-The music in GTA VCS is great too! Several songs are so much fun to listen too, and it seems as though Rockstar Leeds, the company who made GTA LCS and GTA VCS, has a great taste in music!!! :)

Favorite Locations

  • Liberty City (3D Universe)-Probably my favorite city in the series. Because it was the first city that I visited in the GTA games. You may not be able to swim, or fly airplanes and helicopters in any game that takes place here, but I still loved this city because it's so easy to memorize the map.
  • Vice City (3D Universe)-Another great city. It's nice and beautiful, the women are attractive, and the map is nice and small, meaning it's easy to get where you need to go fast!
  • San Andreas (3D Universe)-This was a nice, big map. It had several large cities and it was nice being able to do all sorts of crazy stuff. It's very difficult to memorize the map though.
  • Liberty City (HD Universe)-This is a great redesign of Liberty City. It's a more accurate imitation of New York than the old one, but I still like the old one better because I'm more familiar with it.
  • Alderney-I liked Alderney, but not as much as Liberty City because it's not as well-designed. I wonder why there's no in-universe explanation why it's not featured in GTA Chinatown Wars. It's like, they do explain why they don't have motorcycles in GTA III, but they don't explain why they don't have Alderney in GTA CW.
  • North Yankton-This was a nice, big, snowy place in GTA V. It is chronologically the first place visited in the HD Universe, and it was nice to visit it again in Bury the Hatchet.
  • San Andreas (HD Universe)-This is probably my second favorite location in the series, only falling behind the 3D Universe rendition of Liberty City. It's a nice, big, beautiful map and it's one of the greatest maps ever designed in a video game in my opinion.
  • Vice City (HD Universe)-I look forward to seeing this in GTA VI, at least I hope it will!

Andy's speculations

As mentioned in the trivia, I like to come up with speculations. Since they cannot be written in pages, they will be written here instead.

Alderney is not featured in GTA CW in-universe explanation

In 2009, the state of Alderney suffered a terrorist attack. As a result, all bridges and tunnels were closed down for the rest of the year. Boats and helicopters were also forbidden to go anywhere near the state.

Luigi's Sex Club 7 is in The Introduction which is set in 1992 but in 1998 the club was Paulie's Revue Bar

Luigi owned his club at the time of 1992, but when the Sindacco Family entered the city, they took over the club and renamed it "Paulie's Revue Bar." After the death of the club's manager JD O'Toole, Luigi got his club back and changed the name back.

Victor Vance can swim but Tommy Vercetti cannot

Tommy never learned how to swim.

People on the wiki that I like

  • SJWalker-He's a great guy once you get to know him. I've had some trouble with him a few times, but I think we're getting along just fine! I also like to help him in some of his causes, such as removing mentions from appearance sections in character pages, and changing African-American to simply American. I like to chat with him as well.
  • Smashbro8-He's alright. I love how he became a Bureaucrat on this wiki. One time, I fixed some red-links in his page. I hope he doesn't mind. I like to chat with him when I get the chance.
  • Monkeypolice188-He's quite entertaining and personable. I love to chat with him.
  • Myth hunter-One of my favorite friends on this Wiki.
  • Leon Davis-He's a decent guy to chat with.
  • DocVinewood-I like to chat with him, and he seems friendly enough.
  • Camilo Flores-He's great too. I like to chat with him, and I hope he finds a specialty someday.
  • MarcusCheeKJ-He's also good. I like to chat with him and he sometimes helps with edits. He and I both joined Wikia on the same day!
  • That Lamborghini Guy-He's Monk's brother. Shame he's not here anymore. I liked chatting with him.
  • Jiralhanae117-Great guy. Love to chat with him.
  • Westside JDM-Another great guy to chat with.
  • Aginnon-I like to chat with him as well. He now uses the account Aginnon1.
  • TAlim 1994-He's also great to chat with.
  • General9913-He's another great guy to chat with.

Pages that I've created or invented (not including redirects)

  • Category: Characters with Unknown Fates: At one point, I created a category page called Characters whose Fates are Unknown but it was deleted by SJWalker and he created a new category with a better, shorter name to replace it. So technically, I came up with the concept of the category.
  • Tritagonist: There was a page for Protagonist and Deuteragonist, so why not have one for Tritagonist? I decided to create this page and with help from other users, it got better and evolved over time.
  • Jesús: In the mission Home's on the Range in GTA VCS, I noticed a guy strapped to a buoy. And when you hit the golf ball hard enough, it hits the buoy, killing the guy. Gonzalez said his name was 'Jesús.' There weren't any pages on the wiki that described him, so I decided to create it.
  • Marty Williams' cousin: I just felt like a page needed to be created for this guy.
  • Alonso (Disambiguation): I felt like this disambig needed to be created.
  • Category:Random Encounters: I noticed that on several GTA V character pages, there was this category. The category was not created yet so I decided to take care of it.


My Signature

Andy A. (Talk · Edits)


  • Andy started playing Grand Theft Auto III, his first game, in 2011. He started out by playing it on the Android, and then he started playing it on the PC. He now plays it on the PS2.
  • Andy also had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for his PC, but he now plays it on the PS2.
  • Andy started playing Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 in 2014. He now plays it on the PS4, and he also started playing Grand Theft Auto Online some time ago.
  • Andy's name "Andy" is his actual name. It is not short for Andrew.
  • Andy also has an account on YouTube and TV Tropes which both use the same name as his Wiki profile. Although on YouTube, his channel name is spelled with a lower-case, instead of a capital, first letter.
  • Andy likes to come up with speculations for unexplained stuff in the series. Although he no longer writes them in pages because it is considered vandalism.
  • Andy likes to be positive and he looks at all the good stuff in every game in the series.
  • Andy believes in happily ever afters.
  • Andy does not indulge in crime.
  • Andy has a secret way of getting games without buying them, involving a big drive, although it only works with the PC and PS3. He got all his games on his PS2 and Episodes from Liberty City with money.
  • Andy bought Episodes from Liberty City for his PS3 from Gamestop on his 15th birthday, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy from Wal-Mart on Christmas of 2014, at one point, he got GTA IV for his PS3 from Gamestop, and he also got GTA LCS and GTA VCS for his PS2 from Amazon. He later got Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for his Nintendo DS from Amazon.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is currently the only game in the series which Andy has on a handheld console.
  • Andy tends to be sensitive and easily hurt.
  • Andy also tends to be naive and childish.
  • Andy tends to be interested in things that others find irrelevant.
  • Andy tends to go back and forth between liking and disliking a number of things. GTA is an example.
  • Andy is a Character expert.
  • Andy used to be a Patroller on the Wiki, but he resigned due to his lack of maturity.
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